Page 23 of My Little Farm Girl

To possess all that innocent beauty would be better than the world’s greatest aphrodisiac.

I could already feel her beneath me as I pound into her sweet body. Could hear the sighs and moans I’d draw out of her as I loved her. More than that, I could clearly see her there in my bed, my home, and my life.

As a man who’s treasured and guarded his independence so stringently it certainly was a huge turn around. But after laying eyes on her I couldn’t imagine any other outcome. There was no way I could exist in this world with her and not own her completely. She was mine from the moment our eyes met in that crowded train station.

After she made her call and I could hear the excited voices of her mother and father through the phone that seemed to settle her down a little, she hung up the phone and turned to me expectantly.

“Okay, what do I have to do next?” I studied her for perhaps a minute too long. It had been days since I’d seen her and I couldn’t believe that she was even lovelier than I remembered.

In the clear light of day, I saw how effortlessly flawless she was, and that sweet biddable attitude was still there. Don’t get ahead of yourself Callan, one thing at a time.

“Well, first, I have these contracts here for you to sign, we can’t do anything until you’ve signed them. Normally I would advise you to have a lawyer look over these before you sign them…”

“Do I need to do that?” So innocent; everything about her made me want to bundle her up and keep her safe. Something I planned on doing as soon as I made it possible.

“Do you trust me?” it was a strange question to ask a young girl who’d only seen me for the first time a little over a week ago, and who didn’t know me from Adam, but it was the first step in my move on her. If what I’d read from her that night was accurate, then she’d give me the answer I wanted to hear.

“Of course I do Mr. O’Rourke.”

“Mr. O’Rourke?” I lifted my brow at her and smiled easily to let her know I was just teasing, maybe.

She gave me her patented blush before ducking her head. “Aunt Marion said that it wasn’t appropriate for me to call you by your name.”

“Nonsense, you’re an adult.” You’ll call me many things in the future sweet Kitten, but Mr. O’Rourke isn’t one of them. I didn’t say that out loud of course, didn’t want to scare the poor girl to death. I’m pretty sure the hungry look in my eyes was giving her more than enough to think about as it was, but that I had no control over.

“We have a lot to do in a short time so let’s get started shall we?” I pushed the papers over to her to sign and she did it without hesitation. I put them away in my safe before picking up the phone to call downstairs.

“Yes, Marion, Gabriella won’t be back today there’re some things that we need to take care of this afternoon.”

“What am I supposed to do without an assistant? I have tons of stuff to take care of this afternoon, I can’t possibly spare her.”

I reminded myself to tread carefully. Kitten still had to go home with her for the time being and I didn’t want to make the situation even more horrible for her than I was sure it already was.

“I’m sorry but you’re going to have to find someone else. Paulette has left strict instructions that these things must be taken care of and she’s only given us a limited amount of time.”

“But…shouldn’t we discuss this first? I am her guardian after all.”

“Oh? I wasn’t aware of that I thought you were just looking out for her while she was here until she got on her feet. I must’ve misunderstood the situation. At any rate she’s already spoken with her parents and they’ve given her their blessing and the contracts have already been signed.”

She didn’t like that one bit if the indrawn breath was anything to go by, but I really didn’t care. Either she had forgotten all that she had said to me about her reasons for inviting the young girl to come stay with her, or she was narcissistic enough not to care.

Whatever the case maybe, I wasn’t falling for her concerned act one bit, as she prattled on about how she should’ve been consulted. I kept my voice as neutral as possible even as I smiled at Kitten as she sat wide eyed, no doubt worried about the other woman’s reaction.

I hung up the phone after it looked like we were just going around in circles. “You ready?” At her nod I walked over and helped her out of the chair. I took her down in the lift with my hand in the small of her back. For this, our first outing, I planned to use touch to convey what was going to happen between us. Touch sometimes said more than words I found, and she seemed starved for it.