"God you are so wet," he breathed, removing his finger. I felt him moments later, the head of his dick bumping, then sliding into me, filling me in every way. The second man tightened his grip on my breast, and Brad moved slowly, sliding in and out of me. I groaned and brought the hand holding the c**k close to my mouth, licking my lips. The man above me gasped, then grabbed his dick and pressed it against my open mouth. "Please," he said, his voice thick.

I obliged, grabbing him with my hand and sucking it hard, forcing the length of it down my throat and gagging on its length. Brad groaned between my legs. "You look so f**king hot," he ground out, and increased his thrusts, burying himself inside me. The increased speed and friction from his width caused me to clench inside, and I could feel the swells of pleasure start to grow. I sucked and pumped, increasing the speed of my blowjob. I reached with my other hand, grabbing his balls *hairless* and gently tugging them. My orgasm came, strong and sudden, and I yanked my mouth off the stranger, crying out loud and arching my back, pointing my feet; the orgasm ripped through my body, taking every coherent thought out of my mind. I heard the man above me moan, and the slick sound of him jacking off, hard and fast above my face. "I'm about to cum," he said, his voice quickening.

"Julia - where do you want it?" Brad's voice came from between my legs, where he still f**ked me, hard and fast.

"Oh me, please." I gasped. The man grunted and the sound of his hands stopped, briefly, then started again. I grabbed my br**sts and squeezed them, arching and offering my body to him. As my body shook from Brad's thrusts, the cum rained, covering my br**sts and hands, and spraying my throat. I felt a few drops hit my lips and I licked them, tasting his sweet cum. I pulled my hands to my mouth, licking the drops off my fingers, and sucking them hard. Brad groaned and yanked his c**k out then, moving swiftly up on my body until I felt him in front of me. I reached forward eagerly, found his c**k and sucked it quickly, jacking off the shaft with my hand. It twitched and he came, filling my mouth with hot squirts. I swallowed hard and fast, continuing to jack him off until I was sure he was empty.


Rule 7: Once it is over, leave quickly. We will want to be alone. No goodbyes are necessary.

I lay back, and felt the bed lighten, first by one body, then the second. I heard the man leave the room, then felt Brad next to me on the bed. He gently pulled on the edge of my blindfold, sliding it off. My eyes opened, and it took a moment for me to see in the candle-lit darkness. Brad laid on his side, his muscular torso looking ridiculously tempting in the darkness. I turned on my side, so that we were facing each other. Brad smoothed my hair back and smiled at me.

"Well." he said softly.

"Well." I said in response, with a smile.

"What'd you think?"

I thought for a minute, playing with his chest hair with my fingers. I searched myself for a pang of regret, but felt nothing but extreme sexual satisfaction. I stretched luxuriously, and Brad's eyes traveled down, to my swollen ni**les and my shaved crotch. He bit his lip and gave me a suggestive look. I rolled my eyes, pushed his hand away, and covered up with the sheet.

He leaned forward and kissed me, then tilted my chin up, looking into my eyes. "Tell me, what'd you think? Are you gonna take off running now?" His eyes were concerned, vulnerable, pools of dark need.

"Straight to baby," I whispered.

"Straight to you."

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