I want to say no, but instead I tell him yes and walk with him towards a door that is next to the gate. As soon as we pass through it, I scan the wide-open space. Two sides are blocked in by tall concrete buildings that look like apartments from the outside, with stairwells and walkways that lead from one door to another. Along the back is a tall chain-link fence with razor wire along the top, and a million cars piled one on top of the other. The area seems almost like a fortress, with large barrels with fires going in them all over.

“Harder,” I hear a woman moan, and my eyes go to a couch that looks like it had been picked up from the dump. The material is torn and shredded, and the foam from the cushions is coming out, but the fact the couch looks like a reason for a tetanus shot doesn’t seem to be stopping the couple on top of it, who are going at it. The woman moaning is straddling a man, her jean skirt pulled up around her waist. I couldn’t be sure, but if I had to guess, the guy’s pants are down enough for his dick to be free. My stomach rolls and I immediately feel out of place.

I pull my eyes from the couple and look around. There is a large bar that has a few stools in front of it. Next to it are three tables with men playing cards or talking. Some of the men at the tables have women sitting on their laps. I look around, noticing there are men wearing vests then others who are dressed in regular clothes. I can tell without asking who are members and who are recruits. Thank God for reading and Sons of Anarchy.

“Do you want a beer?” Wes asks, pulling me from my perusal.

“Yes,” I mutter, hoping if I get a good buzz going it will help take the edge off. He takes my hand in his and leads me to the bar, where a guy in a plain white tee is passing out drinks.

“Boss,” he greets Wes as soon as we’re near.

“Blaze.” Wes dips his chin then pulls me closer by dropping my hand and wrapping his arm around my waist. “A beer and a shot of Jack.”

Blaze nods and sets a beer in front of me and a glass in front of Wes, and then pours him a shot. I pick up my beer and down half of it without pulling the bottle from my lips. I have never been a big beer drinker, but I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

“Baby,” I hear a woman call, and my beer drops to the top of the bar and I look around Wes. A pretty woman with long auburn hair, wearing close to nothing, comes to stand on the other side of Wes. Her shorts are so short they may as well be underwear, and the plaid shirt she has on is tied up under her boobs, the buttons not even buttoned, leaving her lace bra and cleavage showing. “You didn’t call me,” she tells him, and that anger and jealousy from earlier comes back full-force, making it almost hard to see.

She presses her body against the side of his and smashes her breasts into his arm, wrapping her arms around his neck. I feel my fingers press into the bottle in my hand so hard that I’m surprised it doesn’t break.

“Off,” Wes growls.

“What?” she asks confused, then her eyes move to me and she frowns. “You know I don’t mind sharing,” she whispers, kissing his neck while looking at me. My stomach rolls and that red haze grows darker.

“Lacy,” he warns, stepping away, but her hands seem to hold him tighter.

“I suggest you get your hands off of him before I rip them off,” I tell her, and her hands drop and she takes a step back, looking between the two of us.

“Lacy, come here,” one of the guys at the table calls, and he pats his lap. Lacy looks from me to him then shakes her head and goes to sit on his lap.

I down the rest of my beer as Wes turns his head to look at me, and I notice he has lip-gloss smeared on his neck when his face comes toward mine, and I turn my head.

“July,” he growls, and I shake my head.

“You have her mark on you,” I tell him then look at Blaze, who’s looking between the two of us. “Can I get another?” I ask, holding up my beer. He looks at Wes and I roll my eyes, but I take the beer he sets on the bar top then pat Wes’ chest. “When you get that cleaned up, come find me,” I mutter then walk off toward one of the barrels.

I have never been jealous in my life, but the idea of Wes even touching someone else makes me feel like I could actually kill.

“Come with me,” Wes says, not giving me a choice. He takes the bottle out of my hand and tosses it into the barrel. His hand wraps around my elbow and he pulls me along with him past the bar and through an orange metal door.

He leads me down a long hallway and stops outside a door then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a set of keys. He unlocks the door and holds it open for me to go inside before him. Once I clear the doorway, the light flips on and I look around the room.

There’s a queen-sized bed with a blanket bunched up on one side of it, along with two pillows. Clothes and things are scattered around the room and tossed on the floor. I watch Wes as he walks past me into a small bathroom that connects to the room. His hand goes to his neck and he uses a paper towel to wipe Lacy’s lip-gloss off his skin.

“You should have a seat,” he tells me sounding angry.

“I’m not sitting on a bed that you have probably had sex with other women in,” I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

His green eyes narrow and heat, turning a shade darker with anger and lust. He tosses the paper towel in the trash and stalks toward me, not stopping until I can feel the heat coming off his body.

“Let’s be clear, baby. I’ll let you get away with a lot of shit, but do not disrespect me in front of my men.” His hand goes to my hip then slides back to rest on my ass. “That happens, and this ass,” he squeezes my ass cheek, “will be red.”

“Pardon?” I growl, not sure if I’m pissed off or turned on.

“We’re not talking foreplay, baby. We’re talking you won’t even be able to sit.”

“Are you insane?” I ask him, feeling my pulse speed up.

“No.” He shakes his head as his free hand tangles in my hair. “You’re hot when you’re jealous, and it’s cool if you want to claim me, but you get a smart mouth like you did earlier, we’re gonna have words.”

“You let another woman touch you or put her mouth on you, and we’re going to have problems that no words will be able to solve. In fact, no words will be needed ever again. You get me, baby?” I ask, studying him, and his hand in my hair tightens and he forces my head to the side. He covers my mouth with his, biting my bottom lip hard enough to sting, my mouth to open and his tongue to sweep in tangling with mine. This time, when he’s pulling away, I’m panting for breath and clutching onto him so I don’t fall on my face.

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