If any part of her had still been cold, his concern would have warmed her up completely. But she was already there—beyond ready to be with him. So instead of answering with words, she reached for one of the condoms he’d put on the bedside table and together they sheathed him. By the time his mouth found hers again, she was already wrapping her legs around his hips. In one perfect upthrust of her hips, she took him all the way inside.

In a heartbeat, he was unleashed. No more reserve, no more worry. Just wicked, sinful passion.

She met him thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke, gasp for gasp. And just as she’d never known there could be pleasure this sweet, she’d also never realized that she could become part of someone else. That Adam’s heartbeat could mesh with her own. That his sweat could become hers. And that his pleasure would take her even higher than the very highest peak.

Together they climbed.

And together, wrapped in each other’s arms, they fell.



And kissing.

Then kissing some more.

Kerry drank in every one of Adam’s sweet kisses while his mouth never left hers. Her arms and legs were still wrapped all around him, his hands were tangled in her hair. And she had never felt so good in all her life.

Their post-sex make-out session kept her heart racing just as fast as it had when she was coming apart beneath him, her temperature just as high, her need just as desperate. There was no room, no space in their kisses for her to take a breath, but she didn’t want that room. Didn’t want that space. Not when everything felt so perfect, so right.

So beautiful.

He was heavy over her, but she loved his weight pressing her down into the mattress. Loved how secure it made her feel to know that he was as close to her as another person could possibly be. And that he didn’t want to break their connection, either.

Finally, he lifted his mouth from hers, but only to rain kisses over her face. Again and again he’d press a half-dozen kisses over her cheek, or her eyelids, or the curve of her ear, or the tip of her chin, before returning to her mouth. And every time he came back, she was even hungrier for his lips against hers. For the slow stroke of his tongue over hers. For the nip of his teeth as sweet turned wild before turning breathlessly soft again. For the chance to drink in his groans of pleasure as she kissed him back just as passionately.

Forever. She could have kissed him like this forev—

Her phone rang, one of the two ring tones that she would never, ever ignore no matter what. Tonight, it was her sister’s that was chiming barely a few feet from where she and Adam were wrapped around each other on the bed.

By the second ring, all the heat had drained out of her, replaced immediately by worry.

“Kerry?” Adam had clearly felt her tense up.

“I have to get that.”

She could hear both the worry and the frustration in her own voice and knew that Adam wasn’t at all the kind of clueless male who would miss it. Because even though she should be glad that Colleen had just saved her from letting her post-sex emotions, and all of Adam’s amazingly passionate kisses, run away with her heart, she still couldn’t help but be upset that the moment was now completely ruined.

Adam moved to let her slide out from beneath him. When he’d been lying over her and she’d been wrapped around him, she’d been so warm. But now, as the cool air in the room rushed over her skin, she couldn’t repress a shiver.

He’d seen every inch of her tonight, but she still felt horribly exposed as she all but leapt off the bed to grab her phone before it went to voice mail. Because if her sister couldn’t reach her, who knew what she’d decide to do next? Or how bad it would end up being.

“Colleen? It’s Kerry—tell me what you need. Where are you?”

Her insides twisted as soon as she heard her sister’s voice while Colleen gave her the name of a bar in a really bad part of Seattle. Slurred. High. Either on the verge of laughing or crying or both in that manic way Colleen often had when she went out on Friday nights to try to numb her emotions.

“I’m coming right now to get you,” Kerry told her. “Don’t go anywhere with anyone. Promise me you’ll call me again if anyone tries anything.”

But instead of giving her that promise, her sister hung up on her.

Kerry grabbed for her clothes and began to yank them on, not even the slightest bit concerned about her nakedness anymore. “I have to go,” she told Adam, even though it had to have been obvious from him hearing her side of the conversation.

“I’ll go with you.”

He was already putting on his clothes as she told him, “Thanks, but I can handle this myself.”

“Kerry.” He was magnificent standing in front of her in only his pants, his chest bare. “The volume on your phone was up loud enough that I could hear the name of the bar you’re headed for to pick up your friend.”

“My sister.”

“I get that your sister needs you, but I don’t want you going to that part of town at all, let alone by yourself at this time of night.”

“I’ve been there plenty of times to get her,” she began, but even as she said it, she couldn’t help remembering how scary most of those times had been. Or how last week her sister had been so wasted that Kerry could barely get her over to the car.

A car she didn’t even have tonight, since she’d taken a taxi to the hotel.

She looked up into dark eyes that were comfortingly steady. “How fast can you drive?”

“As fast as you need me to go.”

* * *

Kerry was glad that Adam didn’t expect her to make conversation as they drove. He didn’t waste any time trying to find a parking spot, either, just turned on his hazards and left his car right out front. Any other guy with an expensive car would have been freaking out about leaving it here. Heck, every time she left her car in this neighborhood to go into a bar and get her sister, she’d been relieved that it was still there by the time they got back outside. But Adam simply put his hand on Kerry’s back as if to steady her while they walked through the crowd smoking cigarettes on the sidewalk.

“Colleen is taller and thinner than I am, with dark red hair to her shoulders.”

Her sister was a beautiful woman. At least she had been until she’d started drinking and partying so hard. Colleen was too old, and too smart, for places like this. Kerry knew Colleen was hurt by what had happened between her and her ex-boyfriend, but how could her sister think that this was any way to fix it?

“I don’t see her outside.”

Kerry was more than a little frantic. Please. She prayed Colleen hadn’t gotten into a car with some guy who would take advantage of her.

And as Kerry and Adam pushed through the crowd and into the bar, she was so thankful that he was there and that he’d insisted on coming with her. The sea of rough-looking men and women instinctively parted for him without him having to say or do anything threatening at all. Just from his sheer presence.

Thank God, it didn’t take them long to find her sister dancing and drinking, although the guy she was with looked more than a little scary. Over the pounding music screaming from the speakers on the ceiling, Kerry yelled, “Colleen, I’m ready to take you home now.”

Colleen’s eyes were blurry and red as she turned to look at Kerry. There was barely recognition there, let alone any thanks that Kerry had rushed over to get her. “Go away,” Colleen said as the song changed to one that allowed them all to hear. “I’m finally happy now with—”

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