“Not yet? I’ll come again, trust me.” I pushed against his hand, frantic to maintain the momentum that I could feel slipping away.

He ignored me, cupping a breast with his free hand, and taking it into his mouth, his eyes glancing up and meeting my furious ones.

As f**king hot as it looked, his gorgeous face below me, my body in his mouth, my orgasm was waving goodbye, cheerily content with hopping in a minivan and hitchhiking to Cleveland. I gritted my teeth and grabbed his chin, pushing his face up to mine.

“Fuck me,” I gritted out. “Now. Hard. Fast. De Luca-style.”

He grinned, that sexy, I-fucking-own-you grin and released my ass, dropping me full force on top of my full-time obsession. Gripping me with both hands, he kept me still, and started a full on barrage from underneath. Hard, fast f**ks that rammed my body, my core clenched against him, the pleasure erupting with every thrust from below, every hard pelvis hit against my clit. I moaned, over and over, the orgasm pulling a one-eighty and barreling full force toward me with arms extended wide. Harder, faster than it had ever come, my body a time bomb about to explode.

Then I did. Throwing my head back, my feet searching and finding floor, my hands grasping widely for anything to hold on to, I came, a full-body explosion that expelled every emotion I had contained for the last twenty-two years of my life. It was intense, it was incredible, and the best part was looking down on him as I finished, down into that cocky, sexual face that owned me with his eyes.

He thought I owned him. He thought he loved me, that I was enough. But this animal, this sex god who could drive me crazy and steal my heart in the same breath, he would never be fully mine. It was impossible. No one ever owned a god.

I took over control, pushing him back against the chair, digging my heels into the floor and riding his cock, my voice coming out in short bursts, guttural and raw as I took him closer to orgasm. “You say that now, but wait. Wait until you see me on top of another man. Wait ‘til his arms are wrapped around my body, his mouth on my tits.” I stared into his eyes, watched the dark flash of excitement as his hands traveled over my skin, possessively squeezing. “I’m going to come so hard on his cock, I’m going to f**k him until he explodes all over my sweet little face, and you’re going to wonder, baby. You’re going to wonder who made me come harder, whose c**k I am thinking about next time you f**k me.” He groaned and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around me, my br**sts tight against his shirt, and came, thrusting into me, over and over, our juices mixing as he f**ked me through the orgasm, his breath hot on my neck, his mouth taking mine until we both collapsed, spent and euphoric, on the leather chair.

No, no one ever owned a god. But I was working on taming, fooling him into submission.

Chapter 26

“Are you hungry?”

I considered the question, nodding even as my stomach growled, a sound that triggered a grin on Brad’s face. He leaned forward, calling to the front seat. “Leonard, can you call in an order and then swing by Woll’s?”

“No.” I shoved his shoulder. “Fast food. We’re not getting a ‘to go’ order from Woll’s. Besides, it’s two a.m., the kitchen is probably closed.”

“Fast food?” Brad said dubiously, slinging an arm around my shoulder. With his physique, the man probably hadn’t eaten a cheeseburger in years.

“Yes. Fast food. It’s called McDonald’s. The king of late night.” I leaned forward. “Leonard, you know where there’s a McDonald’s on the way home?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, his eyes smiling at me in the mirror.

“Great.” I leaned back and snuggled against Brad.

“So ... I get no input.”

“Nope,” I said cheerfully. “I’m putting my foot down with this one. Besides, you need to learn how to release a little control.”

“You know ...” he growled in my ear, nipping my ear lobe gently. “I give you one little company and you get all authoritative on me.”

“It’s McDonald’s, Brad. You’re overdue.”

The line for the drive-through ended up stretching two blocks back—my meal choice being in line with about a hundred other Vegas tourists. We settled in, content on waiting, and I rested my head on Brad’s shoulder, watching scores of people walk by at a pace that quadrupled ours. “So, what is your plan for Alexis?”

“I thought we settled this back at Saffire.”

“Oh, you mean when you f**ked me in the VIP area, and I lost all rational thought processes? No. That didn’t settle anything.”

“It felt settled.”

I tilted my head. “Nope. Not settled. What’s the plan?”

He sighed. “I guess I can head over there early afternoon. What time does our plane leave?”

I twisted my mouth, trying to think. “Around six-thirty.”

“Then I’ll head over to Saffire around three. Talk to her, then swing by and pick you up, and we can head to the airport. Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

“As awkward as that’d be, no. Plus, I don’t want her to think I’m forcing you to do this.”

He frowned down at me as the car rolled forward. “But you are forcing me to do this.”

“Moot point, Brad. Moot point.” I grinned cheerfully and rolled down the window, watching the metal intercom as we swung to a stop before it.

I ordered for both of us, feeling Brad’s irritation as I rattled off an order of mild complexity. I paused, looking up to Leonard, and he passed on his request, the grand total of the order coming to a whopping $21.24. Brad passed me cash, grumbling all the while, and I silenced him with a kiss.

We ate while the car moved, gorging on Big Macs and fries, a strawberry milkshake making mild interruptions into the feast. With tomato juice running down my chin, I closed my eyes in pure bliss, Brad’s voice saying something in the background. “What?” I managed through a mouthful of yum, opening my eyes to find him watching me in amusement.

“We can head back through if you need seconds.”

I shook my head, setting the burger down and leaning back, my stomach stretched beyond comprehension. “No, I’m good.” I cradled my milkshake, taking a long, perfect sip of strawberry ice, the cooling sensation running down my throat in pure bliss. “I didn’t see you complaining while you demolished your meal.”

He grabbed a napkin and wiped his mouth, grinning at me. “No. No complaints.”

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