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I grab her hips, and plunge into her with all my strength. She screams and cries, “Yes, give it to me.”

I fuck her at full force until her entire body convulses from her orgasm. She turns off the water, out of breath. I lean my forehead against her back as I start to come down from my own climax.

She looks over her shoulder and smiles at me. “Ready for round two?” she says.

I laugh, my breath still struggling to slow down. I pull out of her, my cum spilling out onto the tile at our feet.

“I might need a minute to catch my breath,” I admit. “Isn’t your pussy sore after being stretched and pounded?”

She spreads her cheeks apart, giving me a sexy view of her little asshole, and wiggles her butt playfully. “I have other holes too, you know.”

She gives me a flirty smile and gets out of the shower. My cock is already hard again.

She sees it and her smile widens. “I’ll meet you in bed.”

I let out quiet laughter. I have a feeling after she has this baby, it won’t be long before she’s pregnant again.


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The Billionaire’s Toy!

The Billionaire’s Toy

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The Billionaire’s Toy


You know, Mondays suck enough without being fired. I scrub the tears off my face as I step off the elevator onto my floor. Damn my speaking voice. I’ve always had a naturally loud and brassy voice, and people mistake my normal speaking tone as raising my voice or somehow being aggressive. It’s not…it’s just me. But one too many complaints about my customer service because people think I’m yelling at them, and now I’m unemployed.

Okay, fine. Maybe sometimes I yell at them, but I swear that the customer is not always right.

I turn the corner and wish I hadn’t. My Super is walking down the hallway towards me and I’ve been trying to avoid him the way you try to avoid STDs. AT ALL COSTS. I’m a week late on my rent because some months are harder than others, and if I have to choose between rent and food, I'd rather not starve.

I give him a weak smile. “Hey, Joe.”

There’s no smile from him. “I need your check, Delia.”

“I know. My car broke down last week and I had to have it fixed so I could actually get to work. It’s coming; I swear.” I hope he buys the lie. In the years I’ve been living here, I’ve never had a car. I’m hoping that he hasn’t noticed.

He sighs. “I can’t give you much more time. There are plenty of people waiting for apartments in this building, and if you can’t pay then someone else will.”

“I can. I will.” I swallow, brushing past him to my door and hurrying inside so he can’t pressure me anymore and I don’t accidentally give away that I just lost my job. If he knew that, he’d be furious, and I’d be out of time. Hell, once I get some work, maybe I should move. I’m sure I can find somewhere less expensive and without a super as overbearing as Joe.