Page 60 of Unravel Me

Tomorrow he had to walk away from her. He’d be damned if she forgot him.

Her back arched involuntarily, and she thrust her hips against his mouth. His fingers tightened on her buttocks as his tongue speared her deeply, and she let out another mewl of pleasured torment. One more stroke, one more graze of his teeth against her clitoris…

She began to crest, her breath catching in short, hard, gasps. Against his mouth, her flesh quivered. He eased off, slowing his stroke, opening his eyes to take in the softness of her expression.

“Brad…God…make it stop…”

The roughened quality of her words, punched him in the gut, delivering a sound jolt of sanity. Son of a bitch, there were tears in her voice. He never should have let it go this far. Should have at least granted her release if he’d intended to keep her chained to the bed for hours. He could have indulged countless times. And yet, he’d selfishly driven her to an uncomfortable place.


He wasn’t this bastard. He couldn’t turn tonight into torture. Wouldn’t. He’d experienced too many staggering sensations when he’d eased that kiss to a close and stared into her expressive eyes.

Rising to his knees, he hooked her ankles over his shoulders and angled her hips. Gritting his teeth against the searing ecstasy that waited, he yielded to the heady call of her body and eased the tip of his swollen cock inside her. A high-pitched cry escaped her parted lips. Her inner walls contracted, and he fought his own swift rise of imminent release.

But all capability to take his time with her had vanished long ago. He’d known the minute he felt her heat surrounding him that he’d succumb to raging, white-hot desire. Slow and easy shattered under the demand for fast and hard.

“Cassie, look at me.”

She vehemently shook her head as she clawed at the sheets. “Can’t…It’s…too much.”

Angling his hips, he withdrew, and plunged in again with one swift thrust.

“Brad!” Her voice cracked as she cried out.

“Hold on, Cassie,” he murmured. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I can’t control it any longer. I’ve got to c—” Words lodged in his throat as her flesh fluttered around him. Ecstasy raced to the surface, hovered on the excruciating edge of no return. His body moved of its own accord, pistoning in and out of hers like a well oiled machine. Each hard plunge coursed bliss through his veins. Delightful agony.

Perspiration broke out over his body, making the slide of their skin that much more gratifying. The base of his spine began to tingle.

“Now, Cassie,” he croaked through a dry throat. “Now.”

At the instantaneous clench of her flesh, his thoughts blurred. He thrust again, surging blissful delirium through his veins. Her scream filled his ears, and he felt the rise of his seed as his cock swelled deep within her.

Her first orgasm had barely passed when she began to crest again. Astonished by her fierce response, Brad’s lungs seized. With a strangled shout of his own, he plunged in hard, and sailed into ecstasy. Drop by drop, the grip and release of her flesh milked him dry and stole the strength from his limbs. Rendered helpless by the power of his climax, his knees gave, and he dropped forward, barely catching himself on his hands before darkness encroached his vision. Blind to all but the singular magic of Cassandra Blaire, he dropped his cheek to her breast and allowed her to consume him.

Minutes ticked by like hours as the sound of their labored breathing filled his ears. For a moment, he’d have sworn his heart would stop. Now, satisfaction pulsed through his veins, though he was still too weak to stand. But he couldn’t lay here like this forever, cutting off her air with the press of his body. He grabbed at determination, forced himself to withdraw from her intoxicating heat, and rolled onto his back at her side. He’d never come so hard in his life.

Eyes closed, he absorbed the aftershocks of orgasm as the air cooled his overheated skin. But bit by bit, a nagging sensation infiltrated his gratified haze. Something wasn’t right. Cassie hadn’t moved. Hadn’t snuggled closer as she usually did. Had yet to whisper a single word.

He turned onto his side and skimmed his hand down her belly. “Sweetheart?”