Page 113 of My Little Farm Girl

Marion had been basically run out of town and though we never did find out who had sabotaged the lighting structure that almost killed Kitten I was pretty confident that she was behind it.

I wasn’t fool enough to underestimate her a second time, so I had eyes on her for the time being. Now I had Kitten and Josh to protect from her wrath, though that hard headed fuck bitched that he could take care of himself.

I found out that Robyn was the one feeding him information, though she hadn’t been aware of what he was up to.

The two of them were thick as thieves these days and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were wedding bells there soon too.

Now I pushed all thoughts of everything and everyone else aside as I turned to my wife.

“Do they still hurt?” I swallowed hard, damn, her breasts, which were bountiful to begin with had to be a couple sizes bigger.

“A little.” Her breath was short and when I looked up into her eyes I could see the lust there. “I’m sorry they hurt baby.” I massaged them a little being careful not to pull too hard, not the way I wanted.

She squirmed as milk shot out of her tits. “Fuck me.” I leaned over and licked not sure what to expect. I mean my sons seemed to think the shit was the best thing since, well, whatever, since they never had anything else. But when that sweet taste burst on my tongue I thought ‘there’s no way I’m getting off this tit’.

The next thing I know, my head was in her lap and I was nursing like one of the twins. She was producing so much that even after both boys had had their fill she was still heavy and that’s where the pain came in.

She’d expressed already and still there was more left. Josh had got into the habit of teasing her about the dairy farm on her chest until I smacked him upside the damn head but she’d just laughed him off and called him an ass.

He was always sniffing around my kids pretty much the same way he’d sniffed around their mother in the beginning, only this time I didn’t have the urge to knock his block off.

“Hmmmm, babe, I have to fuck you right fucking now.”


“Yeah here, the boys can’t walk yet I’m sure they’re not gonna hop out the crib and waltz out here.” I was taking off my pants talking and sucking her tit at the same time.

“Get out that skirt baby.” She shimmied out of it and I thought of the best way to fuck her without giving up the tit.

I couldn’t do her doggie style because I’d lose the tit, and that was my favorite position. Six weeks was a long time for a man to go without his favorite position.

“Shit fuck it, ride my cock, I’ll eat your pussy later, right now I just want to feel your pussy wrapped around my dick.” I pulled her over me and sat her on my hard as a rock cock and slammed up into her.

She threw her head back and her pussy started milking my cock as I sucked hard on her nipple. There was milk leaking out of the other one so I had to stop sucking for a minute and lap at both of them as her milk just kept flowing.

“Yes-yes-yes, fuck me, I missed you so much.”

“What did you miss huh?” I dug my hands into her hips as I fucked up into her.

“You this, your cock, cum in my pussy.”

“Merciful fuck.” I gobbled her tit trying to fit the whole thing in my mouth without success and slammed her down on my rod. Her ass was moving faster than I’ve ever seen it move and her pussy was hot and fucking tighter if that were possible.

“I’m cumming baby, fuck, too soon.”

“Cum in my pussy master cum for me let me feel you.” I threw her on her back on the couch and spread her legs wide one over the back and the other around my hip. I latched back on to her tit going back and forth from one to the other as my dick tried to bore a hole through her pussy and into her stomach.

The scream that came out of her was not human and my cock grew another inch and swelled up inside her until it felt like I would explode. I chewed her nipple leaving my mark there as I pumped my seed inside her womb.

“Babe, I know what the doctors say but I’m pretty sure I just planted another kid in you.” She was still moving on my cock getting her good feeling, “And if you keep that shit up it’ll me triplets this time.”

Seems neither of us could stop moving, so I settled into the saddle for a nice slow fuck. After breaking that one off I was good for at least a forty- five-minute fuck, granted one of the boys didn’t wake up.

“Would you mind?”

“No, I like carrying your babies inside me.”

“Damn, you shouldn’t have told me that. Turn over. I think I can give up the tit for at least five minutes while I fuck you from behind.” She was on her hands and knees before I could blink.