That’s right, she’s mine. So quit looking at her ass because it belongs to me.

Yeah, she also turns me into a caveman, which is all sorts of crazy.

I rest my hand at the small of her back as we walk into the restaurant, offering a nod and a faint smile at the older gentleman who’s holding the door open for us. Leaning in close, I take a discreet whiff of Lucy’s hair, her skin. Damn, she smells fucking incredible. Swear to God she’s trying to drive me out of my mind and doing a terrific job of it.

“It’s beautiful in here,” she whispers close to me after I gave my name to the hostess. We’re standing in the lobby, waiting for our table. The place is packed, we’re surrounded by all sorts of people. Young and old, big groups and couples, families and rich old folks who stare with disgust at the seemingly well-behaved children who stand nearby.

The restaurant is equal parts tourist trap and old town established for those who live here. I read enough reviews on Yelp to figure that out real quick.

“It is,” I agree, my gaze locked on her face. “But not nearly as beautiful as you.”

Her cheeks turn the faintest pink and she lightly slaps my chest. “Oh, you and your over the top lines.”

“I’m not exaggerating whatsoever,” I tell her, my voice solemn. “You look gorgeous tonight. I almost didn’t want to bring you here.”

She frowns, a little furrow appearing between her eyebrows. I love that little wrinkle she gets. It’s adorable. “Why not?”

I lean in close, my lips practically brushing her ear. “Because you look so fucking beautiful I don’t want anyone else to stare at you. I might get jealous and do something stupid. So I wanted to keep you all to myself.”

“Gabe. Be serious.” Her voice is soft, as are her eyes. I could stare into them all night.

Damn it, I sound like a complete goner.

“I am serious. We can leave if you want.” I take her hand and lock our fingers together. I’m suddenly desperate to walk straight out of here. Desperate to get her back to her house and tear off that dress. See what she’s wearing beneath it. Hopefully nothing. “Go back to your place.”

She firmly shakes her head. “I’m starving.” As if on cue, her stomach growls and she giggles, resting a hand over her stomach. “See? I need to eat.”

“Then we’ll go back to your place right after?” I squeeze her hand as she nods slowly but surely.

“Yes. I want to spend as much alone time with you as I can get.” Lucy presses a quick kiss to my cheek. “Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll give you a blowjob on the drive back,” she murmurs against my cheek.

Ha. Fuck. I hope to God I’m that lucky. Though I’m already feeling pretty damn lucky.

I’ve got Lucy by my side, as my date. And that’s worth enough luck to last me a lifetime.

Lucy came through on her promise—I received that quick blowjob on the way back to her place. Her enthusiasm, the knowing smile she flashed me just before she made a dive for my lap, her fingers undoing the zipper and reaching inside for my cock, all of it sent me right over the edge and quick.

Doesn’t help that she has the sexiest mouth I’ve ever had the privilege to kiss. Who can withstand something like that? No guy I know. I think she might’ve left a lipstick stain on my dick, what with how dark the lipstick color she wore.

The moment I pulled into the driveway of her house—it’s weird, I never see the garage open, we never go in the garage and I never see Lucy drive a car—we’re practically running into the house, my hands at her waist as she hurriedly unlocks the door. She has a hell of a time, what with her shaking fingers and I wonder if she’s nervous again.

I also wonder if she’ll let me do what I want to her tonight. What I want to do with her I mean. It’s Wednesday night. I leave first thing Friday morning with the family. I know Lucy and Sydney are going to lunch tomorrow, just the two of them and that’s fine. I get that my sister wants some alone time with her new friend.

But damn it, I want all the alone time I can get with Lucy. That I’m jealous of my sister’s lunch date with my…I have no idea what to call Lucy…is ridiculous.

And telling. Of what I’m not exactly sure. I don’t know if I’m capable of examining my feelings for Lucy so closely. Those feelings…

They kind of scare me.

When she finally unlocks the door I practically shove her inside, my hands still at her waist. She shuts and locks the door and turns within my grip to face me, a sly smile curling her lips. “Eager much?” she murmurs.

I bend down and kiss her, those perfect lips of hers parting just for me. I take advantage, sweeping my tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss for a long, hot minute before I finally break away. “Always eager for you, Luce.”

Her eyes glow with pleasure. “You know just what to say, don’t you? I swear my nickname for you is perfect.”

I frown. “You have a nickname for me?” I’ve never heard her call me anything but Gabe or Gabriel before.

She nods, looking extremely pleased with herself. “I do. From the moment you started watching me, I thought of you as Mr. GQ.”

“Oh, really?” I start to chuckle, then suck in a harsh breath when her hands land on my chest and she slowly starts to unbutton my shirt.

“Yes, really. It’s perfect. The first time I saw your entire family, I thought you all looked like you stepped out of a magazine. All of you are abnormally attractive, with your perfect faces and hair and clothes. And you were the most perfect of them all. You do realize that, right? How freaking gorgeous you are?”