When I finally put her beneath me, she will be mine completely. Mind, body and…well the soul I'll leave for the one who created it. Everything else will be mine. I demand it, I will settle for no less.


With everything gone, except the offending boxers, that were now sporting a wet spot, she finally reached for them. Her breath sped up as her fingers touched the skin of my hips.

She rolled them down my thighs slowly, her body following the movement, so that she ended once again, kneeling at my feet. Twelve inches of velvet steel sprang forth and bobbed once, before settling at an arc, just above her upturned mouth.

The long string of pre cum that hung down between us was like manna to her starving soul. I watched to see if she would once again lose control. I saw the fight within as she wrestled with her want.

Her hunger was evident, as she licked her lips. Her nipples pebbled and the sheen of her essence bathed her inner thighs as she looked up at me pleadingly. I held out my hand to help her up.



I lifted her in my arms, her head tucked onto my shoulder. The sweet smell of her perfumed hair rose to my nostrils. It was the scent I had chosen, her whole body would be scented the same, a blend of honeysuckle and musk, light without being overpowering.

She snuggled like a little lamb as I approached the bed? I could feel the staccato beat of her heart against my ribs. No doubt she wondered if tonight would be the night.

I laid her across the bed, taking my time to study her. The golden collar at her throat with the lock that rested just in that little space where her pulse beat, the tiny waist that was easily spanned by my hands, and the gentle flare of hips.

Perfection. She's been on a strict diet, no I'm not starving her to death, but like many of her age, her eating habits were deplorable. Already I could see the results of fresh fruits and vegetables, as opposed to processed foods and tripe. Her hair looked more radiant, her nails healthier. All in all, she had become and was becoming, the beauty that I knew she was.


My Gabriella had very low self esteem, I'd taught her in a short time, just how much she was worth. You see, as her master I seek not only to rule over her, but also to cherish.

Only a fool would mistreat that which he holds most dear, and she is my most treasured possession. She had given herself to me wholeheartedly, her trust in me complete.

So far I’ve only treated her like the little princess that she is; tonight I mean to make her feel like my owned slut. That might sound harsh to some, but to understand the sentiment you’d have to know the man. I am a dominant in every sense of the word. I seek to own, to control, to cherish.

I turned to the night table where she had set everything up to my specifications. When I was satisfied that I had all I required, I turned my attentions to her.

Climbing onto the bed between her thighs, I bent over her and placed the gentlest of kisses beneath her navel. She tensed but held still. Progress.

With the barest of touches, I slipped a finger beneath the scrap of material that covered her pussy Mons. She was wet and swollen, her flesh hot as I slipped my finger inside.


Wet heat and soft sighs. Her body gripped my finger tightly, sending visions of all that tight heat wrapped around my cock, crashing through me.

Wrapping my free hand into the top of her thong, I pulled her onto my finger, while using the soft silk to tease her clit. Her body reddened, her back arched and she filled my hand with honey. So responsive my little Gabriella!


"Shh." I stopped all movement of my finger and she froze in place, her eyes flying up to mine. They were fever bright with lust and longing. Here too laid another of her stumbling blocks.

Like a petulant child, if she doesn't get her way, she'd pout and sulk. Would she behave this time, so that she may receive the ultimate prize? She knows what lies in store. If I take her while her training is incomplete it will be rough, brutal, for my pleasure only.

But if she bends to my will in every way, then her master will initiate her with a tender touch. Time was running out; I won't be able to hold onto my control much longer.

Soon I will take her, my body cries out for hers. In this, she tortured us both. I have no desire to take her maidenhead like a rutting boar. But if she fails now, the choice will be lost, because tonight, before this night is over I will spill my seed inside her for the first time.


"Good girl Gabriella." She was near tears as she fought to hold onto what little control she had left. I could see from the red flush of her body and the heat of her pussy around my finger, that she was at her breaking point. Yet she held on.

I smiled down at her as I started once more, thrusting one long thick finger inside of her.

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