Page 50 of My Little Farm Girl

“Sounds lovely, I’ll be holed up in meetings all day so I won’t be able to get you until later. The car will be at your disposal of course in case you’re through before I am, and I’ve got you a set of keys.”

“You’re not coming?” I guess I held it in as long as I could. He reached over and ran his finger over the pout that I hadn’t even known I was wearing.

“Don’t pout love, I would be there if I could but I’ve been putting off the board for a while now and they’re beginning to get antsy. I promise we’ll spend a nice quiet evening at home just the two of us. Okay?”

“I guess.” I can’t believe that that was me sounding so forlorn, what had gotten into me anyway? This wasn’t like me at all.

“Now hurry up and get dressed, you don’t have much time before it’s time to go.”

“We’re not going to exercise?”

“Not today love, I’m surprised your body isn’t a bit sore after the last two days. I guess that comes from all that work you did on the farm, it’s kept you in excellent shape.”

He smiled at me and my heart all but melted in my chest. Still, I was going to miss the closeness of the last two mornings, I was looking forward to that.

Another surprise was when it came time to leave. He wasn’t dressed as yet so that meant I would be riding in the car by myself.

“Don’t forget to call me at twelve-thirty on the dot Kitten.” He kissed me then. A long slow deep kiss that made my toes curl, before handing me the bag with the costume from yesterday’s shoot and ushering me out the door.

“Did you remember to take the contract with you to read over in your spare time like I told you to.”

“Yes sir.” That too had come naturally and seemed to please him. I knew from the little I read that he wanted to be my master, though I wasn’t quite sure what it all meant.

I looked back as I walked to the private elevator to find him watching me. I gave him a smile trying my best to hide my disappointment.

The morning hadn’t been a total lost though, he’d picked out my clothes again, down to my underwear.

I don’t know why, but that made me tingle all over. It was like he enjoyed taking care of me; like I was really his baby the way he kept calling me.



I watched until the doors closed before I let my smile free. Poor little Kitten, she was out of sorts and trying hard not to show it.

I had no doubt that she would spend the rest of the day thinking about me, and the night before.

I busied myself before heading out to the office. It was true that I had a busy day ahead and there was no time really to spend on us. But things were progressing rather well and I was chomping at the bit to get started.

I promised myself that I would stay away from her for the rest of the day until evening, no matter how much I might want to go, keep an eye on her and make sure no one else was encroaching on my property.

I was soon bogged down in reports and figures, which kept me occupied until it was almost time for her to call.

There had better not be a repeat of yesterday, I couldn’t run out as I had then and I was hoping that my warning of the night before had been heeded.

“Hello Kitten, how is it going over there?” she’d called at exactly twelve-thirty on the dot. Good girl.

“It’s fine, we’re getting a lot done today, the photographer seems to be in a mood and there’s not much playing around on the set so things are moving faster.”

“That’s good, are you still having fun?”

‘Oh yes it’s amazing.” She ran through all the exciting things they’d had her doing this morning and I listened with an attentive ear. “Have you had time to look over your contract today?”

“Yes a little…Callan?”

“Yes Kitten?”

“Are you going to do all those things to me?”

“We’ll discuss it when you get home. Does any of that scare you?”

“A little.” Her voice went little girl soft.

“Like what?”


“Total power exchange. It means that you give over control of yourself to me completely, in all things.”

It was telling that she would choose that one thing out of the many others I’d listed. I was sure she wasn’t questioning it, more like affirming.

“Oh.” That’s all she said confirming my suspicions, yet I asked the question out loud to be sure there were no misunderstandings.


“No, I just, it all seems so surreal. Do people really live like this?” there was no accusation in her voice, no judgment, just curiosity.