She tried to move her arms, but though she wasn’t in any pain, they didn’t have much give. She was well and truly at his mercy now. But though she supposed she should have been nervous about giving herself over to him this way, the only thing pumping through her veins right then was a desperate anticipation.

“Looks like you’re all mine to play with now, aren’t you?”

Did he know how his question—just on the edge of wicked—made her heart feel as though it were going to pump out of her chest? Or how badly she wanted him to kiss her?

And then, just like magic, his mouth was on hers. Warm and heady, reassuring and wild, all at the same time. She got so lost in his kiss that she almost forgot her hands were tied up until she tried to reach for him. That was when he finally drew away from her mouth.

“Every inch of you,” he promised. “I’m not going to miss a spot.”

And, oh my, did he ever make good on his promise as he took advantage of having her at his mercy. He ran his fingers and lips and tongue over her curves, her hollows, lingering at the most sensitive spots. Higher and higher he took her with every caress, with every sensual stroke of his fingers over her until she was simultaneously shattering and begging for more of him.

Thankfully, he didn’t keep teasing. Maybe because he could see that she was at the breaking point. Or maybe because that was right where he was himself. Barely able to survive staying apart, when all either of them wanted anymore—all either of them needed anymore—was to be connected in the most elemental way possible.

Her name was on his lips, and his was on hers, as he cupped her face in his hands. The moment hung between them like a gift you couldn’t wait to open, but wanted to savor for just one more moment before you tore off the wrapping paper. And then, a heartbeat after he’d sheathed himself, his mouth was on hers again as he thrust into her.

Unable to get her arms around him to hold him close, she wrapped her legs around his hips and rode him, taking everything he was giving her and giving it back to him tenfold. Her climax crashed over her, and Adam’s did, too, as her release sent him over the edge.

Kerry had never felt so blissfully wild. So wonderfully savage.

Or so perfectly free.

* * *

When Kerry could finally get her breath back, she said, “Do you think the designer knew people were going to use this headboard like that?”

Adam’s laughter warmed her up all over again. “I sure hope so.”

She shouldn’t be shocked, not anymore. Not when he’d just blown her mind in a thousand new ways. But she needed to know. “Do you ever design things for...”

“For kinky clients?”

She nodded.

“Well...” He had her right there on the edge, waiting for his answer. “I never design and tell.”

“I need you to untie me so that I can smack you.”

“Sounds to me like that’s exactly why I should keep you tied up a little longer.” He ran the tip of one finger down over her curves. “Oh, look, here’s another reason.”

She should be sated, should be done by now after having made love with him three times already tonight. But, of course, her body instinctively arched into his touch.

“God, you tempt me.” He kissed her. “Do you have any important meetings tomorrow?”

She couldn’t hold back her groan as reality came crashing back in, even with her hands still tied to the headboard. “Seven a.m. A breakfast meeting.”

“And I thought my nine o’clock was early.” He didn’t look any happier about it than she felt as he untied the sash and gently began to massage her arms, from her wrists up to her shoulders. “Next time, we both need to clear the decks the morning after.”

Next time. It shouldn’t thrill her so much to know they’d be doing this again. But, boy oh boy, did it ever.

He looked over at her overnight bag. “You brought clothes for tomorrow?”

Not wanting it to seem as though she expected them to spend the night together, she explained, “I like to be prepared, just in case the outfit I wore tonight got ruined before I left.” Which it definitely had, given that it was currently lying in shreds by the door.

“Let’s stay here tonight, then,” he suggested. “Just crawl under the covers right now to get as much sleep as we can.”

The rational part of Kerry—a part that seemed to shrink further and further every second she was with Adam—told her she shouldn’t stay, because actually sleeping together had to be a bad idea. But between the busy week she’d already had and all the magnificent things he’d done to her tonight, she could barely keep her eyes open.

Besides, what could one night in the same bed hurt?

“Okay.” Her voice sounded a little slurred even to her own ears. “I should go brush my teeth.” Because of course she’d packed her toothbrush, too. Be prepared for everything, both in life and during a wedding. She’d learned that from her mother.

But Adam was already pulling the covers over both of them and curling his big, strong body around hers. “You can do that tomorrow morning.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I had a great night with you, Kerry.”

Her usual walls were down far enough as she hurtled toward sleep that she didn’t question the urge to tell him, “I had the best night with you, Adam. The very best.”

And when he responded by pulling her even tighter against him, feeling more content and safer than she ever had, she fell into a dreamless sleep.


The following day, Kerry ran from one meeting to the next, putting out potential fires left and right. By that night, she was nearly convinced that the previous one at the hotel with Adam must have been a dream. She’d been too busy all day to get in touch, and she knew from what he’d told her at the hotel that he’d had just as packed a schedule. That was one of the nice things about not actually dating each other, she told herself. Neither of them had to feel guilty if they couldn’t fit each other in apart from a handful of hours having hot sex every now and then.

By the time she left the office and made it home, she couldn’t wait to change out of her suit and heels, throw on her most comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt, and collapse on the couch. She’d left her sister several messages—voice mails, emails, and texts—about getting together as they’d planned the previous weekend, but it wasn’t until nine o’clock that Colleen finally answered one of them.

“Hey, Kerr, I won’t be able to make it over tonight.”

Kerry’s stomach immediately sank. She’d known this would happen, hadn’t she? Just like every time her sister told her they were going to have a girls’ Friday night in—and ended up bailing to go party instead. The last thing Kerry wanted to do was put real clothes and makeup back on, but if she could keep her sister out of trouble, she’d do it.

“Why don’t I meet you wherever you are? We could still have our girls’ night out.”

“There’s not exactly room for one more right now.” She could hear Colleen laughing with whatever loser she was with as he said he’d be happy to have her sister join them.

“Call me later, okay?” Kerry pleaded. “I can come join you any time if you change your mind.”