His hands slowed, his strokes shortened, and then, to my utter dismay, stopped.

“Ms. Campbell, if you could flip over, I will start on your back.” His voice was professionally calm, an embarrassment, since I was at the point of practically gasping with need.

Flip over? Are you f**king kidding me? “Sure. That’s fine.” Miraculously, I didn’t sound like a wanton slut, barely hanging on to her sanity. I sounded almost, practically, normal.

“Thank you, Ms. Campbell.”

I turned over carefully, and he repositioned the sheet, exposing my back.

“You’re so tense,” he whispered, running his hand down the scoop of my back, his hands fanning out along the curve of my ass.

Shocker. I tried to relax, letting out a breath that ended up sounding like a moan. A sexual moan. Fuck.

He massaged, slow circles along my spine before making long swipes of his hands from one side of my back to the other. Traveling up along my back, he moved closer and closer to the sensitive skin along the side of my br**sts. He slowed his movements, his fingertips grazing the outer swells of my br**sts, my breath hitching despite myself.

Oh my God. I was getting wetter. I was naked, underneath the cool sheet, and could feel the moisture pooling between my legs, threatening to drip from my shaved lips. This was so bad, and I did some kegels, trying desperately to stop my body from reacting to his touch.

This was bad. This was bad in one of those ways where bad was good, and I didn’t know if I wanted to be bad, or if I was even being bad if I followed temptation. Temptation was currently running his fingers slowly up my ribcage—my body still facedown. Temptation was now gently tracing the side of my breast, and I let out a moan despite myself.

Chapter 31

While she’d often pretended to know a lot about Brad De Luca, there was only one thing she did know. And that was that he needed, with a primal urge that oversaw any rational thought process, to please a woman. Sex with him was not selfish; it was an extension of his soul, and he showed everything through it. Anger, happiness, love, and compassion. If she needed him, he would be there for her. It was in every ounce of his DNA. Alexis met his eyes and let out a sigh, spreading her fingers and begging with her eyes.

“Alexis.” Brad’s eyes closed briefly, an insult, and she closed her own eyes in response, dropping back her head and exposing her neck to him. She moaned in response, her legs closing slightly before opening again. He would open his eyes, he would look at, admire, want her. He had to.

“Alexis, please put on some clothes.” There was a tremor in his voice, and she tried not to smile. Yes, she may not know his parents, or his dog’s name, or how he liked his steak cooked, but she knew men, and she knew Brad. He would start with fingers, start with making her come, but that would only be the beginning. He would not be able to stop, his arousal at her orgasm making him pliable, vulnerable. She may lose the war, but she would win this battle.

Footsteps, moving closer, and then he stood, between her legs, his scent making her mouth water, a new rush of moisture between her legs. She opened her eyes and moaned, her legs shaking slightly and reached out with one leg, hooking it around his thigh and pulling him closer.


“Shhh. Don’t say anything, Brad. Just please. Please give me what I need.”


The masseuse’s fingers stopped their tease over my back and moved, trailing down the edge of my side, growing more aggressive as they reached the bottom of the sheet, dipping slightly underneath the fabric before gripping it.

Then he spoke, his voice unexpected in the candlelight darkness. “Ms. Campbell, may I remove the sheet?”

I swallowed, trying to bring some moisture to my dry mouth, then spoke, all offhanded casualness gone. “Yes. Please.”

He tugged on the sheet drawing it slowly down the length of my lower half, every inch of exposure one more step down the staircase of desire. Then, it was off, my ass and body fully exposed to him, and I heard his breath quicken in the quiet bedroom.


Brad stared down at the woman, his brain competing wildly with his cock. She moaned beneath him, very near to orgasm, her leg around him, body flushed, fingers slick, hips grinding slightly. If he placed his hand on her chest he’d feel her heart, beating with need; if he slid his hand over hers, replaced her fingers with his, she’d collapse beneath his touch. It would be so easy, so quick, her heat quivering tightly around his fingers, her release perfect. He could do it with his fingers alone. No mouth, no cock. Julia could have her legs wrapped around Tyler right now, his c**k inside of her, his mouth on hers. Just the thought of it made him hard, which was a dangerous transition right now. Sarah, or Alexis, or whatever she wanted to be called, didn’t regard sex as anything but an act. He could take care of her quickly, reassure her, end this, and then leave.

No. He fought an inner battle with himself, pulling his leg from her, taking several steps away. Then forced his eyes to hers, his voice to strengthen. “What are you trying to do, Sarah?”

“It’s Alexis. You know that.”

“I didn’t come here for this.”

She closed her eyes briefly, her fingers continuing their movement. When she spoke, her words were more breath than articulation. “Whether you came for it or not, it is something you will always need.”

“No.” The strength in his voice caused her to open her eyes. “Sarah, you and I have history, which is why I came to speak to you in person. I will always be your friend, but any sexual relationship is officially over.”

“Over.” She propped herself up, met his eyes, and spat out the word, disbelief in her tone.

“Yes. Over. That’s how it has to be.”

She exhaled, standing, her long legs accentuated by the heels, and walked across the room until she stood before him. “You and I will never be over, Brad. We are cut from the same cloth; we are two sides of the same coin. You and her ... she will never please you in all the ways that you need it.”

He placed his hands gently on her shoulders. “Sarah, don’t presume to know me because we have f**ked in the past. I assure you that I know exactly what I am doing, and Julia is exactly what I need. Don’t presume to know anything about her either; she doesn’t deserve that.” His voice softened a bit. “Your job at Saffire isn’t going anywhere. I just wanted to let you know that I am marrying Julia, and our relationship has to change as a result. Friends are all we can ever be now.”

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