“Give me your eyes.” My head tilts down again and our gaze connects. Then his eyes travel down my body from my hands on my breasts to our connection, and his thumb swirls faster as he bends forward, puts his hand behind my head, lifts me up to him, and takes my mouth in a deep kiss, his taste and mine flooding my mouth. My hands move to his shoulders, clutching at him as my legs wrap tighter around his hips.

“Squeeze me, baby.”

I do without needing to be told as my core convulses around him with my orgasm, pulling him even deeper. His hips jerk and he plants himself deep, groaning his orgasm into the skin of my throat as my limbs lock tight around him.

“I’m going to buy you a bed everyday,” I say with a smile, and I feel his body shake against mine, letting me know he’s laughing.

“You’re a pain in the ass, baby.” He pulls his face away from my neck and moves some hair out of my face. “Don’t do that shit again.”

I press my lips together to avoid telling him I won’t, because it’s already done; there is no need to buy another bed for his room at the compound. We don’t stay there often, but when we do, I don’t want to think about who was there before me. I can’t handle that.

“I love you…only you,” he says, reading my face. “My future will be with you. Nothing before you matters.” Tears fill my eyes and I turn my head to the side to avoid his gaze while crying. But Wes, being Wes, places his hand on my cheek, pulling my attention back to him. “No crying.” He wipes my tears and I nod, but still, the tears fall.

He slides out, fixes his jeans, and then gathers me into his arms and turns to sit on my desk, with his arms tight around me. I don’t even know why I’m crying…probably the stress and excitement of everything that has happened. “I hate when you cry, baby,” he says softly, and my face presses into his neck for a moment, taking in a deep lungful of his scent before tilting my head back to look at him. His fingers run under my eyes and he searches my face. “You okay?”

“Yeah, a lot has happened and I think I just needed to cry.”

“You happy?” he questions, and that has me searching his face, seeing worry in his eyes. I never want him to worry about my feelings for him.

“When I was little, I told myself the guy I would marry would love to ride motorcycles, have a soft spot for animals, and be strong like my dad.” I place my hand on his stubble-covered jaw and run my thumb over his bottom lip. “When I got older, I never believed I would find a guy like that. Then you chased me down on your motorcycle and gave me everything I could ever want. So, no, I’m not happy; I surpassed that the first time you looked at me like I was something you wanted to devour and protect, all at the same time.”

“Jesus,” he whispers, looking into my eyes before pulling me closer and tucking my face into his neck. “Never wanted much, babe, but knew the moment I looked into your eyes that I wanted you. Just didn’t think I’d ever have a shot. I promise I’ll find a way to make myself worthy of you.”

“You’re my everything,” I tell him, then look at the clock and slide out of his arms to stand in front of him. “Sorry about the bed, but I’m not taking it back.”

“Let me know what it cost and I’ll give you the money for it.”

“Why?” I frown, going to my chair and pulling on my panties then putting on my bra.

“Just tell me the cost,” he says a little more firmly. “We won’t talk about it now, but I also need to know the house cost, so I can give you that. Then we’ll figure out the bills and shit, so we can get that worked out.”

“I told you I own my house.”

“I know that, baby, but I’m not going to be living there free and clear, knowing you paid for it and I didn’t do my part.”

“I thought we were getting married.”

“We are,” he says immediately.

“Then what does it matter?”

“It matters, because you’re not my mother; you’re my woman, and it’s my job to take care of you,” he says, but I’m still completely lost. I mean, I know whenever we go out he doesn’t let me pay, not even for groceries, and I’m fine with that—not that I have a choice—but this is a house I paid for already, so getting money back on it, when that money would just go into an account, doesn’t make sense to me. “I’m not loaded, baby, but I have money saved from the service, and work at the shop is good. I need to know that I do my part.”

I can tell by his tone that he is serious and this means something to him, so I just nod while putting on my shirt. Once I have it on, I go to him and place my hands on his thighs. “We’ll get it worked out.”

“Appreciate that, baby. You got anymore patients today?”

“A couple.”

“I gotta head back to the shop, but call when you’re on your way home and we’ll figure out dinner.”

“Sounds good.” I smile, leaning in and pressing my mouth to his.

“How much shit is your girl going to talk when I leave?”

That comment gets him a full smile as I mumble, “Tons.”

“Figured.” He smiles back and waits until I have on my pants and shoes before opening the door. I walk him out hand-in-hand, past a smiling Kayan, who laughs her, “Later, Wes.” He doesn’t reply, just gives her a chin lift and me a touch from his mouth before leaving through the glass doors.

“Maybe I should buy Z a bed,” Kayan says as soon as the door closes behind Wes. I look at her and roll my eyes.

“What? You’re not the only one with a scary-hot guy,” she mutters.

“How are things with you and Z?”

“Great between us. My parents are still being dumb, and I think my dad may end up murdered if he tells one more guy to ask me out.”

“He’s doing that while you’re pregnant?”

“Yeah, and Z is about to have a coronary because of it.”

“I bet he is.” Knowing Z and how protective he is over Kayan, I can’t imagine he’s even a little okay with what her dad is doing. Hell, if my dad was doing that to Wes and me, I’m pretty sure Wes would kill him.

“Last week, he asked Mark to call me and ask me to dinner. Z was there when I got the call, and spoke to Mark. He explained that even though my dad didn’t want to believe I’m in a relationship, I’m very much taken and pregnant, and surprisingly, Z was very nice to him and asked if he could spread the word to anyone else he knows who might hear the same thing from my father. Mark agreed that he would and told us congrats on the baby.”

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