Confusion danced in his eyes.

“We’re going upstairs.” She turned toward the stairs, adding a little extra swing to her steps before looking over her shoulder at the man who kept her body humming like a well-tuned engine. “What I plan on doing with you is going to take time and a comfortable bed.”

Chapter Ten

Gabe slapped at the wall, searching for the light switch at the top of the loft stairs. Lights were the last thing his body cared about at the moment, but he wanted to see Keisha as she went over the edge. And he’d take her to that orgasmic edge and push her over as many times as humanly possible.

His fingers grazed the switch, and he flipped it on. Light flooded the tiny space.

Under normal circumstances, he would have looked around the room to get his bearings, but Keisha’s beauty knocked him blind to everything but her. Sarcastic, sexy, and tempting as all hell, she was everything he’d been searching for without ever realizing it. The negotiations on the phone had been six months of foreplay. Now it was time to close the deal.

Pivoting, he pressed her curvaceous body against the open door frame, his dick trapped behind his zipper begging to be set free. Buzzing from pulse after pulse of pleasurable sensation, he grabbed her full hips and pulled her against his hardness.

“Feel what you do to me, Keisha.??? He nipped his way down her neck before kissing his way up, stopping at the sensitive patch of skin behind her ear and sucking her earlobe between his hungry lips. “That’s all because of you.”

She shivered and reached down between them and rubbed him through his jeans. “I did a lot then.”

Pleasure ripped through him, and his balls tightened just from her touch. “But not nearly as much as you’re going to.”

She popped the top button on his jeans. “Promises, promises.”

Her almond scent surrounded him, binding him to her with the strength of a thick rope. His zipper whispered down, and her soft hand slid inside, wrapping around his hard dick and squeezing him just tight enough to make him groan in appreciation. God, this woman was going to kill him with pleasure before he ever got a chance to touch her.

That couldn’t happen. He had to make her feel how much she meant to him.

Her thin cotton T-shirt that tormented him all day with the deep, plunging V-neck had to go. He dipped his fingers under the hem and pulled it up, the action forcing her to release him—a blessing and a curse. The hot pink material slid up her dark brown arms, and he had every intention of whipping the shirt off as soon as he could, but then the material bunched around her. Seeing her tits straining against her red silk bra as her arms were lifted high stiffened his dick as if he hadn’t been hard before.

“Fuck, you are sexy as hell just like this.” He fisted her T-shirt, drawing her wrists closer together. A coat hook screwed to the wall over her left shoulder caught his attention. “I want you to hang on.” He pushed the twisted T-shirt fabric into each of her hands and looped the middle around the hook. “If you wrap those sweet hands around me again, I’m going to forget all of the things I want to do to you.”

“And what is it you want to do?” The tip of her pink tongue flashed across her bottom lip, wetting it so that it glistened.

“This.” He traced a finger from the base of her neck, between her mind-boggling tits, down the center of her abdomen and to the button on her jeans, flicking it open with ease. Determined to draw out the anticipation, he inched the denim over her fleshy hips, his balls tightening with each inch of mocha-colored skin revealed. Unable to deny himself, he traced the waistband of her red and white polka dot panties with his tongue.

She shivered under the onslaught as she thrust herself closer to his mouth. “It’s not polite to tease.”

“Too bad.” He kissed her silky skin above the tiny ribbon bow at the center of her panties. “Because it’s going to be a long night, and I’m going take my time tasting every inch of you.”

Keisha pulled on the fabric holding her in place and arched her back, needing to get as close to him as possible. Gabe’s words reverberated against her skin so fucking close to her clit that she nearly came from his promise alone. She wanted to feel him everywhere now, and he was set on tormenting her until she was a quivering mass of want. She needed him. Only him.

“Touch me.” It wasn’t a plea. It was a demand.

He dropped to his haunches, laying his palms against her inner thighs and spreading her legs as wide as they could go with her jeans pooled around her ankles. “Where?” His lips traced a line of fire from her calf to mid-thigh.

Her legs quivered beneath the sensual assault, her muscles no match for the desire overflowing her system. “Everywhere.”

“Here?” He licked the curve of her stomach, deliberate and maddening as desire dampened her panties. Rolling onto his heels, he blew cool air across her abdomen, making her tremble in anticipation of his next move. “Or here?” One long finger traced the silk of her bra cup, slipping inside to rub against her sensitive nipple. “Maybe you meant here.” He sucked her earlobe into his hot mouth while his hands busied with unfastening her bra, and her knees nearly buckled.

The strip of red silk hung useless from her arms, and he pushed it up so one strap hung from the wall hook.

“Damn, just look at you.” He cupped her boobs, caressing the underside with his fingers as his thumbs circled the yearning peaks. Leaning forward, he sucked one brown nipple between his lips, his beard raking against her tender flesh and heightening the tension coiling in her core.

She stopped breathing. Heat and damp flooded her folds in reaction to the itch building deep inside her that only Gabe could scratch. Her need to feel him sliding inside her slick core hit hard enough that she tore the fabric tethering her to the wall hook.

“Looks like you’re out one shirt.” He took the scrap of fabric from her wrists and tossed it across the room.

“I don’t care,” her husky and hungry tone betrayed the depth of her need.

“Then it’s past time for the rest of it to go.” He slid his palms down the length of her jellified legs, yanked her feet free of her jeans and shoes, then worked his way back up her left leg, kissing and nibbling toward the juncture of her trembling thighs. By the time his mouth was tantalizingly close to her wet center, she couldn’t control the moans that filled the otherwise silent workshop. She threaded her fingers through his smooth hair, guiding him toward the juncture of her thighs.