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My body was trembling, a coiled, tensed predator set to pounce on unsuspecting prey. I was a live wire, electrified, dangerous. More than anything, I desperately needed to move, to feel her sliding around me, to revel in the delirium of her body. But I didn’t dare move for fear of hurting her, for fear of letting the beast free. It was a beast, this chemical within me, a demon. It cared nothing for her, for me, for us. All it cared about was sexual release, the feverish animal desire, the hunger, the clash of bodies. But I cared. So I fought it.

Until she bent forward and I felt the silk-soft brush of her breasts against my chest, felt the lightning strike of ravenous desire, a bolt of love so hot, so deep, so all-consuming, I couldn’t contain it. Couldn’t hold back, couldn’t do a single damned thing but thrust up into her, growling her name—


—and move, move, move. My hands were alive, roaming her body, scouring her skin from nape to ass, shoulder to shoulder, touching her everywhere I could reach, caressing her knees and thighs and belly and ribs and waist and the contour of her arms and her cheeks, her lips, her forehead….

I couldn’t stop touching her and thrusting, thrusting.

But being beneath her, as I’d been beneath—

With a curse, I sat up, needing to be in any other position. Kyrie sat up with me, wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

Her lips touched the shell of my ear. “Valentine. It’s okay, love. It’s okay. Whatever you need. Do what you need to do. Take me how you need to take me.” She rose, lifting herself up with her arms around my neck, drawing my cock nearly out of her pussy, hesitated, holding—holding—holding, and then she slammed down hard. “You know me, baby. You know how I like it. You know what I can take. I love you. I trust you.”

“God, Kyrie. I don’t deserve you.” I had no idea where that came from, but it felt true, and it speared my heart, seared my soul.

“Yes, you do. I’m yours. I’m here with you. I’m doing this willingly. I’m here because I want to be. You’re inside me because this is what I want. Take me.” Her voice shook with emotion. “Take me, Valentine.”

I laid her down on her back, frantic, gasping, sweating, soul churning and body aching and heart crashing and melting. Her thick blonde hair splayed out on the white sheet of the bed, the blankets and comforter long since kicked aside. She kept her heels hooked around my waist, reached for me. I took a moment to absorb her beauty, to drink in the reality of her presence. So beautiful. So perfect. Lovely, delicate, strong.

I shook all over, still trying to hold back, to be gentle, to fight the madness of this chemical rage. This was Kyrie. My Kyrie. I couldn’t—

She broke through my thoughts. “Let go, Valentine. This is me. It’s okay. You can let go.”

The last vestige of my self-control was shattered totally by her words, by the absolute sincerity in her voice.

I pulled out of her, breaking the hold of her heels around my waist. She planted her feet on the bed, staring up at me with emotion-fraught azure blue eyes tender and trusting, hands splayed on the sheet, fisting the jersey material, chest heaving, tits swaying with her breath. I let my eyes roam her body, head to toe, from the tangled mass of honey-blonde hair to the sex-smeared pink crevice of her pussy.

And then I could hold back no more.

I grabbed her by the hips, rolled her to her stomach. Kyrie knew me, knew what I wanted, and gave it to me. She drew her knees up beneath her belly, stretched her ass high in the air, thighs split as far apart as they would go, spine arched to press her chest to the mattress, arms out in front of her, fingers gripping the sheet. Her face turned to the side, watching me.

Shivering violently as I fought the urge to slam into her with merciless abandon, I gripped my cock in one hand, the other palm resting on the wide round curve of her ass. Found the hot slick wetness of her cunt, breathing in the sweet aroma of her arousal, and guided the tip of my cock into her, slowly. Slowly. It took all I had to do this gently, to keep a rein on the insanity.

“Oh—oh—oh god, Roth. Fuck. Yes, god yes. More.” Her voice was muffled by the bed, her eyes scrunched closed tight, rapture on her face. “Harder, baby. FUCK ME. FUCK ME, Valentine.”

I fucked her. With total abandon I fucked her, drawing back my hips and driving in hard, my flesh slapping loudly against hers, the generous muscle and flesh of her glorious ass quivering and quivering and quivering as I fucked into her again and again, groaning with each crashing, grinding thrust. And she took it, my Kyrie took it, whimpering at first, whining in her throat, holding still and just taking what I gave her.

She started shoving back into my thrusts, spine arched upward to draw her hips back in synch with my pulling out, and then she pushed with her hands and bowed her back to meet my driving cock. And now she was wailing with each meeting of our bodies, screaming into the mattress as my cock filled her, her pussy clenching around me, squeezing and gripping with involuntary spasms. I held her hips, my hands wrapped around the crease where hip met thigh and jerking her back into my thrusts, lifting her bodily off the bed to sit her on my cock, cramming myself deeper and deeper into her wet, pulsating core.

“I’m—I’m coming, Roth. I’m coming. Oh god, oh jesusfuck I’m coming, Roth. Come with me. Please, baby. Come with me. Right now. Ohfuckfuckfuck!” She was crying, sobbing my name, trying to thrust back but losing all muscular control as her body detonated, shattered, going limp. “ROTH! ROTH! Oh my god, Valentine, oh-oh-oh….”

I was absolutely mindless then, a rutting, ravenous beast of a man, pounding into Kyrie with reckless ferocity, grunting with each thrust, growling and cursing. I palmed her luscious, jiggling ass with both hands and spread her cheeks apart, sliding in even deeper yet, so deep it almost hurt, and she squealed in a kind of aching rapture as I held her like that, ass cheeks spread apart, her body bucked forward with the primal power of my thrusts.

My stomach ached with the pressure of my impending release, and my balls throbbed, tight against my body and pulsing, thighs tensed and flexing and hurting with exertion. I shook, trembled, and felt a volcanic upwelling begin somewhere in my atoms, in the nuclei of my being. Kyrie sobbed, boneless with orgasmic ecstasy, held up only by my hands as I lost rhythm, and I was gasping for breath, making a sound that was frighteningly like a sob as I crashed into her, harder and harder and harder, her ass shaking with each slapping thrust, her sobs turning to a single drawn-out moan as she began to reach climax yet again. I felt her pussy spasming, her inner muscles beginning to squeeze around me as I felt my balls tighten until they hurt, my cock swelling and throbbing.