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I felt, vaguely, distantly, the throbbing aching pulse of my own release nearing. Never in my life had I wanted anything less than to give her the satisfaction of my body, of my release. It was inevitable, however.

I clenched my teeth together so hard my molars creaked and my jaw ached. I held back. Held back.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Gina shrieked, writhing on me, slamming down and up and down and up and down.

Flesh on flesh. Her nails dragging down my chest. Heat, pressure. Pain.

I tightened every muscle in my body, curled my toes in, and pulled on the handcuffs binding me to the bed and rendering me helpless, drawing on the pain of my bloody wrists and turning it to rage and strength. My biceps and triceps tightened, pulsed, my thighs turned to rock and my calves to stone, my lungs ceased to draw breath and my heart pounded like tympanic thunder in my chest, and still Gina attempted to elicit my release from me, and still I refused her.

Strength ebbed, ebbed. Gina was panting and sweating above me, at last showing the strain of exertion, her hair wisping and pasted to her forehead. She flung herself off me with a feral groan of frustration.

“You’ll regret this, Valentine,” she hissed, her face inches from mine. I kept my eyes shut and my body tensed, shaking, my energy and the ability to hold back waning. She licked my cheek, the corner of my mouth. “Oh, yes. You’ll regret this.”

She sucked my lower lip into her mouth and tugged, nibbled, and I could feel her grin, feeling the delight in my pain.

She bit, hard enough to draw a grunt from me, breaking skin and drawing blood once more.

Abruptly, she was gone. I was left aching, the cock ring still on. I let my muscles relax, let my breath go, dizziness washing through me.

I remained painfully engorged for an hour before it began to subside.

And that was when she returned, showered and in a blue dress this time, hair coiffured perfectly once more. She had a small pill bottle, which she set on the table beside the bed, then perched a buttock on the bed beside me.

“If you won’t cooperate willingly….” She blinked slowly, a small smile on her lips, then twisted the top off the bottle and shook a small white pill into her hand. “This is an experimental drug I procured from a lab in Prague. It’s not licensed anywhere in the world, and is banned in several countries throughout the EU. I couldn’t even begin to pronounce the name of it. Something scientific and complicated and stupid. But those I’ve…spoken to…who have used it claim it works wonders. Magical, some said. Hours and hours and hours of uncontrollable arousal. What was the phrase the one man used? Oh, yes. He claimed it turned him into a rutting beast. This should be fun.”

I pressed my lips together, clenched my jaw, and stared her down.

She only laughed. “You think you can resist? You can’t. You can’t stop me.”

She reached down between my legs and slipped the cock ring off, then covered me up to the waist with the flat sheet. After a glance and a grin at me, she put two fingers to her lips and gave a short, sharp whistle. The door opened, and two short, squat, powerfully built men dressed in black business suits with white shirts and slim black ties came into the room. Bulges at their chests indicated that they were armed. The two men were nearly identical, possibly twins, brothers at the very least, each of them having slicked-back black hair, similar dark eyes, the same swarthy complexion and cruel, cold gazes.

Gina said something in Greek, and the two men moved to stand on either side of the bed. One of them took my jaw in his hand, squeezing and pinching, shoving his index finger and thumb into my cheek, between my teeth, forcibly separating my jaw. I twisted and bucked, wrenched my head from side to side, but I couldn’t dislodge his grip on my jaw.

“You’d better quit struggling, Val,” Gina said. “I really don’t mind a bit of blood on my lovers, you know. I’m perfectly willing to let Stefanos and Tobias soften you up a bit. So really, dear, it’s best to just go along.”

I couldn’t speak to tell her to fuck off, or I would have. My mouth was pried open, and Gina placed the pill on my tongue with absurd delicacy. Immediately, my saliva began to dissolve the chemical compound, bitterness leaking onto my tongue, into my mouth. The cruel, painful grip on my jaw, the thick finger and thumb between my teeth, kept me from spitting it out. Working my tongue only moved it farther back in my mouth so the quickly dissolving mixture sluiced down my throat, choking me. Acidic gall burned my taste buds, scorched down my esophagus. I choked, coughed, my own spit gagging me, but the pincers between my mandibles remained in place, keeping my head tipped back, my jaw pried apart.

I fought, jerking on the cuffs, each tug of my wrists sending pain shooting through me. I felt blood trickling down my forearms.

Reflex took over, and I swallowed, the need to breathe dominating my will to resist.

“Good.” Gina patted my chest. “Good boy. That should take effect within a few hours. I’ll be back. Until then…don’t go anywhere!” She laughed at her own joke, leading the two thugs out of the room.

I could still taste the bitter grit of the pill on my tongue. Summoning as much saliva as I could, I spat to the side, watching the gobbet land on the floor. It was too late, though. The chemical was already inside me; the question was whether it would work, and how, and if I could find a way to resist the effects.

An unknowable amount of time later, hours, perhaps, or even longer, I felt the stirrings deep within me of the experimental drug taking hold. It felt like need. Not just need, no, nothing that easy or simple. Oh, no. This was frantic, primal, manic, blood- and bone- and soul-deep animalistic desperation. It began in my gut, a roiling, a tightening. My fists curled around the chain of the handcuffs, the pain of my raw wrists fading. Thoughts were impossible. Logic was erased. Memory was nothing.

I was need. I was the embodiment of insatiable, rapacious sexual hunger.

Need curled inside me, pounded through me, wrenched my muscles into spasming throbbing pulsation, my hips grinding at the air. I needed. This was about release, this was about…about quenching the fire inside me, and in that moment, with the drug coursing through me, I would take anything at all, anything that would slake my thirst, anything that would fill the raging void within me.

Someone was growling, a feral snarl. Me? Was that me? Yes, it was. Sweat coated my skin. My cock was a white-hot iron rod.

The door opened, and Gina entered, hips sashaying in a sultry sway, a satisfied smile on her painted ruby-red lips.

Within the space of a breath, I was a starving lion chained in the corner of a cage, a bloody hunk of fresh meat just out of reach.