"Thanks Jen."

"Of course Mr. De Luca." She winked at him and walked away.

I looked at him dryly. "I take it you're a regular here also?"

"I try to make it by every trip."

I rolled my eyes and sipped the champagne, enjoying the show. The women had beautiful bodies, and I enjoyed the ability to stare. The girl closest to me, a natural blonde starting crawling on the stage in front of us, and met my eyes with a steady stare. She winked at me, and I squirmed a little, unsure of how to react. She flashed me a smile and sat up, grabbing her br**sts in either hand and pressing them together. I looked away and saw Brad, his eyes staring at the stage. He had a cocky smile on his face.

"Hey," I said, leaning forward and touching his arm. He turned to look at me, and then glanced up, at a girl who had appeared at my side. I turned and saw a tiny brunette with a slight Asian tilt to her features. She had a tight body with big natural br**sts and wore a leather bodysuit. A diamond-encrusted choker encircled her neck and set off the diamond studs in her ears. Flanking her was another gorgeous girl, tall and tan with jet-black hair and a hot-pink bra and panty set that displayed her assets to perfection.

"Alexis, Montana." Brad said, his face lighting up. "Come, join us. Champagne?"

"Now, Brad, don't you try and test us. You know the rules," the tall girl said with a flirtatious laugh. She said down next to him, and pressed her body close to his, rubbing his leg. I felt a flicker of irritation but was distracted by the other girl, who sat down on my other side. "I'm Montana," she said in a girly, musical lilt.

"Julia," I said, shaking her hand.

"How's your night going so far?"

"Pretty good, I guess. We had good luck at the tables - my first time playing blackjack."

"You don't look old enough to play," she said playfully, hitting my shoulder.

"I'm newly 21," I said sheepishly. "First time in Vegas."

"Been to a strip club before?"

"I thought it was a gentlemen's club."

She found this hilarious, and giggled for about a minute, sitting back on the loveseat and holding her tight stomach. "Oh honey - you will fit right in here. Want the grand tour?"

I glanced over at Brad, who was in deep conversation with the tall girl, his hand tracing a pattern on her upper thigh. He didn't seem like he would miss me much. "Brad, Montana is going to give me a tour." He glanced up at Montana and me, and smiled.

"Sounds good, baby. Try and behave, Montana can get wild."

"I'll try." "You too," I added as an afterthought. He looked at me strangely, a question in his eyes. I turned and followed Montana, her holding my hand like we were best friends. We weaved through the crowds and I glanced back, but Brad had already disappeared in the sea of lonely men and beautiful women.


"Finally," Alexis breathed, her finger tracing a path down Brad's neck to the open skin in between his top buttons. "Want a dance?"

Brad pushed away her hands and grabbed her waist with both hands, lifting her in one motion and placing her firmly on his lap, straddling him. His voice was brusque and his eyes feral. "I don't want a dance. I need you, now." She grabbed his face and kissed him hard on the mouth, then leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Let's go to the office."

The "office" was used mostly by Janine and the accountant who did their books. It was a rectangular space, and had floor to ceiling windows that faced the club floor. From inside the office you could see with perfect clarity outside, but no one could see in. The minute they were inside, Brad locked the door and turned to face Alexis, breathing hard. His eyes were wild and she knew immediately that this would be different. Normally Brad focused on her, bringing her to incredible pleasure. Tonight he had a need, and she knew what he needed. She immediately knelt at his feet, and unzipped his dress pants, his dick already pressing at his underwear. She moved the fabric until his dick popped free. The minute it was out, she grabbed it tight and started to suck, her cheeks hollowing from the suction. He exhaled, and pressed the back of her head, pulling it onto him. He set up a rhythm and starting rocking back and forth, his slick c**k growing until it was rock hard. He groaned gutturally and pulled her to her feet, kissing her roughly and then spinning her around, till she was facing the window. She placed her hands on the glass and arched her back, sticking out her ass. He stroked the condom onto his c**k and let his gaze travel from her high heeled feet, up her toned calves, and stopped on her full ass. He whispered her name, her real name, and then entered her hard from behind. She winced, his girth always surprising her. "I'm so sorry Sarah, but I need you so bad." He took her hard, pounding out a steady rhythm and she gasped, her body not yet ready for all of him. A few more strokes, and the pleasure started, her inner walls lubricated and accepting. She moaned, rubbing her clit with one hand while the other one pressed against the glass.

He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and ran the other hand down her back and then up the underside of her body, grabbing her breast firmly and squeezing. He continued playing with her tits and ni**les, feeling her start to pulse and tighten. When he finally felt her shudder and tighten around his cock, screaming out his name, he slowed, then withdrew.

Brad walked her down to the floor and knelt over her, spreading her limber legs until they stuck out, her body open to him. Her bra still on, he pulled down the tops of it until her tits hung free. He gently squeezed them, then ran his hands down her body, playing with the outside of her pu**y softly until he felt the wetness dripping. He dipped one finger in, feeling her grind against him and their eyes met. She panted, ready for more. He held a leg in each hand and entered her slowly, pulling in and out as she arched against him. The club music thumping, the lights from the dance floor hitting the walls of the office, he f**ked her slowly, then faster and faster. He watched her br**sts, moving from the rough movement, the pink sparkle from her bra glittering in the dim light. She kept her eyes closed and head back, exposing her neck to him. He reached forward, grabbing her throat and squeezing it. Her head snapped down and eyes flashed open, meeting his fierce gaze. They widened in excitement and he squeezed harder, choking her. He used her neck as leverage and drilled his thick c**k deep and hard into her. Her excitement grew and she struggled against him, then ripped his hand off her neck and shouted "fuckfuckfuckfuck!" as she came, gushing around his cock. He kept up the cadence through her orgasm, and for a minute longer, then pulled out, ripping off the condom. She grabbed his legs and pulled herself upright, grabbing his c**k and pumping it with her hand, hard and tight. The first spurt of his cum shot out, a long, thick stream. She watched it hit her br**sts. "Come on baby, give me it. Give me it all." Two more big spurts came, and he grunted, his legs twitching.

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