"Swallow it," he whispered, and she quickly complied, covering his head with her eager mouth and continuing to pump his c**k with her hand. His last few spurts were sucked down, and she stared into his eyes as his orgasm faded. He gently released her head, and stepped back, grabbing one of the rolling chairs in the office and sinking into it, his dress shirt still on and his pants around his ankles. She crawled over and put her head in his lap, and he played with her hair, his head back and eyes closed.


I followed Montana as we traveled past the big stage, down a side hall, and then up some stairs. "We call this HQ," she giggled. "Like Headquarters - get it?" I nodded, wondering how she kept her big boobs in the tiny thing she called a bikini top. Her theme seemed to be USA - she had long blue eyelashes, an American flag bikini top and thong bottom, and a red cover-up tied around her ass. Her shoes continued the theme - 5 or 6-inch platform heels, silver and blue with red stars at the ankles. We opened a black door and walked into a long thin room, with a wide stretch window that surveyed the club. Underneath the window was about 20 monitors, all various camera angles. I walked slowly down the bank of monitors, looking at all the camera views. Everything seemed to be monitored, from the valet entrance to the bathroom lobbies to the dim tables. Over half of the monitors were green, indicating night-vision, and high definition. VERY high definition. In one screen I could see the outline of a patron's hard-on, in another the cellulite on a dancer's ass. Four employees sat in front of the monitors, all watching raptly, and almost constantly speaking into handheld radios.

"Guy in the bathroom. Red shirt. Just snorted something and placed the rest in his front shirt pocket."

"Kesha at Table 42 just accepted something from patron, looks like a roach."

"New dancer - what's her name - Misty, Majesty? - anyway, she's at Table 3 doing shots."

"Patron at Bartop 11 starting to get feely - watch him."

"Fight starting on top deck - level 2."

I could have stayed there all night, but Montana grabbed my hand and pulled me on, out to the hallway. "They won't let us stay in there," she whispered. "Says we are distracting."

"You guys are watched constantly," I whispered back. "Doesn't it irritate the.. dancers?" I avoided the word stripper, not sure if I would offend her. She took a few more steps and I followed, her voice returning to normal volume as we moved away from HQ.

"It irritates the dancers that don't belong here. Safirre is kind of the "good girls" club. Management is super strict about three things: drinking, drugs, and sex. We can't give blowjobs, let guys finger us, and definitely no sex. Touching the tits is also supposed to be off-limits, but they let us have some flexibility with that if we want it. A lot of good girls spend a few months working at a club, and get pressured into drugs cause like, all the dancers do it. Here their constant monitoring keeps that off of the table." She flipped her hair over her shoulder and pushed on a stairwell door. We entered a no-frills cement stairwell, and started going up. I trotted to keep up with her. How the hell can she do this in those heels? "I like it, 'cause I don't do drugs. I'm here to earn money, and that's it. I'm waiting to save up a butt load, and then move back to Great Falls, that's my hometown."

"In Montana?" I guessed.

"You got it sister!" She reached the top of the stairs and opened the heavy door, trotting down the hall, and into an all glass cube. This was the DJ stand, and a short Korean with spiky purple hair and headphones looked up at our approach. "Hey Big M!" he said, holding his arm out for a side hug.

"Hey Danny," Montana said affectionately. "This is Julia - she's Brad's date. I'm giving her the grand tour."

"Mr. D's in town?" Danny asked, surprised. Brad knows the DJ? This is weird.

"Well - DUH," Montana said.

"He throwing an after-party tonight? Nobody said anything to me about staying late," Danny said, looking concerned. Montana turned to me with an expectant look.

"Umm… I don't think so. We just planned on stopping by, I think. I’m the wrong person to ask." I said, out of my element.

"Ah well - that's cool then. It's my girl’s birthday and I got to swing by her place after work. Should I do a shout-out to Mr. D?"

"No!" Montana said quickly. "I think he's going low-key tonight. With Julia, you know?" she glanced quickly at me and then at Danny.

"Alright. You got a song request?" Danny looked at me.

"Ummm… how about some Black Eyed Peas?"

He nodded enthusiastically at me. "You got it babe. You gonna get up on stage?"

"No - Julia's a good girl," Montana said. I was getting a little sick of everyone talking around me. I wasn't doing blow in the bathroom, but I didn't exactly consider myself a "good girl." And what made Montana think she knew anything about me?


Alexis looked up at Brad. His eyes still closed, he felt her head move and opened his eyes. "What." he said, staring up at the ceiling.

"What's the deal with the chick?"

"Julia? Nothing."

"You've never brought an innocent here before."

"I tried to take her to Zumanity, she wanted to do something different. So here we are. The girl's never been to Vegas."

"You've also never f**ked me like that before."

"Sure I have."

"No, not that.. hungry."

"I'm horny Sarah. It's been like two days. That's all. Don't try to psychoanalyze me."

"And don't use big words I don't know. I'm just saying you seem different. Maybe it has nothing to do with the girl. I'm just asking." She stood, pulling on her heels, and walked over to the desk, pulling out the top drawer and rummaging through it till she pulled out a cigar. She clipped the end and lit it, drawing on it strongly. She walked over to Brad and straddle him in the chair, holding the cigar to the side. "You want to share? I can smell it on you, along with her girly shit perfume."

He teased one of her ni**les. "You sound a little jealous, Sarah." She slapped his hand away.

"FIRST, stop calling me Sarah - it's Alexis dammit. Second, I don't care about you enough to be jealous. I just don't know why you're wasting your time with that lily-white baby when we both know what you need. And it ain't her." He took the cigar from her and puffed on it, then passed it back. She sucked it expertly, nothing like the tentative, fumbling puff that Julia had done. Sarah sucked the cigar like she sucked c**k - expertly and hard. Just thinking about it was making him hard again. She tilted her head back and blew a ring into the dark room.

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