Her eyes lock with mine. “Let my hands go,” she murmurs.

“Maybe I like you like this.” I do. It’s hot, holding her like this, asserting power over her. Not that I would ever abuse that power but I like knowing that I’m in control—and she let’s me be in control. That she has such trust in me is a freaking honor, swear to God.

“I’m sure you do.” She jerks against my hold, frustration written all over her expressive face. “But then I can’t touch you.”

I immediately release her, my fingers springing away from her wrists and she smiles in triumph, resting her hands on my shoulders briefly before she reaches around and starts to stroke me up and down my back. Again and again, her touch softer, soothing me with every single pass of her fingers.

A fucking downfall of mine, I can admit, is when she touches me like that. Like she wants to ease all of my pain, wish my problems away and make them better. Make my days brighter. But that’s Lucy. It doesn’t matter who I am or what I’m doing when she’s with me. She doesn’t see all the trappings and the bullshit. Maybe that’s because she comes from money herself so it’s no big deal. But I swear to fucking God it’s like she sees into the real me and wants to stick around anyway.

That there, my friend, is some deep, heavy shit.

“You feel so good,” she murmurs in that sexy, throaty voice she only uses when I’m buried deep inside her. Never any other time, just when it’s us. Alone. Cock in pussy, skin against skin, our heartbeats in synch. I shift my hips, deepening my penetration and she closes her eyes on the sweetest moan I’ve ever heard.

“Baby, I could do this all night,” I tell her and she nods furiously, her hair spread all over my pillow like a dark, billowy cloud around her pretty, pretty face.

I lean in and kiss those irresistible lips, spear between them with my tongue. She opens to me easily, her tongue meeting mine and slowly I begin to pump. In and out, the velvety clasp of her inner walls so good. Too good. I’m sweating. My brain is blank, thinking of nothing else but my ambitious intent to make her come.


“Ah, Luce,” I choke out when she wraps those sexy legs around my waist, sending me deeper inside her body. She clutches at me, her arms moving to tighten around my neck. She holds on for dear life, clinging to me as I increase my movements, fucking her. In. Out. Submerging myself in the heat of her welcoming body. Again and again and again.

“Gabe.” Her voice is the barest whisper and I lean in, kiss her cheek, her chin, her neck, her mouth. She arches her head back and I reach between us, caressing her breasts, tracing my finger along the edge of her bra, over her cleavage before I duck my head and kiss her there, tracing the tight valley between her breasts with my tongue. She tastes amazing.

She is amazing.

I’ve never wanted a woman more, never felt the need to be with a woman again like I do with Lucy. Being with her like this…means something. What, I’m not exactly sure.

My emotions are scattered everywhere. I can’t think. I can’t focus on anything but her. And me. The two of us together. Finally. What I’ve wished for since I saw her in class. Hell, since I left her in Santa Barbara. All of that earlier regret over leaving her vanishes in an instant now that I have her beneath me, my cock inside her, our bodies connected.

“Babe.” Pausing, I slide my hand down her stomach, over her pubic hair, to her clit, brushing my thumb against it and making her gasp. “I want to make you come.”

“K-keep doing that,” she breathes, sounding as overwhelmed as I feel. I brush against her clit once more, harder this time. “Yes. God, just like that.”

I start to move within her again, my control slipping but I don’t care. I move faster, going deeper, as deep as I can get and I feel the way she shudders around my cock. Her pussy is so wet, her clit swollen, her thighs squeezing tight around my hips. We’re moving so fast my breaths start to come faster, my chest aching, my balls drawing up close against my body. I can’t believe I’m going to come again, and so soon. I hope she’s close. God, I hope she’s going to come before me because I can’t hold back much longer…

“Oh.” The soft, wondrous sound falls from her lips just before I feel her pussy clutch my cock tightly, again and again. She moans, her face in my shoulder as she comes and my finger slips over her clit. I reach for her hips, hold her steady as I start to pump hard because I want to feel this. Feel myself come while she’s coming too. I want her to send me over that edge so I can join her.

Amazingly enough, my release hits me hard, making me groan. I shoot inside her, the sensation of her hot walls clamping around my shaft my complete undoing. We shudder and shake together for long, drawn out minutes, until finally I collapse on top of her, my hands braced on either side of her head so I don’t let my total weight smother her.

“Gabe.” She strokes my back again, another little shudder moving through me at her gentle touch. “I don’t think…we didn’t use a condom.”

I lift up to stare at her, frowning hard as I try to concentrate. We didn’t? I swore we did. I thought I grabbed one, set it on the table and…

My gaze locks on the rubber still in its wrapper sitting on the bedside table just like I remembered. I may have thought of the condom, but did I use the damn thing?

Fuck. No.

“Hey.” I touch his cheek, force him to look down at me. He’s still inside my body, I can feel him softening at a rapid pace and I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he just realized we didn’t use protection. “It’s okay. I’m clean.”

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