"Okay. That's good to know. So you liked to be watched. Do you want a group of people watching?

“God no - not right now at least. I was thinking just you me and someone else, for starters.

Okay. So you want to be with a guy?"

I looked up from my ohsoexciting grits and bit my lower lip nervously. "Is that…okay?"

"Of course.” He spooned eggs into his mouth like this was a completely normal conversation. Which, for him, maybe it was. “Do you want to go to a club and pick a guy, or do you want me to give you a choice?"

"Well, if its at a club, we won't know anything about the person, right?"


"Is there anybody you've done this with before? That you could..use again?"

He kept a straight face and considered my question. "I have a guy that you might like. He's good - quiet and respectful, very…ah… well endowed."

I kept a neutral look on my face and nodded. "Then let's go with him. I just want someone who knows what they're doing, since I don't. And someone who isn't, you know, sleazy or dirty."

He leaned over and kissed me gently, so gently I felt pain at the quick release, I wanted more so badly. "So we're good to go Miss Campbell,” he whispered.

I shoveled eggs into my mouth and looked at him nervously. Good to go. I guess.


I lay, naked and face down in the darkened room. Two candles were lit and I smelled their fragrance, mixed with the lavender scent of the expensive sheets I laid on. There were two presences in the room, and I felt them, though I cannot explain how. Someone got on the bed; it sank beneath their weight, the springs sighing softly in the dark. I stiffened, not sure what was going to happen, my eyes wide open beneath my blindfold.

A hand touched my calf and I flinched, surprised at the contact, then relaxed. The hand ran up my leg and I felt another hand, this one on my other leg. There was a sound I couldn't identify, and the hands briefly stopped, disappearing, then touched me again, this time with the lubrication and warmth of massage oil. I felt a third and fourth hand, rubbing my arms and back. I groaned softly, enjoying the wonderful feel of the four hands on my body. A man's voice sounded in the darkness.

"God, she is hot." I couldn't tell which set of hands the voice belonged to, but though it was deep, it wasn't Brad's. The stranger. One set of hands that were rubbing my lower back separated, wrapping underneath my stomach and moving up, until they cupped my br**sts and gently squeezed, kneading my br**sts. I moaned again, louder this time, and rose off the bed slightly, wanting more. A hand pushed me down and the hands on my br**sts released, coming up the sides of my body. I felt my legs being pulled apart till I was wide open, exposed, and my breath hitched a little in my throat.

Fingers ran up the inside of my calves, past the back of my knees, my thighs, and then to the slit between my legs. Hands grabbed my ass and gripped the checks firmly, spreading them. I felt warm breath hit my ass and blow down, lower, and wetness pooled there. A finger followed the breath and ran from my ass to my pu**y, and back again, rubbing, teasing, making my stomach curl and pleasure grow. I moaned and tried to push against the finger, wanting, needing penetration. The finger dipped inside me for a brief moment, and was then gone again. I panted, and arched my butt up in the air, offering my slit to whoever was in between my spread legs. Someone moaned, and then a face was pressed to me, a hot wet pulsing sensation *tongue* on my clit and dipping in me. I bucked on the bed, my fingers gripping the bed and my mouth opening in silence ecstasy. There was a voice in my ear, quiet and strong. Brad.

"Is this okay?" he asked, his voice husky. I nodded furiously, my hands reaching out till I felt his muscled skin. I gripped it tight. He moved, out of my reach, and I moaned. The mouth between my legs was doing incredible, twisted things to me, and I felt my body flexing and arching in the swells of pleasure. I pressed against his mouth and bit my bottom lip. I heard a zipper in the darkness, close to my head. The tongue on my clit slowed, then stopped. I spread my legs further, begging with my body for more.

"Flip over." Brad's voice. Authoritative. I instantly complied, desperate for more stimulation. There was a slight breeze, and I heard a door click shut. My eyes flipped open under the blindfold.

"Julia, it's been fifteen minutes. Do you want to stop?" his voice came through the darkness to me.

I had never heard a more ridiculous question in my entire life. "No," I gasped.

"Do you want to take it to the next level or keep it here?"

"Next level." I whispered, almost moaning the words.

He moved. I heard fabric rustle and floors creak and then there was a flicker of air and the stranger was back. The door clicked shut again.

On my back I waited, unsure of what to do. Hands came, two at my head and two at my feet. The two at my head ran down my arms squeezing them gently. The hands at my feet spread my legs wide and played with my soaking wet pu**y, gently cupping me and sliding a finger in and out. A hand grabbed one wrist, then the other and held them above my head. With my hands out of the way, a hot mouth nibbled my neck, kissing and sucking, traveling down to my br**sts, encircling a nipple and gently tugging on it. I bucked against the hand holding my arms back and raised my chest, finally wrenching a hand free and grabbing the back of a head, holding his mouth against my nipple then guiding him to the other one. The fingers in me stilled, then withdrew. I froze, the head under my hand also moving away then I felt the bed move as both men climbed up onto it.


Their weight was on either side of me. I reached out with my hands and felt them kneeling. One was clearly Brad, the one on my left. His thick muscular thighs gave him away. I explored with my other hand, curious about the second man. His lower thighs were thinner, average. Tentatively, shyly, I moved my hand higher on his bare thigh till I brushed - Wait. I frowned and paused. That couldn't have been… I moved my hand again. It was. His cock, but in a place I didn't expect it, much lower than it should have been. Jesus. The c**k was thinner - not the huge girth of Brad's, but ridiculously long - easily over 10 inches. Circus cock. I heard Brad chuckle and tried to fix the shocked look I must have had on my face. Bolder, I moved my hand over the cock, grabbing it tightly. It was hard, rock hard, and his hand was still wrapped around its shaft. He moved his hand away, and I stroked it firmly. My other hand moved on Brad, stroking him also, loving the feel of both of them hard in my hands at the same time, their shafts both hanging above my blindfolded face. While I jacked them off, their hands moved, one on my tits and neck, one reaching down in between my legs. After a minute or so Brad moved, leaving my side and moving to the bottom of the bed, between my legs. He raised my legs, pointing my feet to the sky and tested my wetness with his finger.

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