“Brother.” Z shakes his head then looks at me. “You got any beer?”

“Yeah.” I nod.

“I’ll get it,” he says, walking off towards the kitchen.

“She’s safe with him, right?” I ask Wes when Z is out of earshot.

“I’ve been friends with him since we joined the Navy at eighteen. He’s one of the best guys I know.” He wraps his arms around me and places a lingering kiss on my forehead. “Now, go make me dinner, while I go do guy shit.” He tilts my head back with two fingers under my chin and I laugh into his mouth as he kisses me again before pushing me towards the kitchen.

“How much trouble did I get you in with Wes?” Kayan asks as we start to cook dinner.

“None. Well, he was pissed, but he got over it.”

“I didn’t mean to open my mouth, but when I got home, Z was there and it just came out.”

“I kinda got that.” I take the hamburger out of the package, put it in the pan, and begin to cook it. “What’s going on with you guys anyways?” I ask her, handing her two tomatoes to slice up.

“Nothing.” She ducks her head.

“Didn’t look like nothing when I opened my front door and his tongue was down your throat.”

“That was an accident.”

“He accidently kissed you? Or you accidently kissed him back?”

“I don’t know.” She lets out a loud breath.

“He seems to like you.”

“I don’t know,” she whispers, and I take a can of refried beans and dump them on top of the taco meat, along with some cheese I grated the other day.

“I just don’t want you to miss out on something great,” I tell her after a few minutes.

“He makes me crazy.”

“I think that if you don’t explore things with him, you’re going to end up regretting it.”

She chews on her bottom lip then looks toward the living room, where the guys are watching TV. “I know you’re right,” she whispers then looks at the pan in front of me and frowns. “I thought we were making tacos.”

“These are tacos. They’re ‘I don’t want to wash a million dishes’ tacos.”

She shakes her head then goes back to chopping.

It doesn’t take long for dinner to be done, and even less time for the guys to scarf down every last bite. By the time dinner’s done and Z and Kayan leave for the night, I’m asleep on my feet.


“What are you doing?” I ask sleepily, opening my eyes and coming face-to-face with Wes, who’s staring down at me. Turning my head, I look at the clock, seeing I still have an hour before I have to get up and ready for work.

“You were whimpering in your sleep.”

“Whimpering?” I ask, still half unconscious.

“Whimpering,” he confirms.

“That’s strange,” I say then notice his eyes have turned a darker shade of green, and my body begins to heat. I was so tired last night that the moment my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.

“You made that same whimpering noise when my fingers were deep inside you.”

“Really?” I breathe as his hand slides down my stomach and cups me over my panties.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll never forget that noise.” His fingers slide over the lips of my pussy through the material, making me whimper. “That’s the noise I’m talking about.”

“Oh,” I breathe as he slides between my legs. His hands slide up my sides and he slips my tank top off over my head, tossing the shirt behind him. Then he lifts one of my legs and places it on his shoulder, doing the same with the other.

My breath starts coming in rough pants as his hands slide over my breasts then down my sides.

“Jesus, you’re fucking perfection,” he says roughly as his fingers slide around my waist and grip my panties. As he pulls them up, the material sliding over my ass and hips, he places both of my legs on one of his shoulders until the panties slide over my ankles and he drops them to the bed near my hip. Then he pulls my right leg back over to his other shoulder and looks down again.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through another day unless I know how you taste. Can I taste you, baby?” he asks as his hands slide from my ankles that are near his ears, down the front of my legs, then farther down as his fingers wrap around my inner thighs. I swallow hard, trying to get my voice to work, but all I can manage is a jerky nod.

“Hmm,” he breathes, lowering my legs from his shoulders. He places my feet on the bed and leans over me, causing his necklace to hit me between my breasts as his mouth opens over mine.

Sliding his tongue into my mouth, rocking his hips against me, I lift my legs, wanting to wrap them around him.

“No.” He pulls my legs from around him with his hands wrapped around my ankles, then spreads them, holding my feet to the mattress, his arm muscles flexing as he spreads me wider and lowers his face, placing a kiss on my lower belly, making the muscles flex.

His nose runs across my pubic bone as he inhales a deep breath. My thighs start to shake as his hands slide from my ankles, up over my kneecaps, and down my inner thighs.

My breathing starts to feel rushed as I try to anticipate when his mouth will touch me. My fingers tangle in the sheets near my hips as his eyes meet mine. Even though I had been anticipating the touch of his tongue, my back arches, my head digs into the pillow, and my eyes close in bliss as his warm tongue runs over my clit then back down.

“Give me your eyes,” he growls. My head tips down and my eyes meet his as his tongue spreads across my sex. This time he does this thing, flicking his tongue in quick bursts while his thumbs hold me open.

My hands grab onto his hair and my heels dig into the mattress near his shoulders as I lift myself closer to his mouth, and his thumb slides inside me. He hums against my clit before pulling it into his mouth. My hips buck in response and my hands in his hair tug hard as he sucks mercilessly, pulling an orgasm from me that I didn’t even feel building.

His name leaves my mouth on a loud moan. My nails scrape through his hair as I hold him to me, feeling the orgasm wash throughout my body.

I relax into the bed and drop my hands to my sides as he crawls up between my legs. His tongue sweeps across mine, leaving my taste and his behind. I wrap my legs around him as he leans back, and run my fingers down his scruffy jaw.

“You are seriously hot,” I blurt then close my eyes, feeling like a dork.

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