Page 57 of Buying the Bride

I swallow, taking a breath. When I was close to coming I do remember those thoughts running through my head, that anyone could have seen his hand in my dress. I wanted them to see. “Oh my god,” I breathe.

Andrew chuckles and closes the distance between us to kiss me softly. “There’s nothing wrong with it. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a little flare for drama.” That makes me laugh. “And even though I would never let anyone touch you, I don’t mind if they watch.”

His hand slides up my thigh, under the fabric of the dress and higher. “In fact, I think you might like it.”

“I don’t know.”

His hands keep traveling upward and he lifts the dress over my head in one swift mention. “I bet I can convince you.”

My breath is shallow, heart pounding. “I have no doubt that you could.” I glance down as he runs his fingers between my breasts. “You’ve already seen almost all of me.”

“Seeing,” he says, smirk wicked, “and experiencing, are not the same thing. I believe the way I convinced you to leave the club was a certain promise involving my mouth. Another thing you should know about me—along with being honest, I always keep my promises.”

I let out a moan as his lips touch my neck, tongue exploring. He lays me back on the couch and shows me just how thoroughly he plans to keep his promise. His mouth is everywhere: in the hollow of my throat and across my collarbone. Sucking on the skin of my breasts and teasing me until my nipples are harder than they’ve ever been. His tongue follows the line of my stomach and the curves of my hips, fingers following, almost tickling but not quite. Everything is sensation and I can’t keep my eyes open as he works his way lower, past where I expect him to stop down to my thighs where he continues to explore.

I honestly never knew how sensitive thighs could be. His mouth kisses my legs open, nipping the skin and sending ripples to my already sensitive pussy. It’s been a while since I’ve had sex, let alone multiple times in one night. His hands smooth over my hips, gently opening me further, and I hold my breath as I feel him move closer. But he’s taking his time, moving around, a bite here and a soft lick there.

Finally, the barest touch of his tongue on my clit. I moan, back arching, I want more of him, all of him. He doesn’t give it to me, he goes in slow motion, almost emulating my vision at the gallery. Every inch of my pussy is touched by him, and I can’t even breathe. Sinking my hands into his hair, I pull him closer, showing him what I need. This time he obliges, moving faster, plunging his tongue deep inside me, moving across me in long strokes.

I’m so close that I’m panting his name, digging my fingers deep into his hair, lifting my hips to meet his mouth. Andrew’s hands are hard on my hips as he holds me still, plunging deeper, and I can’t hold on any longer. Pleasure explodes through me, and I cry out as I come. I’m shaking with the orgasm, unable to see or think in the cloud of sheer pleasure. There’s nothing in the universe except for Andrew’s mouth on me. It’s too good. Better than I ever imagined it would be, and as I come down from the high, I can barely catch my breath.

“Shit,” I say, and Andrew chuckles.

He crawls up my body, and I love the sight of him above me. “Did I keep my promise?”

“One of them,” I say, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. “You’ve seen all of me. I think it’s my turn.”

A mischievous light dances in his eyes, “What do you want? Do you want to undress me? Or do you want me to undress for you?”

I slide my hand down his chest, feeling the muscles underneath the fabric. “Show me,” I breathe.

Andrew takes time to kiss me first, so deep that I’m lightheaded before he stands, his hands going to the buttons of his shirt. The smirk on his face is sexy as he undoes them, one by one, revealing a chest that could easily be in any fashion campaign. “Like what you see?”

I return his smirk. “Show me more.”

It is impossible that this is my life. With a playful smile on his face, Andrew undoes the buttons on his pants.

“Why aren’t you the model again?” He could model for any brand he wanted. Hell, he could be a nude model for art students and half the room would faint with desire. His pants fall, revealing slim hips complete with that V I find so sexy, and virtually perfect legs. Not to mention his cock, hard and thick, making my mouth go dry with the possibility of feeling that again.