Page 55 of Buying the Bride

It’s everything I wanted it to be. More. Pleasure coils in my gut, and spills over into my veins. I’m so close, I can feel it, and Andrew doesn’t slow down. He pumps his fingers into me, curling them deeper, hitting my G-spot so I’m panting with every movement. “Oh god,” I say, and I think I might scream with the mounting pleasure. If I scream everyone will know what’s happening and I’m not sure if I want to hide or if I want everyone to see and oh god this feels so good I can’t hold on.

Andrew growls in my ear. “Come. I want to feel you come on my hand. I want it dripping down your legs in the middle of all these people.”

His words send me over the edge and my body goes rigid with the orgasm. Fiery pleasure rips its way through me, and I bite my cheek to keep my voice inside. He keeps fucking me, letting my orgasm pour over his hand and down my legs and onto the floor. My body is covered in tiny spasms and aftershocks, each one caused by the way he keeps teasing my pussy. A stroke, a brush across my clit.

I try to gain control of my breathing. “I think it’s safe to say we’ve done something now.”

He chuckles, his tone low and full of promise. “Want to do some more?”


We crash into the small room off the club together, and before the door is even closed, Andrew’s mouth is on mine. I can feel him everywhere, his kiss running through my entire body, and even though he just gave me the best orgasm of my entire life, I want more.

“It’s my turn,” he says. “I’ve never done this before.”

It’s too easy. I smirk up at him, “What, sex?”

He laughs, loud in the small closet we’ve shoved ourselves into. “No, you were right before. I’ve never crossed this line with anyone that’s worked with me. I’ve never wanted to. But now…”

“Are you saying that I’m special?”

He presses me against the wall, his body on mine, and kisses me hard. I feel all that hunger pour into me in this kiss. “You’re more than special. You’re everything.”

This time I’m the one kissing him. I’m pulling at his suit because I want it off. I want him closer to me. I want all of him the way I’ve wanted him since that very first day. My hands find his belt, and I manage to get it undone while we’re still kissing. I reach inside his pants and feel him, hot and hard and long, and he groans into my mouth. “I want to see you,” I say. “All of you.”

“You will,” he promises as he rolls on a condom. “Later.”

He grabs the skirt of my dress and hikes it up around my waist, and then he’s lifting me and sliding in and oh god he’s so big and it feels so perfect. The rough cement of the club wall digs into my back as he starts to move inside me, strokes fast and desperate. He wants me just as I much as I want him, and even though I want more of him, I need this. This release of everything that’s built up between us for the last month. Long looks and pretending to come and my endless nights with my vibrator.

The vibrator will never compare to the real thing.

I wrap my legs around his waist as he fucks me breathless. I can’t speak, I can’t moan, only feel. The way he’s stretching me open as he presses deeper into me, his face buried in my neck. He’s never slept with one of his models before. I’m the first. The only one he’s wanted like this.

The thought runs through me to the core, and the realization rockets through me, spiking my arousal even higher. He’s risking his reputation to be with me, and he doesn’t care.

Andrew’s hands dig into my ass, pulling me against him as he thrusts, and his cock hits that spot deep inside me that sends off sparks and makes me see rainbows. He doesn’t stop, pounding steadily into me, and I come again. This time I do cry out. I say his name and yes and please more, and he gives it to me, fucking me into the wall as he comes too.

Neither of us moves, frozen in the moment with each other, simply breathing. “I don’t want to move,” I say.

“I do and I don’t,” he says, giving me a smile. “I want to stay buried inside you forever, and I want to take you home and memorize your body with my mouth.”