But she didn’t even blink, didn’t pause before asking, “How fast can you get us there?”

Every time she’d asked him that before, it was to go save her sister. Tonight, though, her need for speed was for them and them alone.

“Depends on whether you’re distracting me or not.”

Lightning fast, she was taking his hand and pulling him down the street to his car. He was careful driving out of the neighborhood—and she made sure to keep her hands to herself—but once they hit the freeway, he gunned it. And so did she, already starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Three minutes. We just need three more minutes.”

He knew she had to be able to feel his heart pounding like crazy beneath her fingertips. And his heart wasn’t the only thing pounding, so when she reached for his belt, he put his hand over hers and held it still.

“If we crash, I don’t get to have you. Give me two minutes to get home.”

Two of the longest minutes of his life, especially when she leaned over and lightly bit his earlobe.

“Sixty seconds.” Which was one minute that he might not live through, not if she kept doing that thing with her tongue.

Finally, they were inside his garage. And then all bets—and any rules that had ever been there between them—were off.

Her dress was up and over her head before she could blink. Her bra and panties torn off and tossed to the floor of his car.

“Come here.”

He shoved his seat back and together they got her onto his lap as fast as possible. Her breasts were perfection in his hands, and then his mouth, and her hips were already grinding onto the jeans he hadn’t let her take off him while he was driving. She was already making those gorgeous sounds that told him how close she was to the edge, and he’d never needed anything so much in his life as he needed to hear her come just then.

“I need to watch you come for me.” He tugged at her hair with one hand so that he could look into her eyes. With the other, he gripped her hip to bring her even closer. “I need to feel it.” He lowered his mouth to her neck to nip at her skin and whispered into her ear, “I need to taste it, too.”

Her mouth parted on a gasp, and when he looked back at her, her eyes were fluttering half-closed as the tremors shook her. They rode her climax together, and though he loved being able to see her face as she came, he needed her mouth too badly not to take it with his.

He’d meant what he said about needing to taste her. Not just her lips, but all of her. And as tempting as it was to take her there in his car, he needed to lay her out on a bed so that he could have better access to all of her incredibly tempting curves and hollows and beautifully sensitive spots.

He lifted her out of his car and got them to his bedroom as quickly as he could. It was the first time he’d ever wished for a smaller house. Hell, a one-room studio would have been perfect so that he could have walked in the door and just tossed her down onto the bed. It didn’t help that she kept distracting him with kisses and roving hands while he tried to get through the living room and up the stairs.

Finally, he kicked open his bedroom door and dropped her onto his bed. Her breath whooshed out of her as she landed, but she was laughing as he leapt over her and pinned her hands above her head, her lovely thighs open on either side of his knees.

Beyond rational thought or action now, he bit at her lower lip, hard enough that she gasped again, but then immediately did the same to him. No woman had ever made him feel this wild. No other woman had ever made him completely lose control. And no other woman could have goaded him into even more wildness the way she did.

He rained kiss-bites all over her skin, her breasts, her rib cage, her waist, the curve of her hips...and then he was momentarily lost. Lost in the taste of her silky sweet flesh as he ate up her arousal, sending her straight toward a second climax as quickly as he had the first one.

He loved hearing his name on her lips, how desperate she sounded as she shattered again. Only now, he didn’t have to wait to get her from the car to his bedroom. This time he was already there, having yanked off his own pants while he was eating up every inch of her perfect skin. A heartbeat later he had a condom on, and before she could begin to come down from her climax, he was inside of her, and she was wrapping her arms and legs around him and giving him even more of herself.

More of her sweetness. More of her passion. More of everything that he couldn’t get enough of.




Until they both went hurtling over the brilliant edge of pleasure, her mouth and body beneath his the most perfect fit in the world.


When Kerry woke the next morning, she couldn’t believe last night could possibly have been real.

Because how could any two people need each other that badly? So much that they’d gone from his bed to his shower. And then the rug in front of the fireplace in his bedroom. And then again to his bed.

They hadn’t stopped for food. Hadn’t needed to drink anything, either, not when they’d been utterly drunk on each other. Again and again, he’d sent her reeling with pleasure—and she’d done the same with him. Only pure exhaustion had been able to douse their fire.

Now, Adam Sullivan lay sound asleep beside her in his huge bed, which had already been unmade when he’d first devoured her on it and was now little more than a tangle of sheets and limbs. The first rays of the sun were just beginning to illuminate the room, but mostly him, as if it were specifically seeking him out so that it could shine over him.

For the first time since she’d met him, Kerry was able to stare. To admire the strong lines of his cheekbones and jaw, the mouth that she found herself daydreaming about during meetings, his long dark lashes. She’d never imagined waking up in bed with a man like him, who could have walked straight out of a magazine or off the movie screen. More than that, she’d never dreamed that a man like him would want her the way he wanted her.

The passion between them was...

Honestly, she didn’t know how to begin processing it. And it was tempting, so very tempting, to not overthink what was happening between them. Just to keep letting it happen. Over and over and over and over again until every cell in her body was celebrating being alive and in Adam’s arms.

But she knew better.

She’d known all along that she needed to keep her guard up around him. Stupidly, she’d thought it would be easy. Easier, anyway, to keep one foot on the brake at all times and her eyes firmly on pleasure and nothing else.

Yes, last night had been pure pleasure, start to finish. There was no question at all about that. But it had been more than just pleasure. And she thought she knew why: Their other nights together had been planned meet-ups at hotels, but last night had not only been totally spontaneous, it had also been born of more than lust, more than desire.

Joy—pure, unfettered joy—had propelled her into Adam’s arms. All because he’d rediscovered her dream house and had promised to bring it back to its former glory with her.

It was that joy that scared her. Because while the sex was great, it was the happiness she felt with Adam that she knew she’d never be able to replace when their arrangement came to its inevitable end.

She was a fun change for him right now, utterly unlike the other women he’d been with—just as he was a total change for her. That was why it was so exciting. Such a rush that they’d both thrown caution to the wind for a night and ended up in his big, warm bedroom instead of staying in neutral hotel territory.

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