Page 29 of My Little Farm Girl

I watched the city go by out the window as I held her close to me, protecting her too late. I felt quite a bit of anger at myself for miscalculating that step.

After everything Robyn had reported to me in the last week I should’ve known that something like this could happen. It was done now, nothing I could do about it, except try to make it up to her.

When we got to my place in the city she seemed shy and uncertain as I led her inside. “Stop worrying Gabriella, nothing’s going to hurt you here, I told you.” Funny but now that I had her here I no longer felt that wild tenseness. I could relax now and enjoy what was to come.

I had the need to seduce her, slowly. To build up to the visions I had in my head. I showed her to the guest bedroom and dropped her bags, reminding myself that we needed to go shopping as soon as possible.

Without asking I went to the guest bathroom and ran her a bath. Coming back out I saw that she was still standing in the same spot I’d left her.

“Why don’t you go have your bath while I make us some dinner?” I walked out of the room and closed the door. Downstairs in the kitchen I got out the vegetables for a salad and the makings for my famous Fettuccini Alfredo with homemade sauce.

I busied myself to take my mind off of the naked girl upstairs in the bathroom. I only had to adjust my cock twice as I imagined her tits poking through the bubbles of her bath. Or whether or not she had a thick bush of pussy hair the same color as the wild mop on her head. Animal!

I had to hold onto the counter with a tight grip and take deep breaths to keep myself from going up those stairs. I heard her moving around up there just as I was turning off the fire under the sauce.

She came down the stairs five minutes later looking like the teenager that she was and I had a sudden bout of conscience. What the fuck was I doing?

Was I really thinking of introducing this kid to my wildest fantasies? She looked so young and vulnerable standing there, with her hair wet, face bare of any hint of makeup. I noticed that her lips were a soft pink without the gloss she usually wore; I preferred it like that, natural and so fucking sexy.

She was wearing an old tee shirt over cut off shorts that showed off her long tanned legs. I guess working on a farm had its benefits, her legs were well toned and I could imagine them gripping me as I slid in and out of her wet heat. For fuck sake think about something else would ya.


“How do you feel?” I turned away under the pretense of checking the pasta that was boiling on the stove. If I’d looked at her much longer I’m afraid I would’ve spoiled my plans.

The next few weeks were going to be rough having her here, but I didn’t want her alone, and taking her to a hotel didn’t make much sense. Come on Callan, you’re a big boy you can control yourself surely.

I recited mathematical equations in my head until my cock went down and it was safe to turn back to her.

“A lot better thanks, what can I do to help?” Don’t come any closer baby I’m hanging on by a thread here. I could smell the soap from her bath and something else, something soft and sweet that made my senses tingle.

“You can set the table, the dishes and silverware are over there.” I pointed her in the right direction and watched her tight ass as she moved.

She was wearing a bra, but either it was the wrong size or it wasn’t made for support because I could see her tits bounce as she turned. Her nipples were hard and I wondered if it was from the AC or something else.

We sat down together and I tried to keep the conversation light, as she was still visibly upset.

“You know you didn’t do anything wrong right?” She hung her head and placed her fork down next to her plate.

“I feel like I have, aunt Marion was doing something nice for me and I cost her her job and…”

“You didn’t cost her anything, she did it all by herself,” I reached for her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, “tell me, do you think that it was right for her to strike you, or any of the other things you told your parents that she’s done since you’ve been here?” Her face reddened with embarrassment that I’d overheard.

“No, but, she can’t help it. I don’t think she means to be like that it’s just her spells.” She actually seemed to believe that shit.

The only spells that viper had were the ones brought on by being a first class bitch. She was a spoilt, manipulative harpy who only cared about herself. I guess I was going to have to tell her some of the truth after all if only to relieve her from this unwarranted guilt.

“You’ve mentioned these spells before, I’m not sure what you mean by that, but if you’re under the impression that Marion has some sort of mental issue, she doesn’t, not in the sense that you mean anyway.” I let that sink in before going on. I hadn’t meant to open this conversation so early in the game, but it looks like Marion had helped me once again with her shit.