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And then the water was off and rancid breath huffed against my face, and a voice grumbled in my ear, “I’ll fucking kill you. I do not care what the crazy bitch says, I will kill you. Slowly. You will suffer. Suffer much. Anyone you love, I will kill.”

I slammed forward with my head, felt my forehead connect with flesh and bone, felt a tooth cut open my forehead. Tobias stumbled backward, and then lashed out with his foot into my gut. I curled inward, gasping for breath, gagging as the world went white.

“Enough, Tobias. Your silly revenge can wait. Bring him back to the room.”

I was dragged back across the bathroom, down a short hallway, and into the too-bright bedroom, which now smelled of antiseptic. I still couldn’t breathe, coughing up water and seeing stars. I felt myself lifted under the armpits, and—at the end of my strength—willingly crawled onto the bed, curling into myself and fighting for breath past the weight of water in my throat and lungs and the ache of the blow to my stomach.

The door closed, and I felt the bed dip near my bent knees. “Well. I hope that was worth it, Val. You got yourself hurt on top of being sick, and you made an enemy. Tobias is a psychopath, you know. And coming from me, that’s saying something.”

Her hand touched my shoulder and stroked my arm, brushed my wet hair out of my eye. I was soaking wet, shivering, head pounding furiously, skin tight and tingling with the ache of a fever.

I jerked away from her. “Don’t—” I devolved into hacking, spat up a mouthful of phlegm and water. “Don’t touch me!” My voice was a hoarse rasp. “Don’t you fucking touch me.”

“A little late for that,” she said, sounding amused. “You should rest now. I’ve got plans for you for later.”

“You might as well kill me,” I grated through my teeth.

“Ha. No. I don’t think so. Not yet at least. I haven’t had my fill of you.” She reached for my wrist, clicked the handcuff to the bed, did the same for my other wrist, securing both wrists before I knew what she was doing.

I fought her with my feet as she reached for my ankles, kicked at her, connecting with her hip and then her stomach, knocking her backward. She stumbled, righted herself, smoothed her skirt and blouse, combed her fingers through her hair, and stood panting just out of reach.

“You know, I suppose I should mention that your little slut has eluded me so far. And the more you fight me, the more trouble you cause, the worse things will be for her when I finally catch her.” Gina examined her fingernails, and then grinned at me evilly. “I’m sure Tobias would have a fun time with her. I might bring another bed in here and cuff her to it, too. And then you can watch as my men and Daddy’s run a train on her. How about that? Dozens of men fucking her, right in front of you? You’d have to watch. And then she’d watch while I fuck you. I could get some of my girlfriends in here, and they’ll fuck you too. And then, when we’re all sick of you two, I’ll kill you. Her, then you? Hmmm. Maybe. Or you, then her? I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it some more.”

She rummaged in her purse and came up with a compact pistol. A Walther PPK, by the look of it. She rounded the end of the bed, staying out of reach of my feet, touched the barrel to my temple. “Now. I’m going to cuff your feet. And if you fight me, I’ll shoot you. But I won’t kill, not yet. I’ll bring your little whore in here and let everyone I know fuck her in front of you. Or you can cooperate. If you do, I’ll spare her. Meaning I’ll just put a bullet in her skull. Easy choice, no?”

I went still, let her cuff my ankles to the bed once more.

“Good. You’re learning.” Gina patted my thigh, then turned and sauntered out of the room. “I’ll be back after you’ve had a chance to rest.”

* * *

Kyrie sat astride me, blonde hair loose around her shoulders, naked and gleaming and perfect. We moved together, her ass gliding across my thighs, her breasts swaying, her cerulean eyes locked on mine, tender and wavering with emotion. I reached for her, needing to touch her, feel her, caress her, but something stopped me. She grinned. “Not yet,” she whispered, her words out of synch with the motion of her lips.

Her palms on my chest, Kyrie leaned over me, hair draping like a curtain around my face so the sun glinted through her blonde locks. She slid forward, and I felt her core drag along my cock, wet and hot and slick, and I only knew that I needed her. She smiled, a gentle curve of her lips, and the taut pink tip of her nipple touched my forehead, soft and warm. I reveled in the feel of her skin, the touch of her flesh. The peak of her perfect breast drifting softly down my face, over my nose and lips, and I took the nipple between my teeth—

“Oh…Val…yes—” she whimpered.

And then everything distorted. I looked up, blinking, and blonde hair became black and blue eyes became dark, and I screamed, a guttural roar in my throat, my body arching and bucking, throwing a startled Gina off me.

I clenched my teeth and screamed again until my throat went hoarse and gave out, eyes squeezed shut, the agony of being ripped from the dream too much to take, the horror of knowing I’d touched her, had her repulsive skin against mine, and I’d mistaken it for Kyrie’s, thought it was Kyrie loving me when, in reality, it had been Gina assaulting me.

Gina stood up, naked. “Why do you keep fighting me?” She swayed over to the side of the bed, leaned over me, cupped her breast in one hand and traced idle patterns on my face with her nipple. She moved it to touch my cheek, my chin. Dragged her breast across my lips, quickly. I thought about biting her, but didn’t. I showed no emotion, no reaction. She pressed the inside of her opposite breast to my face, suffocating me between her tits. I held my breath and closed my eyes and waited. She slid astride me, bottom lip between her teeth in what was meant to be a seductive, erotic pose. She crushed her core against my cock, with no response. Now I was totally repulsed, furious, disgusted, and no force on earth could bring me to arousal.

“Come on, Val. Play with me.” She lifted my limp member in her hand, toying with me.

“I’d rather die.”

“Oh, that’ll happen soon enough.” She let go of me, leaned forward, and pulled open the drawer of the nightstand. The bottle of pills rattled, and she opened the top, shook one out into her palm. I pressed my lips together, clenched my teeth. “You can make this easy, or you can make this hard.”