Page 41 of My Little Farm Girl

“Callan, you came.” She stopped just short of throwing herself into my arms. I saw her check the impulse and pulled her into me, my lips moving down to cover hers before she had the chance to protest had she been inclined to.

I kissed her with my whole mouth, nothing at all like the other morning. That kiss, our first of many, had been a man’s first taste of his mate, a sudden impulse. This was a marking, for all to see and know that this was mine.

That had been tame compared to the way I ate at her lips now before drawing her tongue into my mouth to suckle. Her body melted into mine and her arms came up tentatively around my neck. I was very aware of the eyes that were on us. Take that you little shit.

When I lifted my head from hers I made sure my eyes connected with Josh’s across the way. The gauntlet had been thrown down; whether he’d known I was in the picture before he started his campaign or not, there should be no doubt now.

Pulling her hair, what was he twelve? I ought to break the fucks off at the shoulder and beat him with them. That’s control for ya.

He held my gaze for the barest of seconds before looking away sheepishly. The others had gone back to their conversations, but I could tell they were all still very interested in what was going on between her and I.

Kitten looked stupefied and flushed as she held on to my shirtfront with a tight grip.

“Have you had lunch yet pet?” I held her hip lightly, keeping contact not just for the asshole’s benefit, but for mine as well. I needed to stake my claim, but since I hadn’t quite shown her where this was going, I had to go easy.

I couldn’t take it for granted that she knew what was at play here, she’s so green my little farm girl, that nothing short of me fucking her will get the point across.

I meant to change that tonight, though I may not fuck her yet, since I didn’t think she was ready for that. But I would be damned if I’d leave my woman open to the advances of another man.

After tonight there will be no mistaking who she belonged to. After I set things in motion, her next screw up will cost her. Even green innocents know not to flirt with men other than the one they belong to.

“Um they let us take little breaks to get some water and juice, but we haven’t really had lunch-lunch. Would you like to meet everyone?” She seemed so excited, how could I turn her down?

“Sure Kitten.” With my hand in the small of her back guiding her, we walked the few steps to where her new friends were sitting.

As soon as she started the introductions, I sent my thumb on a foray along the small of her back. Rubbing little circles in that sensitive spot, before going up and down.

I was sure the more experienced members of the little group knew the reason for the hitch in her voice and the sudden flush to her skin.

Of course the fact that I was invading her space spoke volumes as well, but no one asked any questions.

Since only my first name was given, I had no idea if they knew who I was? but no one seemed to make the connection.

“Okay everyone break time’s over time to get back to…oh Mr. O…” The photographer’s assistant stopped short when she saw me and gave me a puzzled look when I cut her off with a finger to my lips just as she was about to announce my name.

None of the others seemed to have caught the slip and they headed back out to the set.

“Are you staying?” Kitten looked up at me hopefully and I couldn’t resist running my finger softly down her cheek.

“Do you want me to?”

She nodded her head and bit her lip, driving me insane. Lowering my head, I sucked her lip into my mouth, rescuing it from a mauling.

“Then I’ll stay.” One last brush of my fingers across her ass as she turned away and I moved out of the way.

I had some time to reflect on my behavior as they whisked her away to be dressed. The gnawing jealousy had eased a bit, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

All the way here I’d thought only of punishing her for giving her laughter to another man.

The fact that she so obviously had no experience with the opposite sex, and most definitely not with one such as me, didn’t bear much weight with me. I’ve never been very good at sharing, and I wasn’t about to fucking start.

I stood discretely by in an out of the way corner taking in the shoot in between doing some business on my phone.

She’d been changed into an old fashioned English riding habit in a deep forest floor green, with a cream undershirt.

The fitted jacket hugged her curves, especially her amazing breasts, and as I stood there, I could imagine releasing every last one of the fifteen or so buttons that went from just below her waist to a little above her cleavage.’