"Touch your nipples for me." Her hands flew to the pebbled points and pulled just the way I'd taught her. With eyes locked I pulled my finger from her body and lowered my head to her.

Tearing the scrap of silk between both hands, I threw it to the floor, before lifting her well-formed and delightful ass into my hands. Lifting her to my tongue.

"Dance." I growled the one word down at her before plunging my tongue home. She screamed and danced on my tongue as I licked deep inside her heated pussy.


When I'd had my fill...for now, I eased off. Her breathing was labored as I knelt between her thighs, her eyes following the movement of my cock. Taking it in hand, I stroked up and down, as I watched her tongue lick across her lips in heat.

"You want this?" Her eyes flew up to mine as she nodded her head vigorously. "Yes please master." I tapped her clit once with its heaviness and she arched and came. So fucking responsive. I waited until she'd settled down again. "Beg me."

She climbed to her knees, and with her head bent in the way she'd been taught, begged for my cock in her sweet voice. "Please master may I taste your cock?" I swiped my thumb across her lip before pushing inside for her to taste, and then removing it again.

"You may." She licked her way up my thigh trying to be patient, to move with the grace she knew I required. The slight tremble in her small frame gave away her want.

When she finally reached her goal..."Master?" Good girl, she remembered to ask before touching. I nodded my head in assent just as she took my length in her hand to lead me to her greedy mouth.

First she licked all around the head, her soft hums of pleasure following every swipe of her tongue across my engorged phallus. When she took me in ever so slowly my hands went to her hair. "Look at me Gabriella."

Sensory overload. Her eyes were lust crazed as she worked her mouth and throat around me, taking my length down, down, down, until I could see its imprint against the skin of her neck. Now the fun begins. "Do not make me spill or there will be none left to fill your sweet pussy."


"Pull off." She eased my cock from between her lips slowly, inch by inch. Her tongue licked around my tip as her eyes held mine. I rubbed her chin with my thumb as a reward for a job well done.

"Now sweet Gabriella you may ask me for my cock." Let's see if she could overcome her innate shyness to beg for what she wants, what she so obviously needs.

My brave girl held my eyes with hers and even as her cheeks reddened gave me the words.

"Please master will you fuck me?"

I bent my head to hers, taking her mouth with my tongue even as I pressed her back against the silk sheets. "Spread and open."

She spread her legs as wide as they would go and held them open with her hands beneath her knees. I knew where her hymen was, how close to the surface, since I'd been easing it with my tongue for the past few days.

Taking my pre cum covered cock in my hand I slid just the bulbous head inside before pulling back. "Look at us, I want you to watch me breech your pussy for the first time.”

She raised her head and looked down between her sprawled thighs to where the blood filled head of my cock teased her entrance.

"Brace." It was all the warning I gave before I slammed into her, tearing through her maidenhead. I caught her scream in my mouth as I pulled out halfway and prepared to fuck my sweet sub into bliss.

“Shh, the pain will be over soon. It was best to do it this way than to prolong the agony. I promise it will never hurt like that again…unless I want it to.” I held still until I felt her pussy ease its tight clenching hold around me and her body relaxed.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?” I licked the escaping tears from her eyes even as I started moving inside her. There was no wild pounding into her, not this first time.

Chapter 1


Have you ever met someone who was the epitome of rude, obnoxious, snooty and just plain mean altogether? Well I had the misfortune of meeting just such a person.

Having never been faced with such a force before in my young life, it was a bit of a shock to the system. And yet, it was the best thing to ever happen to me, well sort of.

I turned eighteen this year and decided I wanted to move to New York. My grades hadn’t been good enough to get a scholarship and I knew my parents couldn’t afford to send me to college.

So my bright idea was to go to the big city from our little hick town in Nebraska, find a job and maybe take some acting classes at night. I’d been in a few plays at school and everyone said I was a natural.

I guess I am like all those other small town girls, who have stars in their eyes when they’re young and buy into the dream.

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