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“Kyrie….” I ground my hips up against hers, and felt her begin to move with me, a juddering grind of her body down mine, meeting my upward thrust with a slow downward stroke of her own.

“Valentine. God, yes. This.”

“I love you, Kyrie. I love you.” Heat billowed within me, a surging tidal wave of fiery need spreading through me, setting me alight from toes to fingertips, scalp to soles, soul to mind to heart, all of me igniting as we found a mutual rhythm together. “You feel this? You feel how we fit together?”

“Yes!” She gasped, sobbed, lifting her face from my neck and gazed up at me with wet eyes, red-rimmed eyes. Her hair was unbrushed and wet and tangled, her skin damp from the shower.

She had never been more beautiful to me than in that moment.

I cupped the pale flesh and muscle of her ass, lifted her up, and then slammed her down onto me as I thrust up with all the power in my body. She cried out wordlessly, hanging her head and grinding onto me.

A glimmer of moonlight shone through the open doorway and reflected off the mirror in my closet. Kyrie rolled her hips against me as I strode across the bedroom and into the closet. She whimpered raggedly as I set her down and pulled out of her.

“Wha—what are you—what are you doing?” she demanded. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her in place to face the three-way mirror. “Oh.”

“Look at yourself, Kyrie. Look how beautiful you are. Look at us together. Watch us,” I told her. “Don’t look away.”

I slid my hands over her breasts, cupping them, lifting them, kneading their fullness. I pinched her nipples with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, rolling her thick, sensitive pink buds until she gasped. I took one of her hands in mine and moved our joined fingers together down, down, between her thighs.

“Let me see you touch yourself, darling. Let me see you put your fingers in your pussy,” I growled in her ear, sliding my middle finger and hers into her opening. “Let me see you get your fingers wet.”

Kyrie sucked in a sharp breath as our fingers slipped into her pussy, and I curled my digit inward, scraped high on her inner wall, finding that spot and guiding her touch.

“Just like that, Kyrie. Keep touching yourself. Don’t stop.” I withdrew my fingers and watched as she rubbed herself. “I want to watch you come, just like this. Come for me, Kyrie. Make yourself come.”

I pressed two fingers to her clit and massaged her in a slow, gentle circle, and felt her hips move, a slight flutter to match my circling touch. Her mouth fell open and her eyes went wide, and I sped up, pausing every now and then to pinch her clit between my fingers, to flick it, rub it, and then move in ever-faster circles around it. Her free hand reached up to clutch at my head, her eyes not on mine in the mirror, but on our hands moving at her sex, at the way her hips began to grind and gyrate. Her tits began to sway and bounce as her motions became more and more frantic, her thighs trembling, her legs falling open wider.

“Put two more fingers inside yourself, Kyrie,” I ordered, my lips moving against the shell of her ear. “Fuck yourself with your fingers, my love. Let me see you do that.”

“Oh, oh…ohhhhh, god, Valentine.” She slipped her index and ring fingers into herself, her digits curled to rub against her G-spot. “I’m close, I’m so close.”

“Are you watching?” I demanded.

“Yes…yes, I’m watching.”

Her knees began to dip as I swiped faster and faster around her clit and her three fingers fucked harder and harder inside herself, and her eyes began to flutter, her breath coming shallow and harsh.

“I—I’m coming, Valentine, oh…Jesus, I’m coming—” She broke off, teeth clenched together, her entire body straining, and now she was screaming through gritted teeth as an orgasm tore through her.

I bent at the knees then, pulled my fingers away from her clit and grabbed her hips, jerked her ass backward. She planted her palm on the mirror, her eyes flicking up to mine. Shaking all over, still tensing and moaning with the aftershocks, she leaned forward, opening herself for me. I gripped my cock in one hand and dragged it against her clit, pushing until she rocked forward with a groan.

“In me…I need you in me, Valentine.”

“You need my cock, don’t you?”

“I do, god, Valentine, I need it so bad.”

I pulled the tip of my dick between her slick labia and drove up into her tight, wet opening, growling as I felt her still-quaking inner walls squeeze immediately around me. Bare inside her, our eyes locked in the reflection of the mirror, I pushed deep inside her, until my stomach met the solid, round expanse of her ass.

“Ohhhhh…yes, yes, baby, YES!” she gasped, her voice rising to a shout as I drew back and rammed back into her.

“You like that, don’t you, Kyrie?” I gripped the crease of her hips in my hands as I glided my throbbing cock out so I nearly lost her heat, and then pulled her ass into my thrust, growling with pleasure when the generous mound of flesh jiggled.

“I love it…fuck, I need it.”

“You need it, do you?” I pulled back again and thrust deep, hard.

“YES! I need it so bad.” She squeezed her eyes shut briefly as I set my favorite rhythm, pulling out slowly and fucking in hard and fast. “I need you…you, I need this…shit, oh god that feels so good—I need us.”

One hand flat against the mirror to prop herself up, bent nearly double, her tits swaying and bouncing with each slapping clash of our bodies, she opened her eyes as wide as they would go and kept her gaze locked on mine.

“Touch yourself, Kyrie. Right now, while I’m fucking you, touch your clit. Make yourself come again.”

I watched as she slipped her other hand between her thighs and put two fingers to her clit, catching her lip between her teeth and immediately finding the rhythm she needed.

And now, her fingers moving in synch with the rhythm of my driving hips, her brows lowered and her breath came faster and faster, and she started pushing back into me, slamming her ass into my thrusts, harder and harder. Her gaze flickered down and then to the side, watching us in profile in the side mirror. I looked in the opposing side mirror, and now we both watched, watched my thick, wet cock sliding out of her pussy and then burying into her body, watching her whole body rock forward with the power of my thrust, her tits swaying forward, my balls slapping against her taint.

Her fingers moved in a blur then, and I felt her pussy clamp down, felt her body coil and tense as she prepared to come. As soon as I felt her begin to come, I slapped her ass hard, synching the crack of my hand on her flesh with driving, relentless fucking,