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I almost swallowed my tongue when she came out; I’d chosen well if I do say so myself. The coppery bronze color of the fitted top and matching bike style shorts blended well with her hair coloring and her skin.

The shape of her body, more pronounced in the form fitting clothing was even more spectacular than I’d first thought. I could see the sweet outward curve of her ass in the mirror behind her, and right away, visions of my large callused hands holding onto those globes as I watch my cock slide in and out of her from behind filled my head.


I started her off with light calisthenics, I wasn’t sure what if any exercise she’d done before, but I also wasn’t interested in her becoming muscular; just enough to keep her fit, and healthy.

I headed for the chin-up bar myself to get myself started as she did the stretches I’d shown her.

She had no idea that I could see her in the mirror across from her, so was unaware that I knew she watched my every move as I pulled myself up by the arms. Her mouth hung open by the time I reached twenty-five and she’d forgotten to do her stretches.

I released the bar and casually looked over at her and she fumbled back into position with a beet red face. I hid my smile in the towel I used to wipe the sweat from my brow.

“Okay time for your sit-ups.” I walked over to the mat and helped her lie down flat and showed her how to bend her knees the right way.

Her breathing was a little more erratic as I bent in front of her and held her feet down. “I’m going to hold your legs down while you pull yourself up until you get the hang of it. Keep your eyes on mine, that way you’ll know you’ve done them correctly.” She blushed her way through fifty sit-ups before I stopped her and took her to the elliptical machine to work on her legs.

I never stopped touching her as I showed her how to fit her legs and arms in the stirrups that would pull her legs up and down as she laid on her back. All this was part of her training, the way she let me lead her, never questioning anything I said or did, was very telling.

“I’ll be right over here.” Once again I set myself up where she could have an unobstructed view of me as I got on the weight bench. Again her eyes followed my every move as I worked my arms and legs together.


We were there for an hour before I felt she’d had enough for one day, but of course I had to put my hands on her to show her how to stretch to work out all the kinks.

Her skin was hot to the touch and the fine hairs on her arms stood up as I ran my hands down the outside of her arms, giving them a light massage.

She had her eyes closed as I looked down at her from my place behind her, her mouth slightly opened as she tried to control her breathing. Her breasts pushed together as I worked her arms and from my vantage point I could see the deep cleavage that formed between them.

Her skin had a scent to it that I hadn’t noticed before; it was almost spicy and went straight to my head and my dick. When I bent her almost double in front of me to stretch her back, her ass brushed my cock for the barest of seconds and I almost shot off right then and there.

“Why don’t you hop in the shower Kitten and we’ll get going?” I whispered in her ear, making sure my lips grazed it, sending shivers down her spine. She shook herself as if coming out of a daze as I watched her walk on unsteady legs towards the stairs.

Fuck that was close; I took another minute or two to calm myself before following her upstairs. In my own shower I turned on the cold water and dunked my head, trying to calm down my libido.

I found my hand on my cock and caught myself after the third stroke. ‘No Callan.’ I removed my hand and soaped up the rest of my body vigorously as I willed my cock to go down, gritting my teeth each time the memory of her hot body or the hungry look in her eyes as she’d watched me intruded.

I was dressed and ready by the time she came out of her room. She was a little more composed but I didn’t mean for that to last too long.


Her first appointment was with a beauty consultant. The woman seemed to know her stuff except when it came to Kitten’s hair. “No.”


“I said no, you’re not cutting her hair.”

“But it will work better for what we’re looking for if we just took a few inches off…”

My glare was all that was needed to change her mind. I hovered over everything like a concerned dad as she went from one place to the next.

I never knew there was so much involved in this side of things. She had to have her skin studied for some fucked up reason, which someone tried explaining to me, had to do with make-up tones whatever the fuck that is.