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“Yes master.” She counted off each lash, and by five, I could hear the tears in her voice. I wasn’t hitting her with my full force, but neither were they ‘love swats’. I made sure to land each blow on the plug in her ass adding some pleasure to the pain no doubt. Nevertheless when her punishment was over and I passed my fingers through her cunt, she was drenched and the bench beneath her was soaked.

She was turning out to be a very pleasant surprise. Had I not already chosen her, she would’ve wormed her way into my heart all the same. She was so perfect for me, it was almost as if there was some otherworldly element at work here, like she’d gotten on that train just to come to me.

Chapter 18

After our session in the playroom, we sat in the study where I did some work while she went over her homework and the contract. I told her that she must only sign it when she was sure, though I had no plans on letting her go ever. I wanted her to give herself over to me of her own free will.

Every once in a while, she’d ask me to explain or expound on something. My breath hitched when she walked over to my desk and casually took my Mont Blanc from its holder and leaning over with her lips caught in her teeth, signed her name.

“I’m ready, Callan.”

Standing to my feet, I walked around the desk and taking her beautiful face in my hands kissed her. “Thank you Kitten, you’ve made me a very happy man.” I wanted to drag her off to bed right then and there and slate my lust between her thighs, but there was still some things left to be done. I was tempted to say fuck it and go for it, but I knew that in the long run it would be best if I exercised patience now.

I kept the rest of the night simple before we went to bed. There my resolved shook a little and I couldn’t help turning to her. She laid next to me bare, which was the way I preferred her in my bed.

“Open your legs for me.” I started at her nipples, sucking one into my mouth while trailing my finger down her middle to her pussy. She groaned into my mouth and grabbed my head pulling it closer to her. I removed her hands and pushed them back against the bed.

“Keep them there.”

“But I want to touch you.”

“Not until I say.” She pouted prettily but did as she was told. I teased her nipple and her clit bringing her to a soft climax.

“I don’t recall saying you could cum Kitten. Your orgasms belong to me, they’re mine to command, remember that.” Kissing my way down her middle, I spread her legs wider for my shoulders to fit and studied her pussy.

“Do you want my tongue?” I teased her with a soft lick that had her squirming against the sheets.

“Yes please.”

“Yes please what?”

“Yes please…master.” Again her body shook at the word, proving to me once again that I’d made the right fucking choice.

“Fine, I’ll give it to you but if you cum I’ll be very displeased with you.” I nipped her thigh and licked the spot to ease the sting. Her fingers twitched, but she kept her hands above her head where I’d placed them.

I licked up one side of the inside of her pussy lips and down the other avoiding her clit for now. Forcing my finger into her tight heat I sucked her clit into my mouth hard and bit down gently. “Ahhh, please-please-please.”

“No.” I took my finger and tongue away and concentrated on tracing patterns on her thighs with my fingertips. Her movements were uninhibited as she sought release, but first she must learn control.

Pressing down on her clit, I manipulated the butt plug and she humped the air. “Be still.” She stopped all movement immediately at the commanding tone in my voice.

I see she’d paid very close attention to all the rules I’d set down for her. I hadn’t left anything up to chance; she knew that in my bed I was the one in control always. Just as she knew that by signing the contract willingly, I now owned her in and out of bed.

Was there anything more arousing than having the control of all that beauty? I don’t think so. Not even owning my own company, or the thrill of the race had ever come close. This for me was the ultimate. It was almost more than my heart could take as it beat wildly in my chest.

I teased her unmercifully for the next hour never letting her reach fulfillment, dragging her to the edge and pulling away each time. She was a blubbering mess by the time I rolled away from her. Her soft pleading moans touched me but still I didn’t give in.


For the next few days, I treated her to more of the same. Keeping her away from my cock, though it was torturing both of us. She was hungry and needy by the time the weekend rolled around.