Page 40 of My Little Farm Girl

I watched to see if there would be any objections forthcoming, but she just nodded her head and dug into her oatmeal.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, walking her down to the car, sending her off on her own. I didn’t repeat the kiss of the morning before, but I did rub my finger under her chin after seating her in the back of the car. “Call me at exactly twelve thirty Kitten so I know that you’re doing okay.” That was her introduction to what would soon become part of her daily life.

She didn’t look too sure of herself and I whispered reassurance in her ear. “You’ll be fine pet, I’m just a phone call away if you need me.” I couldn’t quite resist the kiss to her forehead before I closed the door. I could feel her watching me as I walked away and it took everything in me not to turn back and go to her.

She called me at exactly twelve thirty, which pleased me immensely, though I didn’t like the out of breath way she spoke. “Why were you running Kitten?”

“Josh was teasing, I was trying to escape so he won’t pull my hair again.”

What the fuck? “Josh?” You can imagine what went through me at that moment as I sat there in my office, my mind full of nothing but her. Though I kept my tone level and disinterested.

“Yes, he’s one of the other models; he’s a bit of a rascal I think…” She squealed and reprimanded someone in the background for pulling her hair.

“I see, well; how has your day been aside from sporting around with Josh?” There was nothing in my voice to alert her to my displeasure or growing anger.

“It’s been fine, a lot of work; um, are you okay Callan?”

“Sure, why do you ask?”

“It’s just, you sound so…never mind.”

“I’m a bit distracted at the moment I’m playing catch up since I’ve had to take so much time away in the last few days.” What an ass, but I couldn’t help myself, she’d thrown a fucking curve ball.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize…”

“No worries, I guess I’ll see you later then.” My ass.

“Sure okay.” She wasn’t sounding so sure of herself now and the laughter was gone. I’ll just have to teach little Ms. Gabriella that it wasn’t polite to kiss one man and flirt with another.

I had no way of knowing whether that had transpired or not, but I knew I didn’t like any part of the conversation we’d just had.

“Liz, hold my calls for the rest of the afternoon will you?” I hung up before my assistant could give me an answer.

It’s fucked, but I had to get over there to see just what the fuck was going on. And just who the fuck this Josh was.

I’ve never run after a woman before in my life, usually it was the other way around. But the thought of some young buck sniffing around what’s mine did not sit well with me at all.

Maybe she’d missed the signals after all; nah, I doubt that, I’m not exactly subtle. And no matter how innocent a woman is, if a man holds you on his lap for an hour and lick your neck while running his hands all over your ass, that’s pretty fucking universal for ‘I wanna fuck’.


I got to the studio where they were doing the rehearsal for the upcoming shoot. Today she was supposed to have had test shots taken.

There was a bevy of people running around once I got there. The production team had already set up and the lighting crew was doing their thing.

I didn’t see her right away and I got a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, until I heard her laughter. I followed the sound around the corner and into what looked like a break room.

There was a group of young people there, possibly the other models and part of the production staff. I picked Josh out right away, a blonde muscle bound type with caps and an artificial tan.

I stood back against the wall taking in the action, gauging the situation. If she showed any interest in him whatsoever I will lock her away after tanning her ass.

The wayward thought entered my mind even as the jealousy threatened to choke me. An emotion I was neither familiar with nor appreciative of.

Such weakness was for lesser men, or so I’ve always told myself. The fact that I felt it now, nipping at my heels, was annoying to say the least, especially since he looked like a kid himself.

It wasn’t long before something tipped her off to my presence. I’d like to think it was her attuned sense of me, but at the moment I was too fucking pissed to care.

The smile of delight that crossed her face, just before she jumped up from her seat, where Josh had been sitting on the arm, helped soothe the wild beast, but barely.