Lucy does as I ask, looking so beautiful wearing only that bra and nothing else, her hair cascading past her shoulders in decadent waves. Her skin has that rosy flush it gets when she’s aroused and her nipples poke against the lace of her bra. Her breasts are pressed snug together because of the bra, offering up some amazing cleavage. Cleavage I want to touch and kiss…

“I want to come on your tits,” I declare, sounding like a rude asshole but I can’t help myself. Being around Lucy, I want to both treat her like a proper woman yet enlist her help in fulfilling all of my filthy fantasies. And she’s always a willing partner, which truly, scares the hell out of me.

Knowing that she’s willing to give me whatever I want, will do whatever I ask, is heady fucking stuff. That we’re so damn compatible and the chemistry between us has always been off the charts only makes everything that much better.

It’s all good between me and Luce. All fucking good. I can’t help but wonder if it’s almost too fucking good…

She pulls my cock out of her mouth and it’s shiny from her saliva.


I close my eyes tightly, count to fucking twenty and then pop them open again. “Pull me out of your mouth, Luce.”

She does as I request, her fingers around the base of my cock, licking at the tip once. Twice.

“That’s it, put on your show,” I encourage, the familiar tingling at my spine already starting as I watch her lick and suck on my cock like it’s her favorite ice cream and it’s the hottest day of the summer. Her tongue maps the veins that line my shaft, her fingers tight around the base as she starts to slide them up and down and I lean my head back and close my eyes, fighting off the beginnings of my orgasm.

But it’s no use. It’s barreling down on me like it has nowhere else to go. I groan her name, my eyes nearly rolling back in my head when she starts jacking me harder. Faster. She leans in close, licking the tiny hole in the tip, sticking her tongue there, playing with it and then damn.

I’m coming.

She leans away as my semen shoots out, landing on her chest, dripping down her skin and the lacy bra. I moan again and again as each shudder hits me, my stomach feels like it’s cramping when the very last drop has been rung from me, my entire body feeling like it could turn to liquid at any given moment.

My girl knows how to give a most excellent blowjob, I must admit.

Looking down at her chest, she runs her index finger through the come streaking her chest and brings her finger to her mouth, sucking it dry. Just like that my cock twitches, like it has a life of its own and I fucking can’t believe it.

I’ll fuck her right now if she’ll let me. I’d fuck her for the rest of her life if she said yes.

Insane, outrageous thought, but true nonetheless. She has me. In the palm of her hands, she has me, holding me tight, nearly choking me with it but I want the pain. If it means I get to keep Lucy all to myself and make her mine, then hell yes, I will revel in that little bit of pain knowing that she’s mine forever and always.

I scrub a hand over my face before I reach out to take her hand so the both of us can stand. Swear to God, the more time I spend with her, I want to give her the moon and stars and everything in between.

“So. Did that meet your needs?” she asks sweetly, her voice seeming to fill my veins so that I’m freaking living and breathing her in my very body.

“Fucking amazing,” is all I can seem to say before I haul her in close and kiss her on the lips. Hard. I’m claiming her mouth, and if she’ll have me I’m claiming her soul too. This girl...she’s mine. She is it for me.

And she doesn’t even fucking know it yet.

I pin her beneath me in the middle of the bed, my hips holding her in place as I reach for her hands. Hauling them above her head, I link our fingers together, savoring the sensation of her hands clutched so tight in mine. She arches her back, looking so fucking beautiful like this that I have to lift away from her just so I can drink her in. All that bare, naked skin on display just for me, with the exception of her…

“Damn bra,” I mutter, shaking my head. “I forgot to take it off.”

She laughs softly. “I can do that for you.”

“No. Keep it on. Might make things more interesting.” I helped her wipe my come off her skin only moments before. I can’t ask her to do anything more for me. And I definitely don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of her.

“All right.” She spreads her legs and I nestle in close, my hands still holding hers. I need to grab a condom. I’m clean but she deserves this, knowing that I’m being safe. I’d fuck her bare if I could—and I know that would feel beyond amazing, Jesus—but I don’t know if she’d be receptive to that.

“You’re so pretty like this, Luce.” I lean in and kiss her, my lips lingering, my tongue sweeping in for a taste. “I missed you.”

Her gaze darkens and she looks away from me for the slightest bit. “I—I’ve missed you too.”

Triumph slips through me but I try to tamp it down. “We’ve wasted time, then.”

She smiles once more, her gaze returning to mine. “I think we have.”

“Then we better work on this. Get in as much sex as possible and make up for lost time.”

I readjust my hips, lifting up so I can grip the base of my cock and feed it slowly inside her body. She accepts me willingly, her legs spreading wider, her lower body arching to take me. Finally I’m nestled fully within her, the two of us locked together in the standard missionary position, though there’s nothing boring or standard about this moment. I’m practically vibrating with excitement from being inside her once more.