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“You kept them for yourself?” He must have a stockpile of my audios hidden away. I don’t know why, but it is adorably cute. I wonder what he does with them. I’ll have to ask him later, for sure.

“God, this makes me sound crazy, but yeah, I kept them for myself. Seems I do a lot of things I shouldn't when it comes to you.” He says it like he has a few more secrets he’s keeping, and I want them. If we’re doing this, jumping into this so quickly, then I need to know it all.

“Are there more things I should know?” It should be freaking me out, but thinking that he’s been stalkerish makes me feel warm inside. Like he’s got all these little dirty secrets about me just for himself.

His grip tightens on me like I might try to get away from him. “I ran a check on you when I first found you. Learned everything I could. I also might have hired someone to watch you for me.”

“You have someone watching me?” Now that I can’t believe. Watching me would have to be the world’s most boring job. I maybe leave the house once a week, and that’s just to go to the store. I get everything pretty much just shipped right to my front door.

“I was worried someone would steal you,” he says with such certainly. He says it like it’s a real possibility that someone is really going to come and take me away.

“Steal me?” I don’t even know what to do with that.

“Yeah. If I had met you, I would’ve scooped you up and never let another man near you. I got scared you’d meet someone and then…” His words trail off. He doesn't even want to finish the sentence. I can see the uncertainly in his face. He’s scared I’m going to run from him now that I know the truth. But the grip he has on me won’t let me go anywhere, even if I wanted to.

Nope. He’ll never be rid of me now.

Chapter 10


“I don’t want you to ever leave me, Noelle. I can’t bear the thought of not having you for even a second now that I’ve got you under me.”

She smiles so big and brightly at me, it’s as if she can feel the same things I’ve always felt for her.

“This is insane,” she tells me, leaning up to kiss me quickly. “I feel this pull between us, and I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s…it’s—”

“Love,” I finish for her.

“Love,” she repeats, and we stare into each other’s eyes.

Thrusting into Noelle gently, I try to take her tenderly this time. Less hurried and less afraid of the moment vanishing.

I kiss her passionately and whisper my promises of devotion and desire. And when we find our peaks together, her name on my lips and mine on hers, I cradle her in my arms and hold her while she sleeps, truly happy, inside and out, for the first time in my life.

* * *

I reach for her every hour throughout the night, making love multiple times until exhaustion carries us off to sleep. Most of the time, I wake up still inside her, one round of passion leading into another.

Her sex has to be sore, but she keeps clinging to me just as much as I’ve clung to her. Neither of us want to separate.

When the first touch of sunlight comes through the windows, I kiss her shoulder and nuzzle her neck. “Merry Christmas, Noelle.”

Smiling, she turns in my arms to face me, kissing my neck and burrowing deeper into me. “Merry Christmas, Alex.”

“I have a present for you.”

Noelle sits up a little and looks at me. Her hair’s a mess and she’s still half-asleep, but she perks up at the word ‘present.’

“You got me a Christmas present? How did you even know I would come here?”

“I didn’t know. I got it for you and I thought I would send it to you, but I chickened out. Then I thought maybe I would save it for your birthday.” I blush a little, feeling silly for the idea, but Noelle beams at me, leaning up and kissing my cheek.

I turn to get out of bed, not wanting to leave her warmth but wanting to keep that smile on her face, and I feel a sharp sting across my ass.

“Ouch. Did you just spank me?”

Turning around, I see her sitting up in bed with the covers around her waist, her full breasts on display. A mischievous look is on her face, and she just nods at me.

“Oh, turnabout is fair play, baby.” I dive back on the bed, and we giggle as I wrestle her over and give her three spanks on her bottom. Her squeals of surprise turn into moans as I lean down and kiss where my hand just made a faint pink mark. “Do you want more, or do you want your present?”

“Both,” she says into the pillow, and I bite her ass cheek, giving her what she’s asking for.

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