Page 33 of Buying the Bride

Tears stream down my face. When the hell did I start crying? I honestly don’t remember.

“I love you too,” I admit, my voice thick from crying. “I’ve been holding it in because I didn’t think you felt the same, but I fell for you the moment I kissed you in the park and it’s been a downward spiral ever since.”

He kisses me so softly out lips barely touch. “Marry me,” he whispers.

“Okay.” I’m nodding and laughing and crying all at once.

He kisses me again, but this time he does it with urgency. It’s as if I’ll slip out of his hands if he doesn’t kiss me hard enough. The desperation between us grows and this kiss feels different than all the others that came before. Our confessions have changed everything.

He breaks our kiss, leaving me breathless and lightheaded. Then he gets down on his knees and pulls something out of his pocket. When he opens his hand, it’s a velvet box.

My entire body starts to shake and suddenly things feel a whole lot realer than they did just a few seconds ago. He opens the box and inside is the biggest princess cut diamond I’ve ever seen. Jesus Christ, will my finger even be strong enough to hold that thing up?

My hand is shaking so badly it blurs when he slips the platinum band on my finger. “I hope this is okay. My mom helped me pick it out.”

His mother has expensive taste, but there’s something sweet about him asking for her help in picking it out. It makes me feel so much better about his family. She wouldn’t have helped him if she objected to this marriage, would she?

“It’s perfect.” I put my hand to my chest and hug it tightly.

I slide off the couch and get on my knees so we’re face to face. “We’re going to fuck now and I don’t want to hear any bullshit about you waiting until our wedding day. Okay?”

He laughs. The sound fills every empty part of me until I feel whole again. “Not a chance.”


I kiss him hard. His mouth devours mine. He wastes no time getting my clothes off of me, practically ripping my panties off my body. He bends me over the couch and I know this isn’t going to be gentle love-making. This is weeks of built-up lust and tension that’s been begging for release. This is going to be like two caged animals going at it. The anticipation of it is so excited I’m shaking.

He gets behind me and grabs my ponytail, pulling my head back so he can kiss me. I moan into his mouth as he slides deep inside my pussy. I close my eyes as the sensation of being filled overwhelms me. Heath fills me like no silicone dildo can. I’m stretched and loving every second of it. He starts to pound into me. Our skin slaps together and the friction of our fucking makes a loud, wet squelching sound.

He lets go of my hair and grabs my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. He groans, obviously liking what he sees. He has the perfect view of him entering me. I’m jealous that he gets to watch, but too lost in my own pleasure to be too upset about it.

He pulls out of me, leaving me with a lost, empty feeling. He sits on the couch and grabs my hips, pulling me toward him. I climb up on the couch and sit on his dick, impaling myself hard and quick. At this angle I can feel him in the furthest depths of my pussy. He’s so deep it almost hurts, but with the pain comes immense pleasure that’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

“Your pussy feels so good,” he says as I bounce on his cock. He stokes my clit and it feels so good I let out a loud moan. He strokes faster. If he keeps that up, I won’t last much longer.

I start to ride him faster, harder. I’m so close. But before I can come, he pulls me off of him lays me on the couch. This time he lays on top of me and I like it like this because I can look into his perfect face and see those beautiful eyes. I love the way his mouth parts when he slides into me. He kisses me, and bite’s my bottom lip softly, then licks it. He nibbles on my nipple next and a fiery sensation shoots straight from my nipple down to my clit and I gasp.

“That perfect pussy belongs to me now,” he says, thrusting harder.

“I’m all yours,” I tell him, barely able to get the words out.

I feel my muscles clinch, and it’s here. I can’t hold back my orgasm any longer. He plunges into me hard and deep one more time and I scream and writhe beneath him. He fucks me like a piston, grunting and growling until he too loses his battle of self-control.