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He asks more questions about my family after that and is surprised to learn that my parents have been together nearly thirty years and are still madly in love with one another. He tells me his parents haven’t even slept in the same room together since he was in high school

I learn more about him on our walk than I ever would have learned by reading his folder full of facts. He’s surprisingly funny and charming, and sarcastic. I keep giggling like an idiot. What is happening? I wasn’t supposed to like him. I’ve never been attracted to the wealthy and privileged. So why does being in his presence have my stomach tangled in knots? Where the hell did all these butterflies come from? This isn’t good.

“My turn to ask questions,” I say.

“Go for it.”

“Is anything off limits?”

He takes a moment to think about it. “No. I’m an open book. Ask whatever you want.”

“What do you like in bed?” I ask boldly.

His eyebrows shoot up on his forehead like a cartoon character. There’s something very gratifying about breaking the calm mask he wears.

“If I’m to pretend to be married to you, these are the sorts of things I’m going to need to know,” I say matter-of-factly, keeping it very business-like.

He bites back a smile. “I’m fairly certain none of my friends or family will ask you questions about our sex life.”

“I would hope not, but we’re supposed to be getting married, which means we’ve more than likely been intimate—unless, of course, you’re an old fashioned guy who waits wants to wait until marriage.”

“Definitely not,” he says.

“Okay. People who have been intimate with each other carry themselves a certain way. They’re comfortable around each other. I should at least know what you like in bed. It’s hard to be uncomfortable and stiff around someone after they know all your bedroom secrets.”

He gives me a lopsided smile and nods. “I guess that makes sense. Well, um, I’m a man, so being touched is usually good enough.” His laughter turns my insides to cotton candy. I love the sound of it. I like the sound of his voice too. No too high, not too deep. It’s just the most perfect, soothing sound to listen to. I would love to just hear him tell stories or talk about his day. “I really don’t have any preferences as to what I want a woman to do in bed, but I have to say I’m attracted to a confident girl, someone who’s not ashamed of her body or showing it to me in all of its glory.”

I feel my neck growing warm. I bet I’m blushing.

“What about you?” he asks. “What do you like in bed?”

“I tend to like a little bit of everything. I like sweet and tender love-making, but I also like a good spanking now and then. And I like it when things get messy, don’t you?”

He looks me square in the eye and says, “Messy is good.”

Now know I’m blushing. I feel like my entire body has just been dipped into a hot tub. At least I’m not the only one turned on by this conversation. He tries to subtly adjust himself, but he’s not fooling me one bit.

Now I’m picturing us together, sweat, lube, cum, messy. I let out a shaky breath. Messy is definitely good.

The sun starts to go down. I change the subject because talking about sex with Heath is dangerous. We stop next at the wharf and look out at the dock. Sea lions pile on top of each other and make a sound similar to barking dogs. Seagulls are perched on posts, making equally obnoxious noises, but I love the sound of it. All of it. The ocean is my favorite place to be. It really is romantic out here and it’s hard not to get swept up in this moment with Heath, even if it isn’t real.

“So, how was this for a first meeting?” I ask.

The last of the sun lights up his dark hair, and his gaze finds mine. It’s impossible not to feel special when those vibrant blue eyes are focused only on me. I melt beneath their heat and fear the dreamy look I feel on my face is giving away all my secrets.

“Surprisingly perfect,” he says

“Now we won’t have to lie about how we met.”

He nods. “So now we’re in love.”

“Not yet.”

His eyebrows push together. “If I remember your version of our story right, I thought we fell in love on this date.”