Page 10 of My Little Farm Girl

She turned those bright blue orbs up to me and I wanted in. I just nodded my head and pretended an interest in the bread on my plate while I gave myself time to get the wolf on the hunt look out of my eyes. “So how come you didn’t choose some nice boy back home and get married and have babies?”

She giggled, actually fucking giggled, and my cock laid down on my thigh and gave it up. Are you fucking kidding me?

“I don’t have a boyfriend, I was always too busy for that, plus the other girls were much better looking so…”

She trailed off and I heard the touch of sadness in her voice. I squeezed her hand and finally relinquished it since there was really no reason for me holding it any longer.

I missed the contact right away, but chose instead to concentrate on the conversation. There’d be time enough later for hand holding and a whole lot more, I’ll see to it.

Either the boys back where she came from were blind fucks, or she just hadn’t noticed their interest. There’s no way I’ll believe the other girls were prettier as she seemed to think.

Not unless the town was full of some sort of Mengele experiment or some fuck. She was almost too fucking perfect for words, like a painting made exactly to my specifications.

Wait a minute, no boyfriend… “So you’ve never had a man?”

Her head flew up at that one. Yeah Cal you didn’t do a very good job of veiling that one, and if her face got any redder they were gonna have to call out the fire brigade.

At the slight shake of her head I felt my whole body heat up. Untouched; fuck me, this was really happening.

“Your answer still didn’t really answer my question, how serious are you about this acting thing?” I didn’t want to steal her dreams after all; I’d followed mine and was the better for it.

But if she was off chasing this stardom shit that wouldn’t fit in too well with the plans I had going in my head.

“It’s not a matter of how serious I am I guess; I did some research and the only way anyone ever made it out of places like my hometown, was through acting, singing or some kind of sport. Unless they were really intelligent and landed one of those corporate jobs.”

“And you’re not smart enough?” she ducked her head again and picked at her sweater. By now the water had dried but the way she was pulling on the end was making it stretch across her very ample chest.

Wow, where the fuck had those come from? They weren’t huge, probably a C cup, but on her slender frame they were spectacular.

I shifted in my seat and warned myself to go slow. If this was strange for me, I can only imagine what it would do to her to have a man she’d only just met start pawing at her, which is exactly what I wanted to do, like a fucking teenager.

“It’s not that, I just missed a lot of school sometimes when I had to help out on the farm. I understood the work fine, just didn’t really have enough time to apply myself; at least that’s what one of the counselors had said. I did graduate though.” She hurriedly tacked on that last as if to convince me that she wasn’t dumb, which I already knew.

Just then the waiter returned with our meals, a burger platter for her and steak for me. I watched her under hooded lids as she looked at the food on her plate as if it was going to bite her.

“Problem?” She bit that fucking lip again, what’s with this girl anyway, did she come all the way to New York to give me blue balls? I adjusted my cock again when she looked back at her plate.

“It’s so big.”

Well fuck I hadn’t meant for her to see that; oh she meant the burger.

“Here!” I pushed my plate aside and moved hers in front of me so I could cut her burger in half for her.

If she keeps this shit up she’ll never see the inside of Marion’s apartment. I’d have her on a plane so fast headed for my little Island hideaway, where no one can find us until I came up for air. The thought had my already unruly cock straining at my zipper.


We ate the rest of our meal in silence and I tried to talk her into dessert to prolong the night. “I couldn’t eat another bite, I’m stuffed.” She rubbed her tummy and smiled at me.

“Okay then let’s get you home.” I paid the check and led her out of the restaurant with my hand in the small of her back.

I never knew it was possible to be so aware of another human being. I felt the heat of her skin through the thin material of her sweater, and the slenderness of her form.

I couldn’t resist rubbing my thumb ever so gently in small circles in the small of her back as we headed back to the car. Her indrawn breath and near stumble told me that maybe she was as aware of me as I her.