Page 49 of My Little Farm Girl

“Pull down the top of your dress, I want to see your tits.” In a daze she did as I ordered, baring her succulent tit meat to my hungry eyes.

Leaning over I sucked a nipple into my mouth while my letting fingers trace the edge of her panty leg. She was wet and the heat from her pussy singed my fingers as I rubbed them against her clit.

“Ohhh…” she laid back against the chair in a wanton sprawl while I feasted on her tits and fucked just the inside of her cunt with my fingers. I brought her to the brink once again and pulled back. She must learn that her orgasms were now mine to give.

“Come, it’s time for your bed, you have another long day tomorrow, I don’t want you tiring yourself out.”

I walked her to her door, and once again instead of the kiss I knew she so badly craved, I placed a gentle butterfly like one to her forehead before bidding her goodnight and walking away.


My dreams that night were sinful, that’s the only word for it. The one that stood out most was of us back home on the farm. I don’t know how we got there or what we were doing there, but Callan was chasing me through a field. There was laughter and joy, even in the dream I could feel them both and they seemed so real.

I egged him on as I ran faster and faster but he caught up with me and took me down beneath him for one long heated kiss. Only in my dream he didn’t stop at kisses. I awakened in the morning with a burning need.

The place between my thighs was achy and wet and I felt at turns feverish and out of sorts.

What was wrong with me? I hopped out of the bed when I remembered the leather folder he’d given me the night before. It was early yet and I still had a little time before I needed to be up.

My heart raced as I flipped it open, somehow I knew that what was written there would change my life forever.

I got distracted by the richness of the paper first, then the embossed seal imprinted there, so official looking.

The first words that jumped out at me were ‘binding and contract,’ and then our names. Then I started reading and my heart took flight.

It was beautiful and frightening all at once. Some of it I understood clearly, some I will have to work up the nerve to ask him to explain, but I think I got the general idea. He wanted to own me, completely.

My fingers itched to find the nearest pen and sign; if this was the only way I could have him, then… but common sense prevailed.

Callan had said we would discuss it together first and there were those terms I didn’t understand that needed seeing to.

I moved onto the packet with the homework assignments next. There were booklets with the words BDSM and Dom/ Sub relationships. Things I’d never even heard of.

By the time it was time for me to get a move on, I was a little bit wiser and all I can say is, I hope my face goes back to normal soon. I was sure I was as red as the horizon at sunset.

Did people really do these things? and why did it make my heart race with excitement instead of fear?

Is that why Callan had chosen me, had he seen something in me? there were a lot of questions running around in my head by the time I met him in the kitchen.

I was even more shy than usual when he turned away from the stove and smiled at me. “Good morning my love.”

‘Good morning.” I bit my lip and kept my head down so he couldn’t see what was in my eyes.

Just one look and I was sure he would read me like an open book. Between the dream and the literature I was a riot of feelings, all of them new.

Obviously I have felt desire before, I’ve even been attracted to boys in the past; but nothing prepared me for this, nothing even came close.

My silly high school crushes were child’s play and seemed so silly now in this new light of day when faced with the insurmountable feelings that were growing inside me for this man, a man I’d only just met.

“Sit and have your juice Kitten.” There was something in his voice that tipped me off to the fact that he had to know some of what was going on with me as I stood there feeling so gauche.

I took the seat he pulled out for me and sucked in the kiss he placed at the top of my head like a drowning man with air. The memory of my dreams made everything seem heightened this morning and I was more aware of him now than ever.

“What will you be doing today do you know?” He sat down across from me after placing the bowl of fruit and the slice of multi-grain toast down in front of me.

“I think we’re going over more of what we did yesterday and then we’re moving onto a seascape theme I think.”

Was he not coming today then? How was I going to get through the day without him there? And what has gotten into you Gabriella, since when are you this, clingy?