Page 23 of Buying the Bride

I reach back behind me to try to undo the buttons. This dress wasn’t as hard to put on as it is to take off. Once I undo the buttons, I realize the zipper is stuck. Jesus Christ, is this a dress or a straightjacket? It’s starting to feel like both.

“Let me help you,” Heath says, and wiggles the zipper until it comes loose. He unzips it and pulls the dress off my shoulders.

He then helps me to stand up. When I do, the dress slips down and pools at my feet. I’m not wearing a bra, or anything else except a pair of thong underwear.

His gaze starts at my feet and slowly—very slowly—takes in every line, every curve of my body until our eyes meet. He looks at me with unfiltered lust. He doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s hard and I do nothing to hide my nakedness from him.

Taking a step forward, he takes my shoulders and turns me away from the mirror to face him. His eyes are bright with want and something more than just lust, maybe. Or maybe I just want him to feel the same way that I do so I’m imagining things.

He caresses my shoulders and moves his hands down my arms. It tickles and feels amazing at the same time. Then he kisses me. Not a sweet, teasing kiss. It’s the kind that demands all of my attention, and lets me know he’s not messing around. This kiss speaks more than words ever could and makes promises about what’s to come.

His lips move down to my neck. I tilt my head back, giving him as much room as he needs. His tongue is so soft and warm. I start to imagine what it would feel like on other parts of my body. That thought sends a shiver through me.

“Are you cold?” he says.

I shake my head. “The opposite.” I pull my fingers through his hair. “I’m so hot right now. I want you.”

His lips crash against mine and our mouths tangle in a passionate kiss. His hands wander to my breasts where he cups them and pinches my nipples between his fingertips. The sensation flares through my nerve endings until I feel every part of me lighting up. I moan and deepen our kiss. When we part, he wastes no time locking his lips onto one of my breasts while his hand discovers the other one. He suckles and bites, giving both pleasure with tinges of pain, just enough to make things interesting and keep my body at attention.

His hands explore every part of me meticulously as if he were trying to memorize me by touch. He parts with my breast just long enough for him to take off his shirt. I don’t get the chance to admire his cut chest before he latches back on, but this time on the other breast that hasn’t received its fair amount of attention.

My pussy aches for him. I don’t know how much longer I can bear to not have him inside of me. But then again, what he’s doing to my breasts is fucking brilliant, and I don’t want him to stop doing that either.

I help him out of his pants and boxers and slip off my panties. Now we’re both naked and on the same playing field. He pulls in a sharp breath when I grip him. Then I slowly begin to stroke.

“I want you inside of me,” I beg.

He pulls his mouth away from me. When our eyes meet, there’s no longer any hesitation there. “Not yet.”


“Get your dildo,” he says.

I look at him, shocked. “How do you know about my dildo?”

His lips form a teasing smile. “I came in here to check on you this morning. You were asleep. I saw it on your dresser.”

I’m too turned on to be embarrassed. I walk over to the night stand, grab it out of the drawer and come back to him with it. The way he’s looking at me, I know I’m in for the ride of my life.



I rub her clit and finger her silky pussy, making sure she’s good and ready for the dildo I hold in my hands. Her juices run down my fingers, into my palm, and down my wrist. She lets out the sexiest moan I’ve ever heard.

“Bend over,” I say.

She starts to bend over.

“No, in front of the mirror.”

She stands in front of the mirror and watches me with sultry, hooded eyes. I take her by the hips and turn her so her ass is facing the mirror.

“On your knees,” I say.

She smiles and I can tell she likes where this is going. She kneels down and bends over until the side of her face is against the carpet.