“Another one?” Kayan asks as I check him over, seeing if there is anything I can do to save him before I unwillingly put him to sleep.

“Yeah,” I whisper as I force myself to accept there is nothing I can do. Tears begin to fill my eyes, but I fight them back and do my job, making sure he’s comfortable before I give him the injection that will help him go to sleep and never wake up again.

“Do you want me to call your uncle and have him come out?” Kayan asks as we walk toward reception.

“No, I called. He’s checking the cameras he set up. He said he’ll stop by at some point today.”

“Are you okay?” she asks, looking me over.

I let out a long breath then tell her what happened with Wes last night and this morning. The more I talk, the bigger her mouth opens, and by the time I’m done, her jaw is almost hitting the floor.

“So, no, I’m not really okay,” I tell her.

“I bet not,” she mumbles then sits back in her seat. “So you really didn’t kiss him?”


I shake my head and laugh when she whispers, “Wow.”

“He is a jerk, and I’m glad I found out now, rather than later.”

“Yeah.” She nods then her eyes get glossy. “So what does Jax look like wearing nothing but a towel?”

“You do know he’s my cousin, right?” I frown at her.

“Your cousin is hot.”

“You’re delusional.” I roll my eyes then walk down the hall, yelling that I’ll be in the back.


“So did you see anything on the video?”

“Nothing, kiddo,” my uncle Nico says on a sigh.

“I don’t know what I should do,” I mumble. Watching the video that he had pulled up, the only thing you see is taillights then the image of someone wearing jeans and a black hoodie carrying the dog and setting him down in front of the double doors.

“You’re doing nothing.”

“Okay,” I say, but a plan starts forming in my head.

“We’ll get it worked out, kiddo.” He gives me a hug and I hug him back then walk him out front and watch him pull away in his truck. Then I go over to where Kayan is still looking out the door.

“He’s really hot for an old dude.”

“Can you stop lusting over my family members?” I laugh.

“Whatever.” She smiles then her face goes serious. “So did he tell you anything?”

“Nada, but I have an idea. How do you feel about having a stakeout with me?”

“A stakeout?” Her eyes flash and a smile spreads across her face, making her already beautiful features striking. “Hell yes, I’m down.”

“Okay, we’ll start tomorrow.”

“Good. Tonight, we can go shopping.”

“Shopping for what?” I ask, and she looks at me like I’m crazy.

“We need gear. We need black clothes and a camera, maybe some kind of device that lets us know when someone is coming. I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking the police supply store will have some stuff we can use.”

“I just wanted us to sit in my jeep and wait until someone came.” I frown, and she lets out a huff of air.

“You have so much to learn.”

“And where did you get your stakeout knowledge?”

“TV.” She shrugs then looks to the left when the bell over the door goes off. “Uh oh,” she whispers as Wes walks in.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” he asks as his eyes come to me.

“Sorry, do you have an appointment?” I ask, tilting my head to the side, studying him.

His eyes go to Kayan and he bends slightly over the desk. He takes the calendar that’s in front of her and looks at it then pulls a pen from the jar that sits on the upper ledge and writes his name in one of the boxes.

“Looks like I have an appointment.” He sets the calendar down.

“Great, follow me,” I mumble, leading him back toward one of the exam rooms. Once we’re inside, I go to the opposite side of the counter from him. “What can I do for you, Mr. Silver?” I raise an eyebrow, using his last name I learned yesterday when we filled out paperwork.

“Fuck.” He runs a hand over his head then down his jaw, which is covered in stubble that makes me want to rub up against him.

No, you don’t want to rub against him, I remind myself.

“I don’t have all day,” I say, making a point to look at the clock.

“I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”


“I came over wanting to see you, and Jax answered the door in a fucking towel, then you in only a shirt. I saw red.”

“I had shorts on.”


“I had shorts on under my shirt,” I tell him then wonder why, because it seriously does not matter at all.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

“Can you forgive me?” he asks, and I see he’s sincere. I’m sure it looked that way to him, and I’m still pissed, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

“Absolutely, apology accepted.” I stick out my hand and he looks down at it, his frown lines growing deeper.

“Fuck,” he whispers, and his gaze comes up to lock on mine again.

“Well, if that’s all, I really need to get to work.” I walk to the door and open it up. “See you around, Wes.” I walk out then head to one of the other exam rooms. I hear Kayan talking as I wait behind the closed door until I hear the front door alarm go off, letting me know he’s gone. Only then do I head back out of the room.

“So, your biker dude just ruined my whole calendar,” Kayan grumbles, and I peek over the counter to see what she’s talking about, and everyday at noon, it says ‘Lunch with Wes’.

“Not happening,” I tell her, and she looks at me doubtfully. “I’m serious.”

“Okay,” she whispers, looking down at the paper, but I can still see the smirk on her lips.

“I need a drink.”

“Yeah, a tall drink of hot biker.”

“Shut up,” I mumble as disappointment floats through my system. Wes was hot and edgy, and obviously a man with issues, so sadly, we were never going to explore things, but that didn’t mean I didn’t wish things had turned out differently.

“Your two o’clock is here.” Kayan says and I come out of my daze mutter.

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