“I worry I won’t do her justice,” he admits, rubbing his chest.

“That’s love, brother. Knowing you’re not good enough, but keeping her anyways—that’s love.”

“That’s fucked up.”

I laugh and agree, “Yep.”

Chapter 11

“Hey, you,” I greet, seeing Wes standing in the doorway to the bedroom.

His arms cross over his chest and his eyes drop to my breasts as I straighten the straps of my bra.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he says as he pushes away from the door.

“I thought we were leaving soon,” I tell him, reading the look in his eyes. He doesn’t say anything, just walks me backward until the backs of my knees hit the bed and I’m falling, landing with him on top of me.

“You smell good.” His tongue licks up the column of my throat.

“Yeah?” I question, wrapping my arms around his neck and my leg around his hip.

His mouth lands on mine, and his tongue slides across my bottom lip as I open up for him, tilting my head to the side. The moment his taste floods my mouth, I moan and let my hands travel down his back then up his shirt, feeling his hot skin under my palms. I pull his shirt up until he’s forced to release my mouth, and he sits back, pulling his shirt off over his head then comes back to me. His hand slips behind my back, and the bra I had just put on is quickly unhooked. He slips it off first one arm then the other before pulling it away from my chest¸ returning his mouth to mine as his hand runs up my side, stopping at the underside of my breast.

“Wes,” I mewl, and his thumb sweeps over my nipple. That one swipe has my core tightening and wetness flooding between my legs. There is nothing I want more than him inside me, but every time we get close to going there, he pulls away, and that thought has my nails scratching down his back and my head digging into the pillow as his mouth travels down my jaw and neck.

I tilt my head down to look at him as he shifts, palming my breast in one large hand then licking over my nipple before kissing down between my breasts, down my stomach, teasing around my belly button.

“Lift your ass, babe,” he commands as he unsnaps my jeans. I lift my hips off the bed as he pulls them over my ass and down my legs. My hands go to the bed near my hips as I begin to pant. The thought of his mouth on me has my body lighting up in anticipation. “You’re swollen and wet, baby,” he breathes over my core, using his thumbs to spread me open.

I tilt my head down, and the moment our eyes meet, he licks up my center. My head falls back onto the bed, my eyes squeeze closed, and I lift myself higher then run a hand over his head. “I want to touch you,” I hiss as his tongue licks back and forth over my clit, causing an ache to fill my lower belly.

He grunts and my hips stir as his fingers play just outside my entrance, torturing me.

“Wes, please stop,” I cry, needing more than he’s giving me, but instead of filling me with his fingers like I want, his hands go to my thighs and he holds me open, pulling my clit into his mouth. My head presses harder into the bed and my legs lift me higher to his mouth then slam closed around his ears as that ache in my lower stomach explodes.

“Wes!” I scream as my head thrashes against the pillow.

“Jesus,” he growls, climbing up between my legs, taking my mouth in a deep kiss that makes that unfulfilled throbbing below burn. His fingers run between my legs again, but I can’t take anymore. I roll him to his back, sit up with my hands on his chest, and look down at him before lowering my head and kissing him, pressing my tongue into his mouth then moaning as his hands wrap around my breasts, his fingers pulling on my nipples.

“You’re soaking my stomach, baby,” he says, and I lean back then scoot down his body enough to pull him free of his boots, jeans, and boxers. The moment my hand wraps around his width, my core tightens and his hips buck up. Blinded by want, I adjust, straddle him, and impale myself.

My breath hisses out, my head flies back, and my hands scratch down his chest and abs as he fills and stretches me.

“Fuck,” I hear him grunt, and my head lowers, our eyes connect, and my body stills. I watch him swallow, the look in his eyes unlike anything I have ever seen. One of his hands goes to my ass, the other splaying over my lower stomach, his thumb pressing down on my clit as he starts rocking me back and forth.

“I’m never going to get anything done. All I’m going to think about is this pussy, how hot it is.” He circles my clit. “How wet it is.” His hand on my ass comes down hard, the pain and heat making me whimper. “How tight it is.” He rocks me harder while lifting his hips up. I feel every single inch of him, all of them hitting the places deep inside me that make it hard to even think.

“Wes,” I moan, lifting my hands to my breasts and pulling my nipples. My head falls back as I drop myself down, meeting each of his upward thrusts, that unfulfilled ache full and overflowing, expanding through my body.

“Fuck, baby, you’re squeezing me so fucking hard,” he growls, thrusting faster, each upward assault causing my breath to pause. Then, it happens. I scream out, stars light behind my eyes, and my body implodes.

He flips me to my back, lowers his mouth over mine, and kisses me as his hips pound into me. My legs wrap around his hips and my hands hold onto his shoulders as his mouth leaves mine. He nips and kisses down my neck until he reaches my breast, where he pulls my nipple into his mouth and bites down, causing another orgasm to light through my body.

“I want one more,” he says, and my head rocks back and forth against the pillow. “Yes,” he growls as his hand slides between us and his mouth latches onto my other nipple, pulling it into his mouth. He bites down hard as he thrusts twice more then stills, pressing deep inside me as I feel him become even larger. My arms and legs wrap tighter around him as his forehead drops to my shoulder. Our heartbeats beat rapidly against each other as we both fight for breath.

“I knew the moment I got into you I was screwed. Fuck, I was right,” he breathes against my sweat-soaked skin. My body stills, and he lifts his head and looks down at me. “Never had anything sweeter than your pussy, baby.” I smile and feel him jump deep inside me. “You have my dick thinking it’s sixteen again.” He kisses me before pulling out. “I know you’re on birth control, and I know I’m clean. You good with us not using something every time I slide inside you?”

I can only nod. He felt so amazing I can’t imagine having something separating us. “I want to take you again, but we’re going to need a shower and food.” I lick my lips as my eyes travel from his to his cock that is at half-mast, then my eyes fly up to meet his when he starts to laugh, making me frown. “Cat got your tongue, babe?” he asks, and I sit up, ducking my head and blushing. My body is still on sensory overload right now. I can barely keep my thoughts straight, let alone talk right now.

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