“You’re beautiful,” I say. “But I need an answer. Don’t leave a man hanging.”

“Yes.” She grins as I stand and draw her into my arms. “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll be your wife. Are you sure you’re ready to take me on?”

Leaning in, I kiss her. “Hell yeah.”

“I know I drive you crazy,” she murmurs softly.

I press my forehead to hers and stare into her pretty green eyes, winding my arms around her slender waist. “You keep me sane,” I whisper. “You make my life worth living. Because of you, I’m a better man. And with you by my side as my wife, we can take on the entire world, baby. Just you and me.”

She sighs, pressing her lips to mine in a soft kiss. “You are so romantic. Is it wrong to admit I was sort of hoping for a poem?”

“Hell.” I completely forgot. Pulling away from her, I dig in my other pocket, withdrawing a crumpled piece of paper. I labored over this one, hoping to get the words just right. I planned on giving it to her before I actually showed her the ring. “I wrote you one.”

“You did not.” She takes the paper from me and unfolds it.

“Did so,” I say with a grin, waiting anxiously as she reads it.

Most of the time I’m thinking of you

All of the time I love you

Remembering the good times and the bad

So much has

Happened and

Maybe I’m moving too fast

All I know is I…

Love you. And want to

Live with you

Only you

Will you be my wife?

“Oh shit.” She’s crying, tears flowing down her pretty face, mascara streaking her cheeks with black. “My makeup’s ruined, damn it.”

I laugh. I can’t help it. “Did you like it?”

“I love it.” She bursts into full-on tears now and I pull her into my arms, hold her close. “I love you,” she whispers against my neck.

“We’re going to make this happen, Fable. You and me.” I kiss her forehead. “Together.”

“Together,” she agrees.



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