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“I love you so much,” she says. Her words are thick with emotion and I can tell she’s struggling not to cry.

I take her in my arms and kiss her forehead. “I love you more.”

I never thought I was capable of loving someone as much as I love Sylph. My wife. It’s crazy to think that I’m married now. I always thought marriage for me was somewhere in the distant future, if at all. Now that I’ve found my soulmate, it’s hard to believe I was able to live without her for all these years. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the girl of my dreams. My life finally feels complete.


Two Years Later

The men at the country club I belong to warned me that once Sylph got pregnant the magic would be gone. They said my physical attraction to her would cease to exist. Standing here in the bathroom with her, I can say definitively, that they are wrong. I kept waiting for that day when I would look at her and my heart would stop giving that little jolt of excitement. When my dick would stop rising at the sight of her naked body. It hasn’t happened and I doubt it ever will.

She’s now eight months pregnant and still the sexiest woman alive. If anything, I’m more attracted to her than ever before, if that’s even possible. She seems to glow from within, radiating vitality and sex appeal—and the fact that she’s always horny because of all the hormones coursing through her doesn’t hurt our sex life one bit. That baby bump of hers is evidence of our connection, our bond, our love. That little boy growing inside of her is the perfect combination of us both. How could that possibly be a turn-off?

Sylph stands in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing her hair while I brush my teeth. She glances at me and smiles. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I spit toothpaste and rinse my mouth. “Because you’re beautiful.”

She looks down at the towel wrapped around her, her belly poking out. “I’m as big as a house.”

“You’re the sexiest house I’ve ever seen.”

She laughs and drops the towel on the floor. I’m already hard, but seeing her naked makes me ache.

“How about you join this sexy house in the shower and wash my back?” she says.

She’s giving me those sex eyes. Whenever she looks at me like that, I know exactly what she wants.

The water is on, warm and comfortable. I kiss her while slathering her in body wash. I love the way her skin feels when it’s slick with soap. I massage her round belly and make my way up to her breasts. They’ve grown huge. That’s been a fun development. They are heavy and gorgeous, her red nipples have doubled in size and have grown more sensitive. Just licking them makes her whole body quiver.

She makes little mewling sounds and begs me to fuck her as I pinch and pull at her nipples.

“I will, but not yet,” I tell her. She deserves to feel good. She deserves special attention first. I get down on my knees and spread her pussy lips. She lifts her leg and puts foot up on the ledge, opening herself up to me. Finding her clit, I suck the slippery nub it into my mouth. I’m addicted to the taste and smell of her, a heady peachy flavor that makes me insane with desire. She lets out a loud cry as I swirl my tongue around the hard knot of sensitive flesh.

She holds the back of my head and pushes her pussy against my face. Fuck, she’s incredible. She’s in a frenzy now, humping at my face, smearing my lips, nose, and chin with her abundant juices. It drives me wild. She’s so wet and horny and ready for me. I plunge my tongue inside of her, and then add several fingers as well.

“More,” she begs.

I give her more, adding fingers until she’s stretched as far as I’ve ever taken her. I could probably stretch her further still. She’s warm and pliable and likes a bit of pain with her pleasure, but right now, I’m just trying to make her feel good.

I pull my fingers out. They’re coated in her juices and I use it to stroke my cock a few times. I then turn her around so her ass is to me. I slide my dick into her from behind, rubbing her belly and caressing her full tits. She begs me not to stop.

Not a chance.

“Fuck me hard,” she begs.

My girl can’t get enough. I know that, even after we both come, it won’t be the last time tonight.