"Debbie, I have to go."

"But - "

"Later. I'll call you back." He ended the call, and stood up abruptly. Her eyes shifted to his crotch, and he moved a hand to cover his erection but it was too late. Her mouth curved into a knowing smile and confidence grew in her eyes. She knew she had him.


Hesitantly, I stood in the doorway, my confidence wavering as I waited for Brad to look up from his call. I was losing my nerve when he saw me and started to stand, ending his call. He stood erect and I saw the firm outline of his big dick in his dress pants. He wanted me. I gave him a saucy smile and slowly spun, running my wet hands down the curve of my back and walked back to the shower, willing him to follow me.


Brad breathed hard, trying to decide what to do. Every bone in his body, especially that one, wanted to follow her. He finally cursed under his breath and set his phone down.


I turned on the closet light, bathing the bathroom in soft indirect light. I met him outside the shower door, grabbing his skirt collar the moment he walked over the threshold. I pressed my wet body against his dry one, and he cursed when my cold wetness hit his clothes. His mouth was quickly on mine - taking me by force, and his large hands were everywhere, on my slick ass, around my tiny waist, and cupping my br**sts and squeezing. I had a huge and growing need in between my legs - pounding so hard that I could hardly think of anything else. I ripped hard at his dress shirt, popping buttons and tearing the shirt open so that I could see his tanned chest - thinly covered in dark hair. My hands ran down his stomach and grabbed hard at his pants and belt, pulling them away from his body and tried to reach my hands down, in his pants. He used his hands and kept me at bay, unbuckling his belt and dropped his pants to the ground, his athletic briefs the only thing covering his cock, and it now stuck almost straight out. I grabbed the top of his briefs and pulled down, his c**k popping out, and I gasped, amazed at the thickness and shape of it. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen, thick and tan-colored, meaty. The head was swollen, but not too big, in perfect proportion to his shaft. I worried, seeing its girth, that I wouldn't be able to take it.

He grabbed my waist hard, and lifted me up. I automatically wrapped my legs tight around him, his stiff dick dangerously close to my pu**y. He grabbed my ass checks and carried me, his mouth on mine, his tongue fighting in perfect harmony with mine. We couldn't get enough of each other, and I felt rabid for him.

He stepped over the shower threshold and closed the door, and we were in the spray of the water; it ran hot down my back. I let my feet hang and he set me down, gently. Our mouths separated, and we panted, breathing at each other. He grabbed my face with both hands, pressing me back until my I hit the shower wall, and ran one hand down my neck and body, grabbing and squeezing every body part he hit, from my br**sts to my stomach, to the cheek of my ass to the cup of my sex. I panted, wanting him, but he held me back, pressed against the wall as his eyes devoured me.

"I don't know what to do with you," he finally gasped, his voice gruff. He moved forward, pressing his hard body to me, and I felt his dick twitch against my leg.

"What do you mean?! I want you, I need you to f**k me," I gasped, my voice jagged with need.

"I can't. You're too…you'll be too attached. I'm not a boyfriend, Julia."

"I don't want a damn boyfriend. I want a cock. Your c**k right now. Put it in me and f**k me." I had steely determination in my voice and glared at him with eyes of fire.

His eyes grew dark with desire, and he kept one hand on the back of my neck, moved the other one down to play with my pu**y. He put two fingers in me and I gasped, then grinded softly against his fingers. My eyes shut in silent ecstasy and I bit my bottom lip. "I thought you were a good girl," he whispered in my ear. "Didn’t f**k unless you're in love."

I shook my head quickly, back and forth. "I changed my mind. Yesterday. Earlier. I want you, I need you." my voice now pleading.

"I can't be what you want. You know that?" he asked, his voice rasping in my ear, his fingers moving faster and faster in my wet pu**y, building my need.

"I don't want anything from you. I just need your cock. in me. now." My voice was coming in gasps now, my legs getting weak with the intensity building between them. My eyes rolled back and I started to sink, my legs jell-o. He pulled out his fingers, and my eyes flew open. "No - don't stop, I was just about to-"

He spun my around so that I was facing the body jets and turned them all on full force. I gasped, the initial water cold, but then it turned hot, three separate jets spraying my tits, stomach, and pu**y. Brad turned the bottom jet until it sprayed strong, the highest intensity. "Spread your legs," he said gruffly. I obeyed, placing my legs how he wanted, then arched my body when the water hit me in just the right spot. Oh my god. The strong stream felt amazing, vibrating my clit and spreading pleasure throughout my body. Brad groaned behind me, and ran his hands underneath my body, brushing my ni**les, then traveling down and making sure that the spray was hitting me where it should. I wasn't expecting his dick when it happened, a huge girth pressing insistently on my wet pu**y. He forced it in, fast and quick, and I called out, in pain and surprise.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, " he whispered, holding my body against his, his arm holding me close and grabbing a breast, his voice in my ear.

"I'm not." I gasped, my body beginning to adjust to his size. He was so hard, so thick, so… everywhere inside of me. For the first time in my life I felt full - felt him in every wall, muscle, nerve in my pu**y. He moved slowly, in and out, then faster. Squeezing my breast, he drilled himself into me, and I arched, f**king him back. The water spray continued on my clit, and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm, the crescendo in my head and body growing. I started screaming, letting out every pent-in emotion I had, telling him to f**k me harder, and longer, and telling him how much I loved his big cock. My words ran together until finally I exploded, in a big long "AHHHHH!" my legs shaking and my pu**y pulsing, the pleasure bursting, over and over again, in sweet blinding earth shattering release. He slowed his strokes, stretching my orgasm out, until it was gone. He held me up when I collapsed again him, and he turned me, his c**k falling out, and held me to him. My eyes focused and I frowned at him. "Did you…?"

He smiled and kissed me. "No."

"Then why are we…?"

"I wasn't f**king you for me. Besides, I was stupid. I shouldn't have been in you without a condom. I got caught up in the moment and wasn't prepared. Are you okay?"

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