“That was so weird,” I say, looking from the door to Wes, who’s smiling.

“She’ll be fine.” He runs his thumb over the skin under my eye. “Are you tired?”

“Very,” I affirm through a yawn. It’s been a very long weekend, and not a relaxing one. My life has never been this exciting.

“Go on to bed and I’ll make sure everything’s locked up.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” he mutters, pulling me off the couch, kissing my forehead, and pushing me towards the hall. I stop in my guestroom and put an extra pillow and blanket out before heading to my room, stripping off my clothes, slipping on a tank top, and getting into bed I expect it to take awhile to find sleep but the moment my eyes close I’m out.

“I put an extra pillow and blanket on the guest bed for you,” I mumble half asleep as Wes drags me across the bed and wraps his body around mine.

“Saw that.” He kisses the skin behind my ear, pulling me deeper into him with a hand on my stomach. “I’m not sleeping under the same roof as you and not sleeping next to you.”

“Oh,” I breathe. My body begins to wake up as his hips press forward so that his cock rests right between the cheeks of my ass. He feels huge and thick, and just thinking about it causes a shiver to slide down my spine.

“Shhh,” he hushes me when I whimper as he lifts my tank top and rests his hand against the skin of my stomach. Every nerve in my body is in tune with him, every one of them reaching out to him, waiting for his touch.

“Wes,” I whisper into the dark as his fingers slide along the elastic of my panties, causing the muscles in my lower abdomen to contract.

His hips shift forward again, making my lungs freeze in anticipation and a rush of wetness to spread between my legs. Squeezing my eyes closed, I wait for his touch. His fingers move slowly down my pubic bone and over the bare lips of my pussy. I let out a harsh breath as the muscles of his body coil behind me and his fingers slip through my folds.

“I haven’t even touched you and you’re fucking soaked,” he breathes against my ear while sliding a finger inside me, only to move it out again. His hand on my hip forces me to my back and he looms over me, the light of the moon making it possible to see him. His head lowers and his breath whispers against my lips. “Open your legs, baby.”

My knees had bent and my thighs had somehow locked together, his fingers again playing along the edge of my panties. I fight myself for only a brief moment before sliding my legs apart. His teeth bite into my bottom lip, making me gasp. His tongue slips into my mouth and two fingers glide between my folds, over my clit, and into me, making my back arch and a loud moan to leave my mouth into his.

My nails dig into his shoulders as he slowly works his fingers in and out of me, each thrust creating a slow burn. He moves again; this time, he slips between my spread legs pulls my tank top off over my head then lowers his body causing the cold metal of the necklace he wears to slide between my breasts.

Sliding one hand down his chest under the edge of his boxers, I wrap my hand around him. My pussy convulses when I feel how wide and long he is. I know the first time he enters me he’ll steal my breath.

He pulls his mouth away and places his forehead to mine. “I swear I know how you’ll taste by the way you smell, like vanilla and citrus. Your pussy would be sweet and tangy.”

“Oh, God,” I whimper, lifting my hips and pressing into his hand while pumping him faster.

“Your pussy is greedy for my fingers and soaking my hand. I want inside of you.” He groans against my mouth as my hand squeezes and pumps.

“Yes,” I hiss, and he closes his eyes like he’s in pain then opens again, making my breath pause.

“Not tonight, but soon.” His thumb circles my clit in sync with my hand that’s wrapped around him. I pump faster and his fingers pull up against my g-spot, making my legs shake and causing the slow burn to spread like wildfire until I’m screaming his name. His head drops to my shoulder and he groans my name against the skin of my neck as bright lights fill my vision, and my pussy sucks greedily at his fingers that are still deep inside of me as his hot cum shoots across my belly.

My eyes close and my body completely relaxes, his heavy weight cocooning me, making me feel complete.

“I’ma get you cleaned up,” he whispers. I nod, unable to speak, not even able to open my eyes, because my body is completely lax from my orgasm. “You’re gonna need to let go of my dick.” I hear the smile in his voice and my hand drops. I feel him leave the bed only to come back a few minutes later with a warm cloth that he uses to wipe gently between my legs and over my stomach. I hear a splat near my bathroom and smile as he lies back down with me, his body wrapping around mine.

“Night,” I murmur, snuggling deeper into his embrace.

“Night, baby.” He kisses my head and I sigh before drifting off to Dreamland.


My eyes travel over Wes, taking in his dark hair, tattoo-covered chest, and the necklace that is hanging around his neck…the necklace I felt glide between my breasts last night as he brought me to orgasm.

He leans back against the counter behind him and lifts the cup of coffee to his mouth, taking a drink, watching me over the edge of the cup.

I pull one leg up on the counter, wrap my arm around my calf, and take a bite of my bagel, ducking my head and trying to hide my blush. When I woke up this morning with his arms wrapped around me, his breath brushing against the back of my neck, I smiled. I have always been happy—my life is full; my family is amazing—but waking up wrapped in his arms was a different kind of happiness. It was something that was only mine.

“I’ll be by the hospital to pick you up for lunch.”

“Pardon?” I say when I’m finally able to swallow the bite of bagel I had taken.

“Lunch, today.”

“You were serious about that?”

He closes the space between us and his hand cups my knee while his other hand wraps around the side of my neck. His thumb grazes the underside of my jaw and he lowers his mouth over mine, kissing me until I stop breathing.

“I’m very serious about this,” he says when his mouth leaves mine and his thumb runs over my bottom lip.

“It’s kind of hard to get away during the day,” I explain breathlessly.

“I’ll bring food. I’m sure you can step away for thirty minutes to eat.”

“I’ll try.”

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