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“Play with my balls while you do that baby.” I took her hand and brought it down beneath me to my balls that were heavy and swollen with my seed.

Her soft warm hands felt like magic as she held me in her palm testing the new feeling for the first time. “Gentle baby.” I warned when she squeezed.” She murmured something around my cock but didn’t release me.

“I’m going to feed you just a little more. I want you to breathe and relax your throat, don’t be afraid if it’s too much pull off.” I waited for her nod and proceeded to feed her more of my cock.

She surprised me by stretching her mouth and taking more than the two extra inches I had planned on feeding her. Her hands on my nuts and her facile tongue working the slit in my cockhead as she sucked me off, was almost too much.

I hadn’t been prepared for her to be such an apt pupil but she had me at the brink. “I’m going to cum baby stop now.” I wasn’t intending to cum in her mouth this first time, afraid of freaking her out. The taste of a man’s seed was an acquired taste I know, and though I planned to teach her to accept mine into her mouth and make her swallow. I figured there was time enough for that later.

I tried to pull out of her hungry mouth when I felt my seed rising but she tightened her mouth around my cock. I almost lost my balance when she reached around me with her other hand and pulled me even deeper into her mouth taking almost all of my twelve inches into her virgin mouth.

“Merciful fuck.” My first volley gushed out of me and instead of recoiling in distaste, I saw her throat work as she swallowed that load and then the next, as I off loaded six heavy shots of seed into her mouth.

I had to pry her mouth open when my cock became too sensitive since she refused to release my meat long after I’d stopped cumming. I moved around and looked down at her in amazement.

She seemed to be coming out of a daze as she wiped the corners of her mouth where some of my cum had escaped. I saw the moment she came back to herself. Her eyes widened and she tried to jump down off the table and run away.

“Shh.” I hugged her close my cock rubbing into her middle trailing the dregs of cum across her stomach.

“You must think I’m terrible.”

“What I think is that you’re the most beautiful, the most sensual creature I’ve ever held and I’m lucky to have found you.” I lifted her face to mine and took her lips in a kiss. I’d never tasted my own cum before, never had any interest in such a thing but with her it didn’t seem to matter.

We kissed long and deep until I felt the tension leave her body. “Let’s go take a shower and then we have to see about dinner love.”

Chapter 16

In the shower, I lathered her up as she stood with her back facing the spray from the four-headed jets. Her body was languid from her orgasms and she seemed to just fall into my chest as I ran my soapy hands over her back.

Kissing her hair, I pushed her away so I could kneel at her feet and wash her. “Open your legs Kitten.” She put her hands on my shoulders for balance as she spread her legs wider. I soaped up a loofa , knowing that the abrasive sponge would titillate her even more.

Running it gently up her thighs to her snatch, I played with her until she started to tremble. Then dropping the sponge, I used my hands to soap up her bush. I wanted to bury my head between her thighs and suck her dry, but figured the anticipation of eating her bald pussy after I shaved her was well worth the wait.

Passing her the soap, it was her turn to wash me, and though she was a bit shy at first, she soon got the hang of it. “Enough.” I pried her hand off my still hard cock when she kept stroking me.

“Lets’ get out of here baby, I need to shave you.” I took her hand and led her out of the stall after turning off the water. Standing her on the plush rug in the middle of the room, I dried her off before passing her a different towel to the same.

She took her sweet time drying my nuts and I grinned at her. At least I knew she wasn’t afraid of my monster. No, she seemed to be rather fascinated by it. Whether because she’d never seen one before or because it was mine I didn’t know. I suspect it was a bit of both.

“Now let’s take care of you shall we?” lifting her, I sat her on the edge of the long counter, spreading her legs open before getting a washcloth and soaking it in warm water.

Placing the cloth over her pussy, I held it there for as long as was needed while keeping up a running conversation with her. In this way, I was hoping to teach her to relax with me when in these types of situations.

“What do you feel like for dinner baby? Should we make something here or order in?” I covered her pussy with shaving gel as I spoke. She was too preoccupied with what I was doing to answer until I nipped her inner thigh with my teeth to get her attention.