“Oh God. You feel so good.” I moan, lifting my mouth to his. My legs grip him tighter; my arms holding our bodies together like a taunt rubber band. I need every part of him touching me. I can’t get close enough. I’ll never get close enough.

His hips crash against mine as his hands brace my ankles on his shoulders, tilting my pelvis to that delicious angle. I reach above me and press my hands flat against the headboard, forcing him deeper. Meeting his every thrust. That familiar pull is already building in my core and I watch mesmerized by the way the muscles of his upper body contract with each thrust.

He runs his eyes down my body and settles right where he’s entering me. “Touch yourself for me,” he demands with both his tone and his eyes that are daring me to refuse him.

I slide my hand down my body and stop when my fingertips feel the hard edge of his cock sliding in and out of me. “Oh my God. I’m so wet.”

“Fucking right you are. God, Mia. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want this. I’ll never get enough, baby.” He continues to drive into me while I rub against my soaked clit. We find a rhythm, my two fingers circling while he fucks me and I suddenly feel drugged with pleasure. At some point he wraps my legs back around his waist but I don’t even register it happening. I’m lost. Completely lost in the feel of him. Just him.

“I’m close,” I pant, seeing a sly smile form on his wet lips.

“You think I don’t know that?” He presses his thumb against my fingers and begins moving with me, directing the tempo. I reach up with my free hand and grip his neck, pulling his face down to mine. Our mouths tangle in a brutal kiss and I feel his air fill my lungs.

We are in that moment together, so completely in tune with each other that neither one of us hears the door creaking open.

“Daddy. I can’t get dis off.” Nolan’s husky voice causes me to gasp and Ben to curse under his breath. The orgasm that is about to rip my body apart quickly evaporates. I look over at Nolan, seeing a cupcake in his hand and his face covered in green icing. His big gray eyes dart between me and his father. “What arwe you doing wiff Pwincess Mia?”

I cover my face with my hand and try to contain my hysterics while Ben slides off me, keeping his back to Nolan. I pull the sheet up to my neck. “Buddy, can you go wait for me on the couch? I’ll be right there.”

But Nolan isn’t having that. Instead of leaving the room, he climbs up onto the bed, causing Ben to let out a string of muffled curse words as he tries to keep his erection hidden. My entire body is shaking with my laughter as Nolan holds the cupcake out to me, completely unaffected by his father’s struggles. “Can you take dis paper off?” His dimpled grin hits me, along with his crooked smile.

I smile back at him, taking the cupcake and pulling off the wrapper. “Are you having cupcakes for breakfast, Sir Nolan?” I guess this is my fault. I completely forgot to put all the treats away that I purchased yesterday before I stormed off to bed. But in my defense, I was more concerned with offending Ben with my tits than putting sugary snacks out of the reach of little hands.

Side note: He’s definitely not offended by my tits.

He nods quickly and takes his cupcake back. I anticipate him leaving, but no, Nolan has other plans. He crawls toward me and wiggles between Ben and me, flopping down onto my pillow. “Were you and Daddy kissing?”

I look quickly over at Ben, seeing him sliding on his boxers underneath the covers. He winks at me, giving me the go ahead to answer how I want to answer. I turn my body toward Nolan and prop up on my hand, making sure to keep myself completely covered. “I was kissing your daddy. When two people really care about each other, they usually kiss.” My eyes meet Ben’s again. “A lot.”

He chews up his bite and takes another one. “Can we go swinnin today, Daddy? I wanna show Pwincess Mia how I can jump in da pool.” Apparently, Nolan is finished discussing anything involving kissing. My answer was either sufficient enough to satisfy his curiosity, or he is a three-year-old boy who has his priorities straight. He pops the last bit of cupcake into his mouth and reaches his finger toward Ben, running it down his nose.

Ben smiles and does the same back. “Yeah we can go swimming. But I need to take you back to Mommy’s house before dinner.”

Nolan sits up with a protesting grunt and pounds his tiny fist into Ben’s chest. “No, Daddy. I wanna stay here wiff you and Pwincess Mia.” I haven’t seen Nolan display any emotion besides pure joy, but right now, he is definitely not a happy kid.

“Don’t hit me, Nolan.” Ben’s gentle voice he always uses with him is gone and replaced with a stern fatherly tone. Even I cower a bit at it. He grabs Nolan’s fist. “If you throw a fit like that again, you aren’t going swimming. Do you understand?” Nolan nods, his face falling as if Ben had just told him that dragons don’t exist.

I reach over and run my finger down his nose. He perks up and does the same to me. “No sad faces allowed. Why don’t you go grab me and Daddy a cupcake?” He grins and scrambles off the bed, the quick tapping of his feet tapering off in the distance. “Your son just totally cock blocked you. Are you going to be okay down there?” I quickly slide off the bed, brushing over the front of his boxers.

“Not if you keep doing that I won’t be,” he warns. His hand grabs mine and he pulls the two fingers that I’d been using moments ago into his mouth, sucking on them as I stare with fascination. That has to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I think there are two types of guys. Guys that pretend they’re into eating pussy just to please the girl they’re with, and guys that crave it like it’s their favorite food on the menu. Ben is definitely the latter. He slips out of the bedroom with a cocky grin and returns moments later in his swimsuit.

I dress as fast as I can, hearing Nolan’s feet and animated voice coming down the hallway. I have just secured my bikini top, batting away Ben’s naughty fingers, when he comes in carrying two bright green frosted cupcakes. “Pwincess Mia! I can jump into the pool without my fwotties!” He practically throws our cupcakes at us, his excitement uncontainable. “I’m gonna go get my bavin suit!”

“Wait a minute, buddy. It’s hanging up in the bathroom,” Ben yells after him. He turns to me and leans in, kissing my icing covered lips. “I should eat my cupcake off you.” He licks his lips, only pulling back an inch. “My girl would look good covered in icing.”

“I want to be covered in your icing,” I tease.

His jaw twitches, along with another body part I’m sure. He growls into my hair, smacking me on my ass before he goes off after Nolan.

I pick my phone up off the floor, laughing softly at the image of it getting flung off the bed in the heat of passion last night. I want to check in on my mom before I spend the day in the pool with my two favorite boys. She answers after the second ring.

“Hello?” She coughs before clearing her throat, the muffled sound coming through the phone.

I sit down on the edge of the bed, my entire body tensing up. “Mom, are you okay?” She can’t be sick, not now. Not when things are just starting to fall into place for me. God, that sounds awful. How selfish is my thinking right now?

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