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When I walk into the kitchen to grab the cooler, I catch my mom and Daniel locked in an embrace. Sometimes they’re almost too cute. They have spent every minute this way since they got married. I smile, realizing how similar mine and Beau’s relationship is to theirs.

“Beau and I are heading out to the lake. Are we still grilling tonight?” I ask, stopping at the door.

“Of course. We invited Beau’s parents over too since it’s your last night home,” my mom replies, resting her head on Daniel’s chest.

“Sounds good. We’ll see you later,” I say, waving with my free hand before opening the door.

Beau is sitting in his truck with his arm hanging out the window and country music blaring through the stereo. His smile widens when he sees me, and everything feels right.

I’m going to marry that boy someday. Not tomorrow, not next year, but someday. He’s my forever.

“It’s about time,” he says as I climb into the truck.


“Yes, beautiful?”

“Just drive,” I smile, sticking my hands out the window to feel the warm summer air. The ride is quiet except for the sounds of country twang and wooden guitars that blare through his speakers. Music has become a symbol of the different periods in my life. I still have the iPod Asher left me, and I listen to it often. I’ll always miss his voice . . . it’s a reminder of all the things he’s given me.

A couple months after Beau and I officially started dating, I told him about it and all the other good memories I have of Asher. I wasn’t sure how he’d react, but he understood. I’m sure he wishes he could have been the one to save me, but I think he’s grateful to have me back no matter what road I took to get there.

As we pull into the parking lot, I notice that the beach is pretty empty for this time of year. Crowds don’t bother me like they used to, but being here alone with Beau sounds like a little slice of heaven.

“What are you waiting for?” Beau asks, running his thumb along my cheekbone.

“I was just thinking about how much I love this place.” I smile, looking over at the love of my life.

“It holds a lot of memories,” he says, tucking a few strands of loose hair behind my ear.

“That is does. So let’s go make new ones.” I give him my best seductive grin. Anyone else might laugh at it, but Beau gets it.

We waited months before we had sex. It was good because it allowed us to rekindle our emotional bond. Our love is so strong, and nothing could destroy it now. We worked for fifteen years to get to this point, and nothing is going to come between us.

I jump out of the truck and wait for Beau to grab the cooler from the back. We make our way to “our spot”—a little clearing in the tall grass—and lay down an old flannel blanket. I decide to play with Beau a little bit and slowly pull my shirt over my head. His eyes double in size as he takes in my new bikini top, and he watches as I unbutton my shorts and let them slide down my legs. I absolutely love when he looks at me like that.

“Come here,” he demands, holding out his left hand.

I do as he asks, but I walk to him slowly, enjoying the anticipation. When I’m close enough that he can touch me, he grabs my hand and presses my body against his. He skips the ‘slow’ this time and presses his tongue into my mouth. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I feel every part of him, inside and out. His touch is warmer than the sun on my skin, and it’s easy to get lost in him.

He’s my true love and my best friend.

As his mouth and tongue continue to dance with mine, his hands run up and down my back. Everything he does, he does carefully, but the second I pull his hair between my fingers, he gets the hint and runs his thumbs over my nipples.

A few miraculous raindrops fall from the sky and land on my head. When I look up, I see a lone storm cloud over our heads. A laugh escapes my lips as I finger the umbrella around my neck.

“Thank you,” I mouth before letting my eyes connect with Beau’s again.

He picks me up off the ground and spins me around, kissing me again with his warm lips while the rain pours down.

“I love you so f**king much,” he says, resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you too,” I say, pulling him in for another kiss.

When it rains think of me. I look up, letting the rain hit my face and smile.

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