“You okay?” he asks, pulling me out of my thoughts as his hand runs over the top of my fingers, which are still wrapped around his waist.

“I’m good.” I remove myself from him and get off the bike, looking around. I haven’t been to this part of town in years, and I’m not really surprised that this is where they would have their biker headquarters. When I was in high school, this whole area was an industrial park. But over the years, the factories have shut down one-by-one, and the empty buildings have been put up for sale.

The outside of the building looks normal, with a large sign that offers ‘Car, Motorcycle Repair and Parts’. Next to that is a short alley and another building. Without even looking, I know where we are going. There’s a metal gate that has to be at least fifteen feet tall. It looks like something you would find on the set of Jurassic Park.

“It’s okay,” he says taking my hand and leading me toward the large double gate. On the other side, I can hear loud music and people yelling and laughing. I start to feel anxious the closer we get to joining them.

After our first date and what happened when we were at dinner, the way he completely forgot I was around when his friend showed up, I know if he did that to me tonight it would be the end. There would be no coming back from that. And the idea of that happening after the amazing day we had causes my feet to freeze in place.

“You okay?” he asks, and I turn to face him, the light from the street lamp bouncing off his handsome features.

My eyes drop to his mouth then meet his gaze again when he growls my name.

I have never asked to be kissed, and I’m not sure I can do it now, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to kiss him at least once. He takes a step toward me and his arm wraps around my waist, tugging me until my body is flush with his.

“What do you want, July?” he asks as his lips hover over mine. My eyes slide closed and I swallow, not sure how to say the words. “Look at me,” he demands, shaking me slightly.

My eyes flutter open and I whisper, “Please kiss me.”

I feel his breath against my mouth as one of his hands moves up my back and his fingers fist into my hair, causing a whimper to climb up my throat.

“Jesus,” he breaths against my lips, making me gasp, giving him the perfect opportunity to lick into my mouth. The first swipe of his tongue against mine causes my belly to dip and my hands to fist into his shirt, anchoring me to him.

His taste courses through my system as his hand in my hair pulls, causing me to tilt my head, opening me up to him while his other hand moves down, grabbing onto my ass between my cheeks. He pulls me tighter against him, allowing me to feel his erection against my belly and his fingers so close to my pussy.

His tongue swirls against mine, making me whimper and squeeze my thighs together, trapping his hand as I feel another rush of wetness spread between my legs. I follow his tongue moving mine in sync with his then slowly pull away, giving one last nibble to his bottom lip as he sets his forehead to rest against mine.

It’s not my first kiss, but it’s the kiss—the one that makes my soul light up, the kiss you wait your whole life for, the kiss that changes everything you thought you knew. I place my fingers to my lips, trying to memorize the feeling, knowing I will never have that again with another person.

“Ruined,” he rumbles, and my eyes open slowly and I blink, trying to clear my head. “I don’t even really know you, and you’ve ruined me.” He shakes his head and walks me backward until my back hits the concrete wall and his mouth crashes back down on mine again, this time stilling my breath as his body surrounds me. His hands go to my ass, making me moan.

“Wes.” I dig my fingers into his shoulders and lift up on my tiptoes, wanting to get closer to him as his mouth travels down my neck. The moment his name leaves my mouth, his lips come back to mine, and my fingers slide up the back of his neck and into his hair. I could easily become addicted to his kiss and taste.

“Yep, fucking ruined,” he mumbles, pulling his mouth from mine and looking down at me.

“Let me have some when you’re done,” I hear a deep voice say, and I rest my forehead against Wes’ chest, inhaling a deep lungful of air while trying to clear my head.

“Fuck off, Neo,” Wes growls, wrapping his arms around my back and holding me closer against his body.

“You always share, man,” the guy named Neo states, and I feel my body freeze and my insides twist with jealousy.

“Not her,” Wes says, and the guy mumbles something else before I hear him stumbling away, but my mind is still stuck on the fact that Wes shared women with other guys.

“You ready to go in?” he asks, and I pull my forehead away from his chest as my hands slide down his shoulders and come to rest against his chest.

“You share women with your friends?” I ask him, the words causing that feeling of jealousy to increase and wrap around my stomach, making it hard to breath.

“I did,” he says, and his thumbs slide into my jeans at my hips. “Won’t be anymore.”

I take a breath then nod and bite my lip before digging my fingers into his chest. “If we’re in a relationship, then there is no one else,” I tell him.

He pulls me closer to him using his thumbs in my jeans to drag my body flush against his. “Are you asking me to be your man?” He smirks, and my hands in his shirt fist tighter then release and drop to my sides.

“Take me home,” I tell him, and his arms tighten around me.

“I’m not taking you home,” he growls looking angry. Good, I’m angry too.

“I don’t play games, so if you can’t give me what I want then I’ll find someone else who will,” I tell him, sounding stronger than I feel, but I know I need to do this. He has me and doesn’t even know it.

“Do not ever fucking threaten me,” he rumbles as his hand wraps around my lower jaw and his face dips closer to mine. “And unless you want to be responsible for someone’s death, do not ever try to use another man to get back at me.”

I fight the urge to apologize as his eyes search my face. His face dips and his lips whisper over mine, “I’m willing to explore this thing between us, and willing to give you me while doing that, but I expect the same from you.”

“I don’t share.” I pause then lift my hands to fist into his shirt again, and lift my face closer to his. “Ever.”

“Me neither,” he says, and I raise an eyebrow. “Not you, not ever.” He shakes his head and kisses me once. “Now, are you ready to meet my boys?”

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